Boris – Trump’s Gauleiter of Britain

A gauleiter was the Nazi officer in charge of a gau, an administrative district of the Third Reich. After the Italian Fascists’ military incompetence was revealed, and the Nazis had to intervene on their behalf in countries like Greece, they started to refer to Mussolini sneeringly as the ‘gauleiter of Italy.’ For all the Duce’s pretensions to military power and seniority in the relationship between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, Hitler stopped telling him his war plans after the invasion of Belgium. This was for the simple reason that after he found out about the planned invasion, the Duce told the Belgians. When Hitler asked him why he had betrayed his plans, Musso simply responded that he wanted them to put up a better fight.

Something similar is, I feel, happening in the relationship between Trump’s USA and Bozo, our clown prime minister. Oh, the Americans have been the dominant partner in the Special Relationship ever since the attempt to retake Suez from Nasser in the ’50s collapsed because the US wouldn’t back it. But a few days ago Trump showed how much he trusted or felt he needed to rely on support from his European allies, including Bozo. He had the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, whacked out by drone without telling us or anyone else. American soldiers are, however, being rushed to Iraq. At the moment Britain and the other Europeans are urging a de-escalation of the situation, which the Iranians have, not unreasonably, described as an act of war. But you can bet that if conflict does break out – and may God help us all if it does – Trump will almost certainly demand the rest of Europe to get in line, and strong arm Britain to do so. Not that I don’t believe Bozo would be only too willing.

Critics of Bozo’s wretched Brexit deal with Trump have pointed out that it could potentially give the Americans ownership of large sections of the British economy and industry. Cheap American imports threaten British manufacturing, specifically the motor industry, and agriculture. But that’s the deal Boris wants.

It could wreck our economy, and make us economically dependent on the US. Just as Trump would demand our military support for his unilateral military adventures.

Just as Hitler eventually reduced Mussolini to puppet dictator of an Italy heavily reliant and dominated by Nazi Germany.


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4 Responses to “Boris – Trump’s Gauleiter of Britain”

  1. Florence Says:

    One might have thought that by leaving the EU the UK was diminishing its influence in Europe and the USA would transfer its attention to another country such as Germany. Maybe. Whatever we are after Brexit will be smaller and weaker than previously. While the influence of the once mighty Empire has dwindled it really wasn’t necessary to squander that remaining in such a squalid way.

    • beastrabban Says:

      No, but the Tories and Brexiteers are still living under the illusion that we’re still some independent mighty state, and that somehow after Brexit the Empire will magically revive.

      • Florence Says:

        Saw an interesting vlog opinion item today about the likelihood of UK losing its seat on the UN security council. The ultimate pin prick to pop that final bubble of the Brexiteers and their pathetic “Brit power on the world stage ” delusion.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I heard something like that a few years ago, Florence, but it was about Scottish independence. If Scotland goes, then the rest of Britain won’t be large or powerful enough to have a seat. I think that’s probably true. And if that happens, well, I think we can all imagine the uproar from the Tory press about the UN and Johnny Foreigner!

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