Conservative Guest on GB News Says Prince Andrew Should Renounce Royal Titles and Army Connections and Disappear

Oh dear, things are not going well for Prince Andrew and his fight against the allegation that he had sex with an underage girl enslaved as a prostitute by his mate, Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell, another of Epstein’s close friends, has also been found guilty of child trafficking. I believe the woman, although 17 at the time, is nevertheless considered underage as in American law the age of consent is 18, rather than 16 over here. And whether it’s consensual or not,, I think it’s considered ‘statutory rape of a minor’. It may well be that Andrew isn’t guilty, just like Peter Mandelson, who also turns up in Epstein’s little black book. But as Mike has pointed out over at Vox Political, he’s undermining the monarchy by behaving as if he were. He has repeatedly tried to get the case thrown out of court, declared that a photograph of him with the girl is a fake, and claimed that at the time in question he was eating at Pizza Hut in Reading with his daughters. Does anybody really believe this claim? I can’t remember what I was doing on specific dates years ago, and I have trouble believing that his lordship would eat at a popular, downmarket place like Pizza Hut. It might be true, and there’s nothing wrong with the Hut. I’ve dined there with friends myself. But it just doesn’t seem to fit with Andy’s place as a member of the aristocracy. You expect he’d eat somewhere are little more exclusive. And nobody else seems to remember him there, despite the fact that the place would be alive with security guards and the mere presence of the man and his daughters would be a massive occasion and surprise.

And some Conservatives are getting sick and tired of his evasions and denials. I found a video today by GB News in which a very establishment guest, Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, described as a broadcaster and royal commenter, argued that Andrew should renounce his royal titles and army offices and links, and disappear for the sake of the monarchy. He believes that Andrew may be prepared to do this, as he served in the Falklands War and so has had the ideolog of service that animates both the British monarchy and the armed forces. When asked where he could possibly disappear to, Heydel-Mankoo suggests Scotland. This might help reinforce the union. His interviewer, someone called Brazier, replies that it could instead push them even further to independence. He’s got a point. I got the distinct impression that the monarchy is particularly unpopular over the border. Some of this may well go back to the Jacobites, but it may also be simply caused by the fact that they’re perceived as distant from Scotland and its affairs, despite the Bowes-Lyons family’s personal estates in Scotland and Her Maj spending her hols at Balmoral.

And Andy’s problems also don’t stop there. Another news report I found on YouTube, which I didn’t read, claims that the cost of defending himself is disastrously eating into his own personal finances. He has been forced to sell a £32 million chalet in Switzerland.

I don’t know if Andy is guilty. Like everyone else, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know how it works in American law, but over here you’re innocent until proven guilty. But his evasive behaviour, in my view, makes him look guilty and I believe it is undermining the monarchy.

I therefore agree with Mr Heydel-Mankoo that he should disappear, at least for a while. Or he should face his accusers and clear himself, if innocent, in a court of law.

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2 Responses to “Conservative Guest on GB News Says Prince Andrew Should Renounce Royal Titles and Army Connections and Disappear”

  1. trev Says:

    Anyone with expertise in computer imaging should be able to tell if the photo has been faked or not. As for Pizza Hut, not a patch on the authentic Italian pizzas served at Pizza Pieces in Bradford!

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    This “where were you?” issue featured in Howard Hunt’s libel action against the authors of Coup D’Etat In America. Canfield and Weberman argued that three tramps arrested in the railroad yards behind Dealey Plaza were involved in JFK’s assassination, and that the “old man tramp”, who looks half-witted but, actually, shows great skill in placing one or other of his fellow hobos between him and the pressman’s camera in all but one of the pictures in the series, is actually Howard Hunt! Hunt sued, his lawyers thinking that the small-imprint publisher would be easy pickings, but Mark Lane took up the case and Hunt received a well-deserved trouncing from Lane, who convinced the jury that, while not actually one of the tramps, Hunt was lying in wait for JFK with a Cuban hit-team further along the route (described in Lane’s book Plausible Denial). At the outset of the trial, Hunt insisted that on that day (22 November, 1963) he was involved in Thanksgiving celebrations in the bosom of his family, but later, in an attempt to pluck at the jury’s heart strings, stated that he had been prompted to bring the action when his daughter, having learnt of C and W’s claims, had asked him with tears in her eyes, “Daddy, were you really in Dallas that day?” Lane jumped on this, pointing out that most people knew exactly what they were doing and who they were with when they heard of the assassination. Most JFK researchers – LN and CT alike – take Plausible Denial with a pinch of salt, as they do Hunt’s later, death bed, confession that Yes, he was in Dallas, and Yes, he was involved!

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