CJ’s Critique of Modern Ghost Hunting

A few days ago I blogged about the wretched state of modern ghosthunting, as described by one of the speakers at the ASSAP conference I attended at the university of Bath on Saturday. I’ve now found that CJ, one of the officers of the society, who helped organise the conference, also wrote about these problems a few months ago. Titled ‘Who Ya Gonna Call? The Problem with British Ghosthunting’, CJ’s rather kinder to the new type of modern ghosthunter than I am. He thinks they’re doing some wonderful things, but wants to make them better.

However, like the speaker at the conference, he points out that these groups suffer from the pernicious influence of TV shows like Most Haunted. They’re not interested in a genuinely objective, scientific investigation of a haunting, but in experiencing the paranormal at firsthand.

CJ’s a paranormal investigator of long standing, and is extremely well-read and informed about ghosts and the proper investigation of psychic phenomena. If you’re interested in this subject, and how it can possibly be improved, you might like to read his article. It’s at


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One Response to “CJ’s Critique of Modern Ghost Hunting”

  1. trev Says:

    I like the author’s self description, a tedious irritable individual with no friends apart from three mad cats – sounds just like myself!

    I suppose the modern ghost hunters are at least keeping the subject alive, and/or are a reflection of the continued interest in the paranormal (especially the TV Shows). The popularity of such shows is, I think, a result of a growing yearning to know about our Spiritual existence, and what’s happening now in that respect is a continuation of what began in Victorian times, with their table-tilting etc. but in a modern context. It’s also entertainment.

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