Boris Johnson Caught Hiding in His Car Outside Ten Downing Street

This is another video posted by mad right-winger Alex Belfield. But as right-wing and unpleasant as Belfield is, it’s a good one that’s worth reblogging here. Because it’s a clip from the news in which a reported tells Britain that the press photographers saw Johnson lying in his car outside Ten Downing Street.

Just about everyone’s piling on and telling him to resign. Belfield even put up a video of Stalin giving him a mauling at PMQs with the title that 10 Downing Street was now open to him. I think that day’s very far off, because Johnson’s unpopularity has precious little to do with anything Stalin’s done. Furthermore, I doubt if Stalin, as a true-blue Tory infiltrator, will be much better than Johnson, if at all.

But it is amusing to see Johnson running away yet again. Clearly when there isn’t an available nearby fridge, his only means of escape is to get in his car and keep his head down.

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5 Responses to “Boris Johnson Caught Hiding in His Car Outside Ten Downing Street”

  1. trev Says:

    I’m getting a bit sick and tired of hearing about the no. 10 office party tbh, in a way it’s sounding like a noisy red herring where Labour’s concerned. If they’d made as much noise and fuss about Austerity and Welfare reforms as they are doing about this we might have got somewhere and life for millions of people improved instead of destroyed. Currently the Government are scrapping free prescriptions for over-60s (unless otherwise exempt) but I haven’t heard Starmer’s opinion on that, nor as he said anything about the need to freeze State Pension age at 66 for the next 30 years due to falling life expectancy.

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    I agree absolutely with Trev.

  3. Florence Says:

    Thos is a total side show to distract from the passage of the dictatorial laws. Not that there isnt something genuine about the furore. It’s just hiding the bigger picture, especially with Starmer.

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