Prof Simon on B2 Stealth Plane and Anti-Gravity Technology

I was discussing the possibility of anti-gravity technology with Trev, one of the great commenters to this blog, in the comments below a previous post about space technology. I understand that the vast majority of physicists believe it’s impossible, but that hasn’t prevented rumours circulating that it really exists.

In this video, Professor Simon Holland talks about the possible use of electro-gravitic technology in the B2 Stealth Plane. The aircraft apparently uses the Byfield-Brown effect to give itself lift. The effect was first discovered in the 1920 by Thomas Townsett Byfield, who was experimenting with X-rays. He found that a very high electric charge sent across an object reduced its weight. In the B2 a very high electric charge also runs across the leading edge of its wings, according to material released in 2003. This ionises the air around the plane, which becomes very hot and generates extra lift. Prof Simon shows footage of a Russian experiment which purports to show it working in a test model. But the American Army Research Laboratory tested the effect, and found that it was at least 3 times too weak to work. But other researchers claim that it does, and electricity is somehow related to gravity.

Some of the supposed information about the plane comes from Minutiae, which from the picture in the video appears to be a New Age magazine or blog. It’s claims about the technology may therefore be highly questionable.

However, experiments last year or so with a model plane showed that ionised air can be used to give aircraft extra lift and to fly further. That experiment stated that this was a technology that could be used in the future, indicating that it wasn’t being used on existing craft. This video suggests otherwise, at least in the case of the Stealth plane.

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One Response to “Prof Simon on B2 Stealth Plane and Anti-Gravity Technology”

  1. trev Says:

    Well I’m no Scientist so I don’t pretend to understand the principles involved but it is certainly interesting to know that such discoveries have been made and applied to current aircraft, all of which proves that the Bods involved in such fields of research and development are at least investigating such possibilities no matter how fantastical they may sound to the casual observer. And who knows where this will lead, what more discoveries are yet to be made. IF there are other non-human civilizations out there in the Universe then they may be ahead of us by thousands of years and therefore could have developed some form of anti-gravity propulsion. Wasn’t it Arthur C. Clarke who said that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic? No doubt the Americans are experimenting with all kinds of ‘Black Projects’, some in the field of Science, others in the realms of Mysticism, such as ‘Stargate’ the Remote Viewing (*) project involving Thought Projection or Astral Travel (depending on your point of view), and perhaps in future this capability might be combined with anti-gravity technology in some way, resulting in Thought-powered craft !? The possibilities are endless.

    (* see ‘Psychic Warrior’ by David Morehouse, and ‘Cosmic Voyage’ by Courtney Brown, plus the work of Robert Monroe)

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