SF YouTuber Doomcock’s Message of Appreciation to Departing US Forces

Doomcock is a Science Fiction YouTuber, whose usually specialises in very loud, detailed and often hilarious criticism of what he sees as the damage wrought on contemporary SF and Fantasy popular culture by the television, film and comics industries. This is done through the persona of an SF supervillain in his lair deep in the centre of the Earth with the voice of Walter Pigeon in the 1950s movie Forbidden Planet. He sees the corporations involved as more keen to push woke identity politics and forced diversity than in actually producing good stories with coherent, intelligent plots and likeable heroes and heroines. He feels that companies such as Disney actually have contempt for the traditional fans of favourite franchises like Star Wars because of their determination to undermine some of the favourite male characters in favour of shrill, empowered heroines who lack the flaws which allow audiences to relate to them. It’s a controversial point of view, though one that’s shared by a number of other genre YouTubers. But a few days ago he took a break from this to post a video in reassuring the departing American troops that their sacrifice had not been in vain. Although they were understandably disheartened by their departure and restoration of the Taliban to power, nevertheless they had succeeded in keeping America safe from terror attacks for 20 years through their presence in Afghanistan.

I’m reblogging this as a gesture of support for our squaddies, who must also be feeling the same way. While I don’t agree with his words – I think our continued presence in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East has contributed to the rise of domestic terrorism – I overwhelmingly agree with the spirit behind it. Our troops were sent into Afghanistan in response to al-Qaeda’s attack on America, an attack which threatened the west as a whole. They served with courage and professionalism in order to keep us safe and in the hope of creating a better government and social order for the Afghan people.

I think we were deliberately misled about Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq, but still appreciate the immense sacrifice of our boys and girls. They deserve our respect despite the grotty politics and the present debacle.

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