Virus Death Toll Mounting, But Scum Still Demanding Lockdown Lifted – Because Murdoch Needs His Profits £££

The Scum provided further evidence yesterday of Rupert Murdoch’s utterly loathsome attitude to the Coronavirus crisis. The death toll in Britain was continuing to rise, we had lost young people as well as the disabled and elderly to the disease. I’m sure many of you will have been particularly upset by the fact that one of the new victims was a child of five, who had an underlying condition. We have also lost some of our dedicated healthcare professionals – doctors, surgeons and nurses – who carried on doing their duty despite an appalling lack of proper protective equipment. And yesterday Boris Johnson himself was hurried to hospital. This was supposed to be nothing special. It’s just that Boris’ cough had carried on longer than usual. He was just going to have a check-up. Zelo Street, as perceptive as always, smelled more Tory lies, and said that looking at the situation rather than listening to the flannel, Johnson was in a far more serious condition than the Tories were telling us. He was. It’s now been reported that Johnson had to be given oxygen, and is now in intensive care. There have been more reassurances from the Tories that Boris isn’t in that serious a condition, but the Mirror, and Zelo Street, disagree. It looks like he’s got pneumonia. And Matt Hancock, the odious Health Secretary, has said that he has also lost two people to the disease.

It’s serious, and Johnson’s current condition in intensive care should show this to anyone. It demonstrates how anybody can get the disease, no matter how rich and powerful they are. It also shows how you also have to take it seriously. Johnson, like everyone else, was told not to shake hands as this could allow him to catch the disease. He ignored the advice, and carried on shaking mitts, blithely telling the world that this wasn’t a problem, as all you needed to do was wash your hands afterwards. That didn’t help. Johnson has been hospitalised through his own failure to take the virus seriously, just as the same attitude stopped him from introducing the lockdown weeks earlier and making preparations for the disease, which would have saved hundreds of unnecessary deaths.

But that didn’t prevent Scum hack Trevor Kavanagh yesterday publishing another piece demanding that the lockdown should be lifted. Because the disease isn’t that serious, according to some other modelling by a different group of scientists, and the damage it’s doing to the economy. Similar arguments have been used before against measures to combat climate change and global warming and other hazards. These have been refuted in turn. One of the best arguments was put forward a few years ago in an article in New Scientist. This was the principle that even if something wasn’t as dangerous or harmful as suggested, it was still better to err on the side of caution. Hence harmful substances or processes still shouldn’t be used, and measures should still be taken to stop global warming. But obviously Kavanagh disagrees.

Or rather his master, Rupert Murdoch. When Kavanagh first published this nonsense, Zelo Street suggested that his motives probably weren’t as pure and altruistic as he made out. He wasn’t worried about the bankruptcies, mass unemployment and poverty that have resulted from the lockdown, or the way the country will still be paying for it in the years to come. No, he was rather more worried about the effect the lockdown was having on the fortunes of the Fourth Estate, and particularly the titles of his employer, Murdoch. Print editions of newspapers are down by five million. All of the press is taking a hit, including Murdoch’s. And so Zelo Street concluded that Kavanagh was demanding an end to the lockdown for the simple reason that Murdoch wanted his empire of lies, smears and filth back on track and making money. Or rather, less of a massive loss than it’s made in previous years.

There are other warning signs about Murdoch’s self-interest in this. A few days ago Zelo Street also reported that Fox News and Murdoch were being sued by a group in Washington State. They contended that the network had broken the Consumer Protection Act by denying the virus presented a threat. At the same time, according to other hacks, Murdoch himself and his family had been taking personal steps to protect themselves. Joanna, one of the great commenters on this blog, has pointed out that WASHLITE’s suit has been thrown out of court on the grounds that it violated the First Amendment. That is the right to free speech and publication. That still doesn’t stop the plaintiffs from being morally correct.

If Murdoch really took precautions against the virus, while telling everyone that a lockdown was unnecessary, then it means that he really isn’t worried about the public’s health. It strengthens the argument that Murdoch is really only interested in having the lockdown raised for his own selfish interests, no matter how many people die, including his readers and the country’s own political leaders.

Murdoch doesn’t care about the British public, or the people of any of the other countries in which he has his grotty tentacles. He doesn’t care about their leaders, even if he supports their right-wing programme of destroying the welfare state, privatising healthcare and education, and destroying workers’ rights. He just cares about profit.

By printing Kavanagh’s nonsense at the same time Johnson was taken into hospital, Murdoch has shown that he is absolutely no friend of the Tories. They should treat his rags in that light, and stop reading them.


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5 Responses to “Virus Death Toll Mounting, But Scum Still Demanding Lockdown Lifted – Because Murdoch Needs His Profits £££”

  1. Joanna Woolston Says:

    Thank you Beast!!
    What I don’t understand is why? Because Murdoch’s stance is counterproductive, if he offered help and rode out the terrible virus, by the end of the crises his business would have increased with lots of followers and revenue. People can now see that he is Toxic and becoming irrelevant. But old rich men will Never learn!!!
    The economy could improve exponentially If more money was put into the pockets of the poor and struggling because they will spend it immediately, there no need for the super rich to squander money, that should be Illegal in any society, regular Audits should also be carried out to prevent corporations from squirreling money away.
    We need younger blood in government and starting with Free university.
    Sorry for the rant but unless something changes, the slaves Will revolt and it won’t be pretty!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      You’re absolutely right, Jo, and others have said exactly what you’ve been saying about giving money to the poor and free university tuition for years. And a few years ago some millionaires were warning that unless things did change, the poor would come for them with pitchforks.
      But Murdoch isn’t going to change. He’s too old, too right-wing and too greedy, as are the section of the extremely rich he represents.

  2. Joanna Woolston Says:

    I totally understand IDS’ rationale towards poor people, as disgusting as it is, and that is, that by starving people you can control them, i think that is partly the reason why this government won the election. I can see the similarities to a dog that stays loyal to a butally abusive owner, better the devil you know than the one you don’t! But How can this cycle be broken before more lives and spirits are smashed, broken and then forgotten? That is why I hate living, because i am powerless to even help, I would love to be able to help others.
    That is why às long as the Tories have a stranglehold, UBI will Never happen because more people would able to work their way out of poverty, at the same time the Tories will lose control, That is what they are desperately afraid of!!!
    Sorry if I’m not making any sense!

    • beastrabban Says:

      No, you’re making perfect sense! The only point I disagree with is your statement that people are loyal to the Tories the way a dog stays loyal to an abusive owner. The trouble is, I don’t think people are aware they’re being abused. Not those who vote Tory, I mean. Rather, they believe that everything’s great, because the Tories and the press and the media tell them it is.

      • Joanna Woolston Says:

        I never thought of it that way, I wish people could recognise what is happening!!

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