Fascist Leader Oswald Mosley on the Conservative Party

On page 261 on Mosley’s book, Mosley – Right or Wrong?, Britain’s Fascist leader is asked what he thinks of the Conservatives. Mosley’s gives a full and devastating reply, which very definitely shows that he’s not impressed by them. He says

The virtue of Conservatism is that it is the party of patriotism. It means well. Unfortunately, the leaders it selects arrive at results precisely the opposite to its intentions. So the party which existed to preserve the Empire has ended by liquidating the Empire. The party which believes in Great Britain has been the main architect of Small Britain. The party which believes in stability is bringing our country to the verge of chaos. But we need not traverse again the ground I covered in another answer. It is enough to state the undeniable fact that the Conservative Party has been chiefly responsible for the policies of Britain during the last fifty years.

What is the character which has produced this lamentable conclusion to a chapter in British history? ?This is the party of the smug, the satisfied, in an age which demands dynamism; the party of privilege when survival depends on promotion by merit; the party which exploits talent but never trusts it; the party of the tired, which calls a yawn a policy; the party of snobbery about the wrong things, which rejects intellect but reveres rank; the party of the climber, without aim to climb beyond a perch on a rotten bough; the party without purpose or great design; the party of small expedients to face the need of great decisions; the party which is always late, and now exists only as an ineffective brake on socialist policies; the party which wills the end of the greatness but always rejects the means; the party which excluded Churchill in all his years as a creative spirit, and used him only for the fatal process which finally destroyed the values in which it professed to believe; the party which detests brilliance and loves dullness; the party which idealizes the small, the the grey, the mediocre, and will achieve its ideal in the state to which it is reducing Britain, if that condition be not the final lethargy of death.

Mosley’s Britain would have been a brutal Fascist dictatorship, a one-party state ruled by fear and thuggery. Despite his repeated claims not to be an anti-Semite, Mosley would have put in place a kind of apartheid in which only those Jews, who were judged culturally British, would have been allowed to remain and Blacks and Asians very definitely discriminated against if not actively persecuted. I don’t doubt that had he seized power during the War, he would have turned Britain into another Nazi satellite or ally and fully collaborated in the Holocaust.

As for the British Empire, it was not the glorious institution Mosley and the Tories claim. There were some noble aspects to it – there were British governors and military commanders, who took very seriously their duty of stamping out slavery and the slave trade, for example. But we did exploit its subject peoples. Its end was marked by ruthless warfare against the rising nationalist movements in which British forces did commit atrocities and massacres. Quite apart from more covert systems of undermining these countries’ aspirations for freedom, like election rigging. In the case of Iran, an independent nation that provoked our wrath by nationalising its oil industry, we organized a coup that toppled its last, democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadeq. See John Newsinger’s book The Blood Never Dried: A people’s History of the British Empire, and Rory Cormac’s Disrupt and Deny: Spies, Special Forces, and the Secret Pursuit of British Foreign Policy.

But Mosley is absolutely right about the Tory party. They are the party of the traditional class system, and have shown themselves determined to maintain and expand the power of the immensely rich at the expense of everyone else – the poor, the disabled, working people, the unemployed. Their Brexit policies are destroying this country, their economic policies have wrecked this country’s industry and prosperity and their determination to privatise the NHS and destroy the welfare state is creating mass poverty, misery, starvation and illness. But never mind – their pet press sings their praises and spins every failure as some kind of magnificent achievement if it can, just so long as the poor are kept down, and the rich given more tax breaks and subsidies.

Mosley’s Britain would have been a murderous, totalitarian nightmare. Fascism everywhere needs to be fought and defeated. But he was right about the Tories.

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4 Responses to “Fascist Leader Oswald Mosley on the Conservative Party”

  1. trev Says:

    Yes I agree with your analysis. Mosley was certainly a Fascist and the Tories are all for the rich at the expense of the poor. Tory policies punish the poor whilst exacerbating and perpetuating poverty.
    In this current health crisis they gave an extra £20 per week to Universal Credit claimants but won’t make that increase permanent even though it’s now six years since the Council of Europe said that UK Benefits were/are grossly inadequate. And they haven’t given the increase to JSA claimants such as myself, preferring instead to pretend we don’t exist. Budgeting Loan repayments were supposed to be suspended due to Coronavirus but they continued to deduct them from my JSA for at least two months longer, and have now informed me that deductions will be taken again, so I won’t receive a full JSA payment until December, leaving me with just £65 per week to live on. The Tories persecute the poor and that is obvious nowhere more than the DWP, which is unfit for purpose. Foodbank use has never been so high and is set to increase even more, whilst the rich get richer.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Dreadfully sorry to hear how they’re treating you and everyone else in your position, Trev. We’ve got to get them out, and someone decent in.

      • trev Says:

        Yes definitely, but I don’t have that much faith that Starmer will make the drastic changes needed. He’s already come out against introducing a Basic Income, I don’t think he’s said anything about the disparity between UC and JSA (though Reynolds has), just that UC is in need of a “overhaul”. Coronavirus and Brexit have the potential to create mass unemployment whilst we have a dysfunctional Social Security system and a whole Department (the DWP) that is unfit for purpose. The ongoing development of new technologies will also inevitably lead to fewer jobs as time goes on. Something needs to be done, and hiring an extra 13,500 JCP Work Coaches is certainly not the answer!

  2. lawrencesroberts Says:

    You have got a one party state for the next 5 years and your dictator has made a move to stifle what is remaining of the free media.

    You are not alone, Australia is in a similar position and in the land of the free it is believed that if the incumbent wins this one; elections will be a thing of the past.

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