UFO Music from the East Runton Surf Dudes

Here’s a bit of fun to amuse you before I start posting about the serious stuff. The East Runton Surf Dudes are a Norfolk band, specialising in Surfer music, as their name states. They’ve also produced covers of some of the theme tunes of some of the cult TV series of the 60s and 70s, like Dangerman, starring Patrick McGoohan. This little instrumental piece is called ‘Out of Limits’, and from the title and UFO images on the video it looks like a tribute to the classic TV SF anthology show, The Outer Limits. The opening bars, however, with the repetition of two notes actually sound more like the music to the other anthology show, The Twilight Zone.

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3 Responses to “UFO Music from the East Runton Surf Dudes”

  1. trev Says:

    I can remember Dangerman and the theme music. When Drake resigned the role of Dangerman he became the Prisoner. The guitar sound on this version of ‘Outer Limits’ is very reminiscent of Duane Eddy.

  2. gillyflowerblog Says:

    Dick Dale did it better. Plus Nottingham group Gaffa did a live cover of Fireball XL5 in the 70s. Sadly I don’t think any recordings of it were made

    • beastrabban Says:

      Might be worth looking on YouTube to see if there’s anything by Gaffa. People put up a lot of old recordings, so there might be something by them.

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