Prehistoric Hull Traded with an Settled by Ancient Egyptians

This is another clipping from 20 years ago, but on rather a lighter subject. It’s from the Daily Mail, 26th August 2000. Titled ‘Where the Hull have we landed, pharaoh?’, it’s about the discovery of three ancient Egyptian ships in the city. The clipping reads

Egyptians were shipwrecked off the east coast of Britain some 2,700 years ago and settled in Hull, it was claimed yesterday.

Three wooden boats found in mud on the banks of the Humber in 1937 – thought at first to be Viking – are now said to date from 700 BC and be identical to ones which once navigated the Nile. Egyptologist Lorraine Evans says her findings will revolutionise views about our ancestors. “The simple fact that many people of Britain are going about their daily business unaware of their Egyptian heritage is astounding,” she added.

I don’t know if her findings have been corroborated or invalidated by more recent research. The ancient Egyptians used sewn plank boats, which is exactly how they were built. Nails were used, and instead the ship’s timbers were held together by drilling holes in them and sewing them together with rope. A few years later a ship built exactly the same way by indigenous Brits was found in Dover, so this might simply mean that Iron Age Britons were making them earlier than previously believed.

However, archaeologists are amassing increasing evidence that long distance trade was far more established across the world than previously recognised. You can’t see it with the unaided eye, but some of the stones at Stonehenge have the Mycenaean double-headed axe, indicating that the builders were in touch with Bronze Age ancient Greece. And ancient Spain, which was also partly home to Celtic tribes, also traded with ancient Egypt so it’s entirely credible that sailors and traders from the land of the Nile may have made their way farther north.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine at the time. He told me that some geneticists had also discovered the markers for ancient Egyptian heritage in the DNA of White Brits in Birmingham. I really can’t comment, as I haven’t seen anything to confirm this. But what spooked him is that one of the psychic questers around at the time had claimed in one of his books that through his psychic powers he had found out that ancient Egyptians had also settled in the city of Noddy Holder and Black Sabbath.

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3 Responses to “Prehistoric Hull Traded with an Settled by Ancient Egyptians”

  1. trev Says:

    I remember reading Evans’ book several years ago, and as I recall it was based on some very unconventional archaeological views. I think she claimed that Arkenhaten’s daughter had fled Egypt with an entourage and had ended up in Ireland. Her name was “Scotia” and she was the origin of the Scots. One (or possibly two) of the vessels in her entourage had been shipwrecked off Hull. It’s total nonsense!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Ah, that explains it! Mind you, no matter how bizarre her book is, it can’t be worse or stranger than E. Cummyngs-Beaumont’s. That one claimed that Britain was the real site of the great civilisations of ancient Greece, Israel and Egypt. I found a copy of it in one of the secondhand bookshops in Cheltenham a few years ago, looked at it, but didn’t buy it. Now I’m regretting not having got my hands on this classic work of pseudo-history and archaeology.

      • trev Says:

        Well, I think it’s probably true that some long-distance trading took place in the Bronze Age along with also the migration of people, and possibly even before then as I read somewhere that flint tools believed to have been quarried and made in Cumbria by the Grooved-ware people have turned up in mainland Europe. And we know that the Brythonic Celts who settled the British Isles came from the Iberian peninsula. I’ve also read that it is believed that the Phoenicians may have traded with Cornwall, exchanging Lapis lazuli amongst other things for Tin, which is possible/plausible, but all that is a long stretch from Ancient Egyptians visiting Britain and the Scots being descended from Akhenaton’s daughter. Mind you, I’ve also heard that there is a rock in Australia bearing Egyptian hieroglyph inscriptions, meaning that the Ancient Egyptians visited Australia! Who knows?

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