Quinn Looks Forward to Dune Graphic Novel

And now – more SF! This is a very short video from the Quinn’s Ideas channel on YouTube. Quinn is another vlogger on science fiction, and particularly Frank Herbert’s Dune. Denis Villeneuve, the French Canadian director of Blade Runner 2049, is currently making a Dune movie that promises to be very faithful to the book, and a new Dune graphic novel is also coming out. It’s been welcomed by Brian Herbert, Frank’s son, who has also written a series of prequels for the Dune saga expanding its fictional universe.

Quinn says he’s looking forward to the graphic novel because, while the Dune books are very concerned with explaining the philosophy, there is very little description of what things actually look like – the thopters, shields and so on. This is why all the adaptations so far – David Lynch’s 1984 version, and the Dune 2000 mini-series, look very different. Quinn states that his idea of what a graphic novel could do was revolutionised by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. The medium is ideally suited to portray scenes that would be difficult for films, and are suitable for any subject.

Although the video says that it has the first images from the graphic novel, these are among other paintings and drawings of Dune drawn for places like Deviantart, so that it’s not exactly clear which are the graphic novel’s and which are those of other artists. He also says remarkably little about it, except that it’s also faithful to the book, urges viewers to look at an article published elsewhere on the web, for which he provides a link.

This is still a fascinating look at what the graphic novel may be like, and features some superb art from elsewhere.

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One Response to “Quinn Looks Forward to Dune Graphic Novel”

  1. Ixian Says:

    «welcomed by Brian Herbert, Frank’s son, who has also written a series of prequels for the Dune saga expanding its fictional universe.»

    The prequels seem to me a terrible betrayal of the original novels, and they are written in the voice and style of a pretty artless sci-fi author, Kevin Anderson.

    One of the most awful details is the utter screwup of the reason why the navigators became needed: not because they could fold space, but because FTL travel requires extremely fast piloting, that was done by AIs before the Butlerian Jihad, and after that only precognition would allow enough time for human pilots to react. Same reason as for the arise of mentats, as replacement for AIs. In one of the original books it was reported that the Ixians had managed to pilot ships FTL by use of non self-aware machines, thus replacing the need for precognitive pilots.

    Of the existing movies, the TV series by Frank Hurt is fairly faithful (except for the idiotic navigator thing).

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