Largest Death Toll So Far Recorded Yesterday, But Real Figures are probably Even Higher

Yesterday, Mike reported that the government had released the latest figures for the numbers of people, who had died that day. At 786 it was the largest so far.


But this probably doesn’t represent the true figures. The Office for National Statistics has revised upwards its estimate for the difference between the government’s figures and the real stats. They had previously suggested that it 23 per cent, so that while the government said that the numbers of people, who had died of Coronavirus by March 27 was 926, the ONS reported that NHS England had recorded a total of 1,650. The revised estimate of the difference between government figures and the true number of fatalities is now, according to the ONS, 78 per cent. Which means that instead of 786 people being killed by the disease yesterday, the real figure was 1,400.

As of yesterday, the total number of deaths according to the government was 5,373. But if the ONS’ estimate is correct, the reality is that 10,000 or over have died in England alone.

Coronavirus: ONS says almost twice as many people have died as official statistics say

I’m mentioning this because the Beeb’s report of the number of deaths that had occurred yesterday was actually upbeat. On the 10 O’clock news the Corporation stated that the increase in the number of deaths wasn’t as great as predicted, which showed that the lockdown may be having an effect and the spread of the disease is slowing.

I hope this is the case, but if the government is hiding the real figures, how can we be sure?

Furthermore, if the real figure for the UK as a whole is 10,000+, then it means that we really aren’t that far behind Italy, which a few days ago had an a total number of deaths of 14,000.

If that’s the case, then it’s another indictment of how complacent and unprepared Boris’ government was, and how indifferent to the deaths from the disease, until they had absolutely no choice but to impose the lockdown.

But either way, Mike was right in his prediction that the government wasn’t going to end the lockdown. The government said yesterday that it would be too premature to raise it, and that it would continue.

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8 Responses to “Largest Death Toll So Far Recorded Yesterday, But Real Figures are probably Even Higher”

  1. trev Says:

    I doubt they’ll lift the lockdown any time soon, this could go on for months yet. I applied online for a DWP Budgeting Loan and after submitting my application there was some small print saying that repayments are currently suspended and won’t resume until “at least July”, so I don’t think any return to normality is expected soon.

  2. Joanna Woolston Says:

    Beast i don’t know what to do anýmore I can’t cope with life anymore i feel like i am the worst person in the world. I don’t know what i have done to deserve to have no-one in my life i am so scared, i have been told to stay home for 12 weeks o don’t know what to do i can’t stop crying i feel like i jave been abandoned.
    Im sorry didn’t want to bother you!!! Im not
    Going to do anything stupid so don’t worry about thatl please

    • trev Says:

      Do you have any family you can talk to on the phone, if you have a phone? I am alone too. I live alone, no longer in touch with any former friends, many of my old friends have already passed away over the years. I don’t have anyone to socialize with even before the lockdown. But I do have sisters I can keep in touch with by phone. Sounds like you need some support. It can be hard being alone, but I’ve got used to it over the last few years, and am lucky to have the company of 3 cats, all strays/ferals I adopted, though one of them is old now and probably not got long left, which is very sad. Do you have any pets? Are you allowed to go out for exercise? If not make an effort to do some exercise at home, it might help you feel better. Try reading too to occupy your mind, or go online to have contact with people. Remember to eat as well as you can and spend time cooking for yourself, it’s important to look after yourself. I hope you are able to get food supplies delivered to your door. In my area several local shops are now doing deliveries, not big supermarkets but small grocers and butchers etc. Stay well and look after yourself and this nightmare situation will be over one day, it’s not going to continue for ever. All the best.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Sorry to hear you’ve had your loan application turned down, Trev, and that so many of your friends have died. Nevertheless, it sounds like your having a great time with your cats and sisters. You’re right about local stores and supermarkets organising home deliveries – there are some around here that do, and I’ve had better luck with using them than with the big stores.

      • trev Says:

        No, I haven’t had the loan denied, I have to wait 3 weeks to find out if my application has been accepted then another week for it to be paid into my bank. It’s the repayments that have been suspended, meaning that they are (apparently) still providing loans but won’t start deducting the repayments from my JSA until “at least July”. At least I think that’s what it meant.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Ah, my mistake, sorry. Still, it’s a pity you have to wait so long before you’ll know if it’s been accepted, and then another week for a payment. You could be forgiven for think that the Tories don’t like giving money to the needy.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Stay cool, Jo. You are very definitely not the worst person in the world. Not even close – you’ve shown yourself to be a great person, who’s just had to endure some really terrible things in her life. The really bad people are all in government and the media, especially talk radio. If you can, please take Trev’s very excellent advice. I read an awful lot when I first became ill with depression and anxiety nearly 30 years ago. I did so to take my mind away from the thoughts that were upsetting me. And remember, you can always send me an email. I may not respond immediately, but I will read and reply. Use the internet, look at cute animal videos. There was one set a little while ago that was particularly fun – ‘Cats that look like Hitler’. I wonder if it’s still going.
      And are you on the list for people particularly at risk? If you are, they might be able to help you with the depression. I’ve had someone phone me up this evening asking how I was about shopping, and with people to talk to. I’m all right on those fronts, but it was obviously very nice to be asked. It was part of a government scheme. I hope it’s running near you. If you get a similar phone call, don’t hesitate to tell them how you feel.

      • trev Says:

        They rang my older sister too, she’s registered disabled and 73, her husband is 80 with Emphysema. They are managing ok though, getting food delivered, and both I and my nephew are regularly keeping in touch with them, plus they have each other, though they are not in great health. It’s good to know that someone was checking up on them though.

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