James Lindsay on Five Key Points about Critical Race Theory

James Lindsay is one of the group of academics with Peter Boghossian and Helen Pluckrose critiquing and opposing the postmodernist ideologies being introduced to undermine traditional western society. These include Queer and Critical Race Theory. These ideologies, although they seem liberal and well-intentioned, aren’t about tackling prejudice and discrimination against gay and trans people, in the case of Queer Theory, nor tackling racism in that of Critical Race Theory. Rather, they were devised as part of a Marxist strategy of reaching out to other, marginalised groups in place of the working class, in order to create a revolutionary consciousness. The goal is not to make the situation better, but to use the consciousness of discrimination, or the psychological harm done by the ideology itself, in the case of Queer Theory, to radicalise young people and turn them towards Marxist revolution. It is only after this revolution has occurred that the advocates of these theories believe issues like gay rights and racism will be properly tackled. In this video from Lindsay’s New Discourses channel on YouTube, he talks about Critical Race Theory’s five key traits and how the listener could summarise it to inform other people about the theory and its dangers.

At over 53 minutes, it’s a long video, but from the 48 minute mark Lindsay summarises the main points. This is in addition to having to be very careful about language and the way it is used and abused by the Critical Race Theorists, the fact that they are liars, and call everything racist until they control it. The points are

  1. Critical Race Theory is a form of Marxism that uses race instead of class as the governing principle of society and instrument of oppression. The theory’s use in schools is the same as Mao’s radicalisation of China’s young people during the Cultural Revolution.
  2. This racism benefits all White people, whether they are aware of it or not, or like it or not.
  3. Critical Race Theory exists to make more critical race theorists at the expense of everything else.
  4. Racism is the overwhelming cause of all inequality.
  5. Critical Race Theory influences all curricula and academic subjects in order to get itself taught, including maths.

He also makes the point that Critical Race Theory will not be removed except through a struggle. It is about race and power, and aims to monopolise the latter. It holds that racism doesn’t get better over time, but simply learns to hide itself better. In fact, it considers that racism is getting worse so that the situation now is worse than it was in the 19th century.

This all sounds like far-right paranoia, but Lindsay backs up his claims with quotations from the Critical Race Theorists themselves and other relevant Marxist ideologues, like Marcuse and Horkheimer. I also think that he and the other members of his group, while definitely not being Marxists, are liberals. Helen Pluckrose has said that she was a socialist, but now considers herself a liberal because of the need to protect free speech against these ideologies, but her political views haven’t changed. She and they have founded an organisation to help people fighting against Critical Race Theory. She states that she is certainly not an opponent of tackling racism, but regards CRT as very much the wrong way to do it.

What I find CRT’s most pernicious feature is the way it indoctrinates Blacks and other people of colour to believe that they are uniformly oppressed by Whites, and tells Whites that they are uniformly the beneficiaries of this racism and so have to acknowledge it and be regretful.

I don’t deny that racism exists and needs to be tackled. But this is just making it much worse.

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2 Responses to “James Lindsay on Five Key Points about Critical Race Theory”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    Thinking laterally, your piece put me in mind of the Symbionese Liberation Front of the 1970s. (“symbionese” = living together). This tiny paramilitary group kidnapped and brainwashed Patti Hearst, daughter, I think, of the newspaper magnate. The group’s ransom demand included massive food handouts to the needy. Patti’s dad complied, but Ron Reagan, at that time governor of California, was incensed, and devoutly hoped the food was poisoned! The group robbed a bank, and the security cam pic of Patti brandishing a machine gun was quickly turned into an iconic poster. It all ended with a shootout, in which the known ringleaders perished. Patti escaped with a whole skin, and soon resumed her role as a respectable citizen. Many left-wingers and most CTs were convinced that the SLF was a CIA psy-op, and later revelations about the MK-ULTRA project reinforced their conviction. The whole thing has a synthetic feel about it – how men in suits think revolutionary paramilitaries ought to think and behave – and it looks very much as if Patti and, especially, her kidnappers were victims of a mind control experiment.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for this. I’ve only heard bits and pieces about Patti Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Front, though I know a little more about the MKULTRA programme and their quest to create a Manchurian Candidate. I never heard about Reagan and the food. The more you hear about him, the more of an utter scumbag he becomes. ‘Bedtime for Bonzon’ was a fun film, though.

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