Thought Slime on the Worst Political Cartoonists In America

Here’s an interesting little video from the Thought Slime channel on YouTube, in which he tears about the peeps he considers to be the worst political cartoonists. He starts with Garrison, a Libertarian, whom he dubs ‘the Labeller’, because he labels his pictures just in case you don’t recognise the people he’s drawn. He’s also a massive fan of Donald Trump, portraying him as a superhuman colossus saving America from the forces of the left. He then goes on to attack a Conservative cartoonist, who started out being a very capable draughtsman, but whose art has now become so stylised you won’t recognise anybody he’s drawn and so have to read the labels and titles. Despite being a liberal himself, Thought Slime criticises a left-wing cartoonist, Rall, for his attack on the late Roger Ebert. Ebert was a film critic, and Rall takes issue with him because Ebert was a fan of Citizen Kane. Citizen Kane, directed by cinematic legend and connoisseur of Danish lager, Orson Welles, is an acknowledged masterpiece. So why does Rall hate it? Because it’s boring! And so Ebert is caricatured for defending a cinematic classic.

However, the very worst political cartoonist of all, according to Thought Slime, is Yaacov Kirschen. Kirschen is a fanatical Jewish Zionist, whose cartoons seem to consist of the same poorly drawn character, who is probably a self-insert, commenting on the news. And his comments tend to be about how anyone who doesn’t support Israel, or dares to criticise it, is a vicious anti-Semite. And this really is everyone. He even accuses Netanyahu’s right-wing nationalist Likud party. How much of a Judaeonazi is Kirschen?

We don’t have cartoonists like Kirschen, at least not in the mainstream press. What we do have is the Israel lobby trying to suppress mainstream criticism of Israel and its unflattering portrayal in cartoons. A few years ago Gerald Scarfe was accused of anti-Semitism by the Israeli ambassador because of a cartoon attacking the wall the Israelis are building to keep out the Palestinians that appeared in the I. Scarfe’s cartoon showed the Israeli’s using the Palestinian’s blood as mortar. Considering the brutality of the Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing, it’s a fair comment. But the Israeli ambassador immediately decided that it was an anti-Semitic trope playing on the Blood Libel. Er, no. The Blood Libel is the vicious accusation that Jews murder Christians to use their blood in the matzo bread eaten at Passover. It’s a myth that has spawned countless pogroms and anti-Jewish violence down history. But Scarfe’s cartoon doesn’t portray the Blood Libel. The matzoh bread doesn’t appear, nor is there any reference to Passover and the cartoon isn’t about Jews, but the Israeli state. Nevertheless, the I responded by capitulating and apologising.

It did the same over another cartoon attacking Israeli anti-Palestinian violence. This came after IDF troopers had fired on Palestinians breaking through the fence separating Gaza from Israel. Those they killed were largely unarmed civilians, including a doctor. The cartoon showed Netanyahu having a cosy fireside chat with an American head of state, while inside the fire burned the shot medical lady. Again the Israeli embassy went berserk and screamed ‘anti-Semitism’. This time they ludicrously claimed that the fire represented the gas ovens of the Holocaust. It very obviously didn’t, but truth doesn’t matter to the Israeli state and its defenders. And again the I caved and apologised.

I found Thought Slime’s video interesting because of its criticism of Kirschen and his miserable pro-Israel scribblings as the worst political cartoonist. We don’t have anyone like Kirschen in Britain, at least, not that I know of. But I wish someone would stand up to the Zionist bully-boys trying to censor reasonable and legitimate criticism of Israel in cartoon art.

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2 Responses to “Thought Slime on the Worst Political Cartoonists In America”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    We either love or hate our cartoonists, and not just on account of their politics. I loved Cummings of the Express. He was a real right-wing hate merchant, but funny. The cartoon of his I mainly remember, from back in the 1950s showed British tourists in a French restaurant. In the background, a waiter is coming out of a door marked “WC” and in the foreground the British husband is holding his nose and saying to his wife, “If I could be sure it was the smell of delicious French cooking, I wouldn’t mind!” His cartoon depictions of Harold Wilson were very amusing, Papas of The Guardian was irritating because, it seemed to me, he couldn’t really draw: His drawings of Richard Nixon and Enoch Powell were indistinguishable. The nadir for me was John Kent, an Australian mercenary,who drew leftie cartoons for The Guardian and right-wing union-bashing cartoons for Private Eye. By and large, my favourite cartoonist is Steve Bell, whose commentary on the Falklands war in his “IF” series was, IMO, brilliant. I believe Steve is still hanging on at The Guardian, though at one stage they banned him from criticising Israel or Israeli politicians. We don’t see The Guardian these days, since we gave it up over their relentless vilification of Jeremy Corbyn.

    • beastrabban Says:

      My parents liked Giles, the cartoonist in the Mail, or was it Express? for his depictions of a family, especially the granny. As for the Guardian, I don’t really have any time for it either not since its constant vilification of Jeremy Corbyn. But then, it is more of a liberal paper than a Labour – it’s urged its readers to vote Liberal or SDP in several elections. Back to cartoonists, during the War David Lowe was on Adolf’s hit list if he ever succeeded in invading us.

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