Satanic Murderer Linked to Neo-Nazi Order of the Nine Angles

This is interesting. According to an article in today’s Evening Standard, Danyal Hussein, the murderer of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, was on an internet group run by a Nazi Satanist connected to the Order of the Nine Angles. The article, entitled ‘Danyal Hussein: Calls to ban Nazi-occultist group after Satanist murders of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman’ runs

‘Campaigners have renewed a call to ban a UK-based Nazi-occultist group following the Satanist murders of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.

Killer Danyal Hussein, 19, was jailed for life on Thursday for the murder of the sisters as part of a twisted demonic pact to win the lottery.

Hussein is believed to have been influenced by a black magic practitioner called EA Koetting, who promotes his work to more than 80,000 followers on YouTube.

Since his Old Bailey trial, it has emerged that Hussein was an active member of online forum Becoming A Living God, set up by Koetting.

The American author has associated himself with a group called Order of Nine Angles (O9A) and its US branch, Tempel ov Blood, which has been linked to a string of recent terrorism cases in Britain.

As Hussein was jailed for life for the sisters’ murders, Nick Lowles, chief executive of anti-fascism campaign group Hope Not Hate, said: “Danyal Hussein was influenced by a man associated with the Order of Nine Angles before he launched his attack.

“This is yet another reason why the Government must move to ban this Nazi-occultist group.

“Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman had their lives stolen by this murderer, and the ideology which propelled him. Their families’ lives have been devastated.

“The Order of Nines Angles’ appearance in the story of these horrendous murders is shocking but shouldn’t be surprising.

“We have been warning of their promotion of terrorism and sexual violence, and called on ministers to act by banning the group.

“The Order of Nine Angles is determined to promote and inspire terrorism. They must be banned.”

Last week, Facebook announced that it had removed Koetting’s page and Instagram account for violating its Dangerous Individuals and Organisations policies, and YouTube said a review is under way. The PA news agency has previously contacted Koetting for a response.’

A few months ago when Danyal Hussein was arrested and charged with the murder, History Debunked put up a video suggesting that it was caused by Hussein’s own belief, as a Muslim, in the djinn. He stated that in his experience, it was very common amongst British Muslims and he had overheard Muslim students in his class discussing how one of their female relatives was being tormented by one of these spirits. That is why a murder, like something from the Middle Ages when people believed witches like Faust sold their souls to the Devil, and practiced human sacrifice, had returned to Britain.

Hussein did believe in the djinn, but it’s a bizarre twist that he was in fact motivated in this horrific act by a neo-Nazi. This might explain why the murder victims were two Black women, however. The Order of the Nine Angles is mentioned in Nicolas Goodrick-Clarkes book on contemporary Nazi occultism, The Black Sun. They sound absolutely bonkers, as if someone combined Norse mythology with a bit of crude Jungian theorising after reading the 2000 AD strip, Nemesis the Warlock, and thought that Torquemada was a good role model. The nine angles supposedly refer to the nine levels of Yggdrasil, the world-tree connecting the nine world in Viking myth. These are inhabited by acausal beings. The Order rejects the Theory of Relativity for the same reason the original Nazis did: Einstein was Jewish. After conquering the world and subjugating the non-White races, they aim to develop interstellar space travel and are eagerly awaiting the emergence of the future galactic emperor, Vindictus. Or something like that. The Nemesis the Warlock strip was set in a far future galaxy in which humans lived underground in a totalitarian hell. Earth was renamed Termight, and ruled over by Torquemada, grandmaster of the Terminators, a military order dedicated to exterminating all intelligent alien life. Creators Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill based it on the cruelty and corruption they had experienced in their communities growing up as Roman Catholics, though bigotry, hypocrisy and intolerance certainly aren’t confined to any one religion. They’re found right across all human ideologies and religions as part of the human condition. Mills and O’Neill were making metaphorical statements about racism in wider British society and particularly at the National Front, which was then on the rise. The strip was launched after a series of racist murders and the rise of anti-racist youth groups to oppose it like Rock Against Racism. But the Order of the Nine Angles with its cult of Vindictus does sound like its creators read ‘Nemesis’ and thought Termight was cool, as against the real fans of the strip, who knew it lampooned such Nazi prats. I have to say, though, that I don’t think anyone in the Order of the Nine Angles has read the strip or been influenced by it. It just seems to me that Mills’ and O’Neill’s creation, which still retains a cult following amongst comics fans, was all too accurate in its depiction of the mentality of these psychopathic nutters.

As for Hussein, it’s ironic that a man of colour was influenced by a Nazi, who would no doubt have looked down on him personally because of his race. And it shows that the motives behind his murder is much more complex than simple explanations that it was all down to Islamic superstition and immigration.

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3 Responses to “Satanic Murderer Linked to Neo-Nazi Order of the Nine Angles”

  1. julianj110 Says:

    Nazi Occultism does seem to have an impact on weak-minded racists.

    I read 2000AD around that time. Nemesis, was not my fave strip. I think perhaps not being Catholic it didn’t have so much of a resonance. A lot of the far-fetched stuff in the comic seems to have resonance now. Halo Jones (“enhanced leisure citizens” = discarded, abandoned unemployed), Judge Dredd’s authoritarianism, and warfare states: Strontium Dog, Robowarriors. It was a long time ago, but wasn’t the amusing story about the lost hapless alien translator, marooned on Earth, about fear of the “other” and racism? (Sorry can’t recall the name!).

    Going back to my first point, the Neonazis in the Ukraine have some sort of Black Sun cult going – they’ve even got a magazine of that name, which incidentally featured that famous “independent” and not -fascist-at-all journalist, Roman Protasevich.

  2. beastrabban Says:

    If I remember rightly, the 2000AD strip about the alien marooned on Earth was ‘Skizz’. It wasn’t my favourite strip, but it did have a solid fan following. The strip was actually planned before ET hit the cinemas, but unfortunately it was published in the comic afterwards, so that some people thought it was a rip-off of the film.
    I didn’t realise that the Ukrainian neo-Nazis are also into the cult of the Black Sun. It seems to be common amongst Nazi occultists right across the world. I haven’t heard to Roman Protasevich, so I’ll have to look him up, but he sounds a right charmer.

    • julianj110 Says:

      Yes, it was Skizz. Thanks.

      The Black Sun was a decoration on the floor of Himmler’s castle Wewelsburg, aka weird fascist central. The rays of the sun are the SS rune, but it’s not apparent to the casual observer, so it is symbolic of a fascistic subculture like the “14 words” and 88 (code for HH or Heil Hitler) which seems to serve as an indicator to let people know that the person uttering or writing these things is a far right sympathiser. It is very clear that in times of trouble, feeling part of a tribe which has simple answers to complex questions, e.g. “immigrants are taking our jobs”, and powerful symbols, appeals to a significant number of people. Add the sort of targeted influencing that the Brexit black ops did using social media, and you have a lot of trouble on the way…

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