Trump Blames Imaginary Far Left Conspiracy and the Press for BLM Protests and Riots

Someone really, really should take Trump’s phone away from him and shut down his personal internet connections. He really has no idea how to calm things down. His idea of pouring oil on troubled waters is to throw petrol onto fire. He didn’t address the American people about the crisis that has engulfed his country after former police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd by asphyxiation by kneeling on his neck. Instead he tweeted ill-chosen comments about shooting looters. Then his bodyguards rushed him to a ‘special secure bunker’ in case the crowd outside the White House tried to storm it.

As Mike has shown in his article about the incident, quite a few of the peeps on Twitter also drew comparisons between Trump, and a couple of other people with extreme right-wing beliefs, who also went into hiding. Like a certain A. Hitler, who likewise hid in a bunker, and our own Boris Johnson, who ran away from awkward media questions in a fridge.


Now he’s made more inflammatory texts, blaming the disturbances on a ‘far-left’ conspiracy and stating it seems that this is concert with the lamestream media. Other far right nutters, like Andy Ngo of The Spectator USA, have also claimed that this is some kind of revolution that the far left has been preparing for years. According to today’s I, Trump tweeted about the rioting in New York, “New York was lost to the looters, thugs, Radical Left & Scum. The Governor refuses to accept my offer of a dominating National Guard. NYC was ripped to pieces.” New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, said that he was not going to use the National Guard, as when forces not trained to handle New York City crowds intervene, ‘still with loaded weapons and under stress, horrible things happen.’ Some of this reluctance may come from the memories of the 1968 race riots and the shooting of four people at Ohio University by the National Guard, called in by Richard Nixon.

I doubt very, very much that there’s any far left conspiracy behind the protests and rioting. The issue of police brutality towards Blacks, and the unprovoked killing of unarmed Black people by the cops has been simmering away for the past few years or so. It’s what Black Lives Matter was formed to protest. And underneath that are the continuing problems of racism, poverty and poor Black academic achievement in schools. Only a few years ago Barak Obama was being lauded for winning the race to the White House and becoming America’s first Black president. The country, it was said, had now entered a ‘post-racial’ age. In fact, the divisions remained under Obama. Things were undoubtedly better under him for most Americans than if the Republicans had won, but Obama was a corporatist Democrat. He described himself as a ‘moderate Republican’, and so the neoliberal policies that have created so much poverty in America and round the globe, continued. American jobs went overseas and Obama went ahead with trying to close down America’s public (state) school system by transforming them into Charter Schools, the equivalent of the privately run state academies over here. Their transformation is often against the wishes of parents, teachers and the wider community. But the privatisation was still pushed, and is still being pushed by Trump. Welfare is being cut, and wages for ordinary Americans, of whatever colour, have remained stagnant for years. If they haven’t actually fallen in real terms, that is.

America has also become more racist as the trade unions and old industries, which employed both Whites and Blacks and brought people of different races together were smashed. It’s created a more atomised and racially segregated society. The old forms of community which crossed racial barriers have declined partly due to the ‘White flight’ which saw White people migrate away from the inner city towards the suburbs. The book attacking the Neocons and their toxic policies, Confronting the New Conservatism, argued that this is what fueled the rise of George Dubya Bush’s administration. And the same processes are at work in Britain too. Hence the victories of the Tories over here, the disproportionate numbers of British Blacks and Asians dying from the Coronavirus, and the consequent Black anti-racist protests in Britain.

There might be some extreme left-wing malcontents stirring the crowds up. I remember during the race riots that hit St Paul’s in Bristol in the early 1980s a White man with a long, grey beard hanging around the school gates with a megaphone as we went home. He was haranguing us, trying to get us to join the rioting. I didn’t realise it at the time, but thinking about it, it seems to me very likely he was from the Socialist Workers Party or similar far left organisation. They have a reputation for joining any kind of protest and trying to radicalize it or exacerbate the problem. But the SWP in Britain was and is miniscule. They’ve been criticised by their left-wing opponents because they don’t ever start protests, they merely colonise those of others. The riots in St. Paul’s started over heavy-handed policing, and specifically a raid on the Black and White Cafe, which had a reputation for drug dealing. The underlying grievances were the same then – racism, unemployment and poverty. The SWP, Workers’ Revolutionary Party, British Communist Party or any other radical left group weren’t behind the riots then, whatever White guys with megaphones may have tried to do. They aren’t behind the protests and riots in America now.

There is no far left conspiracy at work here. Just poverty and despair caused by four decades of neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, Reaganomics, Thatcherism and just plain, old Conservatism. Tackling the protests will mean not only tackling racism, but also the economic and social grievances underneath them. Grievances that the Conservatives and Republicans exploit to bolster their own horrific policies.

If we want to create a better society for everyone, regardless of their colour, it means getting rid of Conservative policies as well as stopping the police from killing people.

And in the meantime, Trump should also stop making things worse with his stupid Tweets.

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6 Responses to “Trump Blames Imaginary Far Left Conspiracy and the Press for BLM Protests and Riots”

  1. Joanna Woolston Says:

    Correction someone should Arrest the Evil despot and lock him away from the World!!!

  2. trev Says:

    I’m pretty much lost for words when it comes to Trump. What can you say? The man is demented. A fool. Completely unfit for the Office of President. And even saying that seems like an understatement. It is absolutely astonishing and absurd that a World Leader should think it appropriate to communicate his views via Twitter, of all things. Not that his barmy views and emotional outbursts make any sense or are even worthy of being heard. Little wonder there are riots. America is an insane place to begin with but electing someone like Donald Trump as President takes the biscuit even for America. George W was bad enough but now they’ve hit a new low. May as well have elected Ronald McDonald. No wonder Valiant Thor gave up and went home.

    • Joanna Woolston Says:

      Hi Beastie unfortunately Bunker Boy wasn’t their only mistake I grant you that George w bush was bad, but then so was Reagan, he was an actor with no political experience either. This can’t be be blamed on the people, it was the electoral college system that allowed Bunker Boy to slither in, if Clinton would have won then Maybe things would be better?

  3. A6er Says:

    Reblogged this on Tory Britain!.

  4. trev Says:

    Manningham was/is 75% Asian and during the years that I lived there I witnessed and experienced several racist incidents. One Saturday morning I was walking to the newsagents to buy a Guardian, the traffic was busy as it was the weekend of the Mela, all of a sudden a bottle whizzed past my head, thrown by a young Asian man in a car who shouted “I’ll kill you, you white bastard”. I was pretty shaken. Other friends of mine who happened to be both White and Gay got a lot of abuse and eventually moved out of Bradford to Brighton. I knew others who moved out of Manningham/Girlington for similar reasons, mostly relocated to Shipley along the road. One lesbian couple had been burgled 14 times, they were the only white people in the street. There were many nasty incidents, an Asian man got out of a car and threatened to hit me over the head with a large bunch of keys just because I happened to be crossing the road as he sped around the corner without indicating. Two other younger Asians stopped, got out of their car, and asked him if he needed any assistance! But on another occasion my motorcycle had run out of petrol so I walked to the local petrol station and bought a plastic container, filled it up but upon going to the checkout discovered I’d lost my wallet. A group of young Asian lads seeing me in some distress asked what the problem was, they paid for my petrol (and billy can) and gave me a lift back to my bike. I thanked them and asked for an address so I could return the money but they said it didn’t matter. I found my wallet at home. Just goes to show you can’t tar everyone with the same brush.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Really sorry you had to go through all that, Trev. There was an anti-White racist assault in Bristol reported on the news at the time, and the local charity helping the victims of racist attacks said that they were open to helping everyone.

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