4 Responses to “More on Tory Plan to Run Down and Privatise the Beeb for Murdoch”

  1. Florence Says:

    We saw Murdoch’s intense hatred of the BBC in the 80s. I worked at BSB (british satellite broadcasting) when it was being launched – remember the Squarial? Maggie and Murdoch made sure it failed and got flogged off cheap to Sky (hence BSkyB). I recall along with our redundamcy notices were large slices of Sky exec gloating that we were a bunch of “exBBC” staff. Yes, a huge amount of energy was devoted to bringing down BSB because it was seen as a BBC of the satellite world. It was made clear there were no jobs for us inside the merged companies if you had BBC on your CV. Not that anyone wanted to work for the “dirty digger”.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that, Florence – really interesting. I remember the Squarial! I wasn’t aware that Maggie and Murdoch combined to make sure that it failed, though that doesn’t surprise me. In fact, none of that does. It just shows what a poisonous viper Murdoch’s always been.

      • Florence Says:

        The actual BSB deal was closed as she was forced from Downing St. We had tvs in the office and we stood and watched her get into the car full of tears, and cheering rolled throughout the office to a crescendo. At that point there was no chance of getting any work done (and there was no stomach for it either as we were preparing to hand over to Sky ) we closed up and went down the pub. It was apparently one of the best nights ever in the Battersea wateringholes.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I can imagine! 🙂 And you certainly weren’t the only ones, who had a pint or two to celebrate Thatcher’s departure. Some time after she left, Wogan had Rik Mayall on his show. The late, great alternative comedian had a cast on his leg. He’d broken it because when she was forced out he got drunk, started dancing on the landing, slipped and fell down the stairs.

        Unfortunately, the jollity wasn’t shared by everyone. They also showed on the news various yuppies all crying about how ‘gutted’ they were she left.

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