No, Corbyn Didn’t Nearly Destroy Labour, But Starmer Is

Despite Starmer’s less than stellar performance at the Labour party conference, Britain’s wretched press continues to regard him as the saviour of the Labour party. Yesterday’s I had their columnist Stephen Bush opining that the bargain basement Stalin had put Labour’s house in order. There was also a piece by Ayesha Hazarika, another Blairite Labour MP, giving readers the benefit of what she would like to say to Keef. And on Wednesday the Depress quoted Stalin as telling his audience, or possibly just the Depress, that Corbyn nearly destroyed the Labour party.

This is untrue. Corbyn didn’t destroy the Labour party. Under his leadership its membership expanded until it became the largest socialist party in Europe and it outstripped the Tories’, who had up to them been the larger party. These members paid membership fees, and so the party’s finances were very healthy. And his policies were and are massively popular with electorate. They wanted the renationalisation of the utilities, an end and reversal of the privatisation of the NHS, a strong welfare state and strong trade unions, proper rights at work and strong trade unions that actually protect working people. But these policies are anathema to the Thatcherite establishment, and particularly the Blairites who are trying to turn the Labour party in Conservatives .2.

And so the press and media vilification began. This initially just concentrated on calling him a Communist or Trotskyite, which was taken up by people who really don’t know what either of those actually are. But this didn’t actually make much of a dent in his support. Far more damaging was the accusation from the Zionist establishment of the Jewish community – the Board of Deputies, Chief Rabbinate and press – that he was a vicious anti-Semite because he spoke out in favour of the Palestinians. This was eagerly taken up by the wider British establishment, and used as a weapon by Corbyn’s enemies in the Labour party to undermine him. They did so by smearing and expelling his supporters.

Meanwhile the Blairites in Labour plotted a series of coups, ostentatiously resigning from his shadow cabinet live on television, and gave interviews to the press attacking him at every opportunity. The Blairite bureaucracy actively conspired to throw the 2017 and 2019 elections, and actively withheld from their leader the extent of real anti-Semitism in Labour in order to further blacken him. They also bullied and abused Black and ethnic minority MPs and activists like Diane Abbott and there is, thanks to them, a rise in Islamophobia in the party.

Now Corbyn did make some serious mistakes. I’ve heard it said that he should have purged the party bureaucracy of the Blairites, as was expected when he took over as leader. He didn’t, and so made a rod for his own back. But the most important was that he took the anti-Semitism accusations in good faith. Instead of defending his supporters from the spurious charges, Corbyn threw them under the bus in a policy of appeasement. This didn’t work and ended, as Tony Greenstein predicted it would, with Corbyn himself being personally attacked and ousted.

But Starmer’s leadership has been disastrous. After publicly embracing Corbyn’s policies, he started betraying them and the party’s left-wing membership almost as soon as he got the leadership. He broke all his election promises and blithely carried on the purge of left-wing members, all on the pretext that they were terrible anti-Semites. Even when the vast majority of those accused have been decent, self-respecting Jews. People, especially Blacks, Muslims and ethnic minorities, are leaving his racist Labour party in droves. In contrast to his attacks on the left, he has said little against Boris Johnson’s corrupt, inept government. Before last week most Brits didn’t know what he stood for. Now he’s come out laid his Blairite vision of Labour policy before the country. But this hasn’t increased his popularity either. Yesterday Tory vlogger Michael Heaver put up a video showing that Labour was still behind the Tories in the polls, and in fact their popularity had fallen slightly by a point during the conference. And among working class voters the Tories were massively ahead. Well, the Blairites were never interested in working class voters. They wanted middle class voters, and as a result, Blairite Labour is paying the price.

With supporters and members abandoning the party, its finances are in crisis and it is near bankruptcy. Starmer is trying recruit people, who aren’t traditionally Labour (meaning presumably Tories) as members and MPs, but they’re not coming forward. BFAWU, one of the founding unions, has disaffiliated and if more follow it will tear the historic guts out of the party. And under Starmer the party lost a swathe of local authorities and by-elections, thanks to his refusal to respect the Brexit vote in the referendum. Labour is on the point of collapse, but he’s been talking up what few victories he’s had as if they were splendid and overwhelming whereas in fact Labour barely held on to the contested seats.

But nevertheless, the Tory press are trying to delude this country that he’s made the party electable again and that somewhere down the line they’ll be in power.

Here’s Heavers video about the Labour poll results.

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9 Responses to “No, Corbyn Didn’t Nearly Destroy Labour, But Starmer Is”

  1. A6er Says:

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain! .

  2. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    No truer words written they tried to bury JC but without people’s like him then we are doomed to allow the Tory’s in untill. That day people’s wake up to the fact that he and his kind would be better for us

  3. Jim Round Says:

    The Labour Party will possibly continue to lose members and voters in its attempt to win over soft Conservatives. I have heard many times that the UK electorate consists of soft c Conservatives, but attitudes change, just like they did after WW2.
    Unfortunately we now have Covid-19 but an ambitious Labour Party appealing to apathetic non-voters is needed more than ever, Starmer is not the person to deliver that.
    As for the video you posted, Michael Heaver appears to be another questionable YouTuber and Nigel Farage acolyte, most of his videos seem to be rehashed Daily Express anti EU headlines, that with a little research, turn out to have little basis on fact.
    Another YouTuber you discuss is Alex Belfield, who’s preferred publication appears to be the Daily Mail, as that is where most of his “story videos” come from.
    I would be careful here, he is facing a six week trial next July for stalking offences:
    He has also lied about being a registered charity:
    Also, he appears to have had his Gofundme and Paypal appeals investigated for fraud:
    Yes, the above links are from Twitter, but there is enough information out there from genuine sources to make this entirely believable.
    A quick Google search provides more information should you need it.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Jim. I got the distinct impression that Heaver was very much a Brexiteer. I didn’t know that about Belfield, but he has frequently complained about the police investigating him on his show due to some kind of dispute he’s had with the BBC. This puts a different complexion on things.

      • Jim Round Says:

        What concerns me about these YouTubers is that on the surface, they appear legitimate, but do some research (which, unsurprisingly, their followers and subscribers do not do) and you come to realise that there is, in my opinion, a more sinister motive behind their narratives.
        They say just enough to stay on the right side of the law, but as I stated previously, their comment sections are full of hatred.
        It has happened before with well publicised cases, where the perpetrator has been found to follow “respectable” figures before their crimes.
        When these figures are confronted with evidence, they shrug their shoulders to imply “A big boy did it and ran away”
        The likes of Bitchute etc… are criticised, but the likes of YouTube (pre-installed on most smart TV’s) Twitter and the like have content from questionable people.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Yes, I’ve noticed that Belfield is very careful what he says. As for History Debunked, he believes in the ‘Bellcurve’ stuff that race does determine intelligence and that Blacks are, on average, thicker than everyone else. There is a lot of rage in their comments, but this is interesting. Much of the Islamophobia unsurprisingly centres around Rotherham and the Muslim grooming gangs. I think there is a serious issue there, which could simply be tackled through the left treating anti-White racism in exactly the same way as anti-Black racism is treated. But it’s being denied by the left, and that’s pushing the Islamophobes even further right.

  4. Jim Round Says:

    Islamaphobia existed long before Rotherham and grooming gangs, if it wasn’t that, it would be something else.
    I also note that in light of the recent murder involving an officer who was serving at the time of the crime, how much media time will be given to the culture of the police?
    There is also the culture of the Catholic Church, Radio DJ’s, TV personalities, (Savile, Hall, Talbot, Harris etc…)
    Footballers and football coaches, also remember that the far-right has a well documented issue with pederasty (something S-Y-L went to great lengths to try to cover up)
    But because of the skin colour, these do not come under the same microscope.
    Guy Debord’s Cat covers it well here:
    I would personally say we have a major issue with patriarchy, the abuse successful women get towards them is a case in point.
    I would also recommend a closer look at social and children’s services, they seem to be at the centre of a lot of scandals.
    All the above crimes are terrible and deserve adult debate without narrative.
    Unfortunately, where the media are concerned, we are just not getting it, and that is worrying.

  5. Brian Burden Says:

    No indeed. It is Starmer who has driven out 100,000 members and squandered the £31,000,000 surplus Jeremy left behind. The latest is a begging letter from David Evans asking members to stump up £100 each. Have you had this yet? Sheer effrontery!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I don’t think I’ve had one requesting a donation of £100, but I did get a round robin email from Stalin asking for donations. I wasn’t impressed, and thought the only time he’ll get money from me is when he and his scoundrels leave and we get proper socialists elected.

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