Yes, Young Radicals Really Are Leaving Labour for the Greens

Yesterday Mike put up a piece about the shift in voting intention among the young. Many of them are choosing to support the Greens rather than the Labour party. According to stats from the Tory-owned YouGov, 27 per of young people intend to vote Green, as against 35 per cent for Labour and 21 per cent Conservative. Mike and the peeps on Twitter were in no doubt that it was because of Starmer’s miserable leadership. If you punish the previous leader of the party by suspending him, ‘throw the Palestinians under the bus and give in to flag-shaggers’, as Frank Owen’s Legendary Paintbrush said, ‘you lose the youth vote’. Not only that, but if you go back on your election promises to renationalise the NHS and the utilities, strengthen the welfare state and restore the trade unions and workers’ rights, and start giving people a decent living wage, you will lose voters, and not just the young ones. These were all extremely popular policies, but they’re anathema to the Tory Labour right. Hence Starmer has broken all of these promises. They are also not going to support a leadership that seems more determined to purge the Labour left – which is really just traditional, centrist Labour – than fight the Tories.

As it stands, Starmer doesn’t represent anything. He’s an opportunist, as shown the other day when he pledged to back Trans self-ID after people have started questioning it and the danger it represents to women. Most supporters of the trans ideology undoubtedly do so out of conviction, but this looked like a cynical attempt to garner support from the gay and trans communities.

Young people tend to be more radical than their elders, and this generation are particularly worried about the environment. It can be seen in the rise of Extinction Rebellion, who are damned nuisance in my opinion, but I don’t doubt they’re right about the environment. I don’t have the stats available at the moment, but the YouGov figures certainly tally with the results in Bristol at the council elections. Many wards elected Green councillors, particularly in the more radical areas of the city.

Britain’s young people are suffering. Their education has suffered because of the Coronavirus lockdown, their job prospects are also in doubt because of the effect the lockdown has had on the economy, they’re mired in debt thanks to the massive hike in tuition fees brought about by the Tories’ Lib Dem collaborators and the welfare state no longer exists to support them, or anybody else. And they are worried about possible irreversible damage to the Earth’s ecosystem and the final extinction of life, including humanity, on our beautiful world.

They and the rest of the British people need and deserve better. The Tories will always be the Tories, the Lib Dems have no principles when it comes to power, and under Starmer Labour has been hollowed out and turned into a vestigial, sham opposition. So they’re going to the Greens. I don’t this will trouble Starmer, as the attitude among the Blairites seems to be that so long as the party is kept out of the hands of its traditional supporters, the socialists and working class, then everything’s great. Even if the party goes under or loses its place as the main opposition party.

But the party’s real supporters and activists demand better. They want a proper Labour party that stands up for working people. And that means

Starmer must go!

Labour is losing young voters to the Greens – because of Starmer | Vox Political (

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4 Responses to “Yes, Young Radicals Really Are Leaving Labour for the Greens”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    Forgive my cynicism. It sounds like a pretty blind alley. If too many left-leaning youngsters join the Greens, there are going to be the usual purges and witch-hunts. In the good old days, it used to be the SWP they went to.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Good point, especially as the right likes to smear the Green with Nazism because the Nazis were extremely ecologically conscious. Groups like Extinction Rebellion are extremely radical and the German Greens included the lawyer for the former Bader-Meinhof gang, so the Blairites would find it easy to accuse the Labour left of Commie ‘Green’ infiltration.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        I was assuming the witch-hunts would be conducted by the Greens, to purge themselves of the Red entryists! I can tell you a funny story on this general theme. Back in the last century, a couple of Labour activists, Tony and Teresa Tant, quit to join the SWP. Tony and Teresa had been delegates to the local CLP, and their branch quickly elected another couple of keen young activists to replace them. The next CLP meeting was picketed by the SWP, handing out leaflets gloating over Tony and Teresa’s defection. Hardly had the new delegates taken their seats than the local agent, assuming they were Tony and Teresa come to cause trouble, came storming over, shouting, “You’re not members any more, so just get out, and quickly!” What a welcome! The agent was not generally popular, and this sort of behaviour was not untypical. I passed this story to a local journalist who was in the SWP, hoping he would get it printed in Socialist Worker, but he declined, saying it would be “unsporting”!

      • beastrabban Says:

        Ah, I see what you mean now, Tony. Actually, I don’t think the Greens under the current leadership are as radical as some of their members. There’s a piece I was reading on Tony Greenstein’s blog, where he discusses the way the Green’s leadership backtracked over a radical policy and seemed to support the Tories on some issue. He put it down to the fact that the Green’s don’t have a class analysis, so not really interested in protecting the workers.

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