Fake Labour Margaret Hodge Reveals Real Reasons for Attacking Corbyn: Thatcherism

Nearly three weeks ago Margaret Hodge, the Blairite MP for Barking, opened her mouth and let the cat out the bag, revealing the real reasons she and the rest of the Thatcherite entryists in the party want their leader gone. And it has zilch to do with anti-Semitism. The real reason she and the other Blairites loathe and detest him and his supporters is because, like the rest of the political and media establishment, they’re neoliberals. They believe utterly that socialism is dead, that there is no point challenging the right-wing media, and that there has to be more privatisation, because private enterprise is always superior to state-run industries, even when, in the case of the railways, the utilities and the NHS, it very obviously isn’t.

They also despise the working people, whom they claim to represent. Blair, Mandelson, Brown and the rest of the shabby bunch concentrated on winning over swing voters, who could also vote Tory. Hence they stole the Tories’ policies, got Murdoch and sections of the right-wing media to back them, and even tried ingratiating themselves with the Daily Heil. They believed, like the Tories, that the unions were an obstacle that had to be crushed, and that a large proportion of those claiming benefit were malingerers and scroungers. And so they inflicted the Work Capability Tests on the disabled, and continued to make signing on for unemployment benefit, or Jobseeker’s Allowance, as it’s become, as hard and humiliating as possible.

And all the while they continued to suck up to the rich, offering businessmen and senior executives places in government, in return for donations to the party.

This was, according to Blair and the rest of the establishment, a post-ideological age. By which they mean post-socialist. Thatcher’s policies had to be introduced into the Labour party for it to compete with the Tories. Because, as Thatcher herself said ad nauseam, ‘There Is No Alternative’.

And Hodge revealed she believed this nonsense absolutely when she claimed that Corbyn pledges to nationalise the railways, water and part of the electricity grid, end the privatisation of the NHS, restore the unions, and give working people greater rights at work, job security, proper wages and a strong welfare state, was simply offering them bribes. She said

“I want to lay the party that brings honesty into our politics. What we’ve got, if we do have anything, is a whole range of unrealistic promises, whether it’s on reversing all the cuts of the last decade, whether it’s on promising that we’ll do away with tuition fees, those are promises that will not be fulfilled. And that unrealism, those sorts of bribes, actually in my view, in an era of scepticism, simply against policies or politics is not the way to win election”.

In his post about this revealing outburst from Hodge, Zelo Street commented

There you have it: in Hodge world, you’re only going to get elected by shrugging your shoulders and leaving all the homeless out on the streets, leaving Universal Credit in place, leaving the NHS in an increasingly parlous state, and yes, leaving millions of poor people to their fate.

Absolutely. And it’s not just Hodge, who to my mind looks like an alien from Dr. Who with one of the bizarre hairdos Mrs. Slocombe used to sport in the classic Beeb comedy, Are You Being Served?. What she’s articulated is what passes for realism amongst the Blairites. Because Thatcher said so.

Margaret Hodge                                                  Alien

Zelo Street also mentioned that she demonstrated last year that the attacks on Corbyn had precious little to do with anti-Semitism, when the Groan reported that she “has signalled that Labour MPs critical of Jeremy Corbyn are digging in for a long struggle against his leadership as she suggested that the antisemitism row would only end if he stood aside”.

Needless to say, real Labour activists and supporters weren’t remotely impressed. The Sage of Crewe gave examples of their reaction to Hodge’s repugnant views on Twitter. Matt Turner’s comment, apparently, was typical.

“Can anyone, in all honesty, tell me why the hell Margaret Hodge is in the labour party? Sitting on her £70+k a year plus expenses and having the audacity to say reversing austerity is somehow a bribe? She’s not the one dying on the street struggling to feed her children”

And Eric the Socialist asked the reasonable question how she could still be in the Labour party campaigning on a platform in which she didn’t believe.

“Margaret Hodge has left labour. Right? Surely she can’t say her own party are trying to bribe the electorate with unrealistic policies AND still be in the Labour party?”

See: https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2019/06/margaret-hodge-its-not-bribe.html

I am therefore not remotely surprised that she was one of the 118 Labour MPs, who shamefully demanded Chris Williamson’s re-suspension as an ‘anti-Semite’. This has absolutely nothing to do with real anti-Semitism, and everything to do with attacking a key Corbyn ally. Someone who actually wants to return the party to its socialist and working class roots, and do something for the people she and the rest of the Blairites despise.

And as for Hodge’s opposition to anti-Semitism, she did so little to combat the BNP in her constituency, that when they seven seats on Tower Hamlet’s council, I believe they actually sent her a bouquet of flowers.

Margaret Hodge: BNP Approved








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6 Responses to “Fake Labour Margaret Hodge Reveals Real Reasons for Attacking Corbyn: Thatcherism”

  1. Blissex Says:

    There are better quotes around to show that New Labour is just “thatcherites for Remain”, for example:

    Chuka Umunna in 2015: “Our policy agenda was thoroughly pro-business, but sometimes people got the impression that it wasn’t. It sometimes gave the impression that they weren’t with the wealth creators. You’ve got to be with the people who create wealth because they create jobs.

    That’s pure Ayn-Rand style libertarian worship of the heroic rich.

    “The Times”, 2016: “Labour MPs have raised concerns that Jeremy Corbyn’s rhetoric on tax avoidance could appear anti-aspiration.

    That was about Corbyn criticizing a millionaire tory PM for hiding his wealth in offshore tax havens.

    “The Guardian”, 2015: “Tristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, said Labour would only win if the party championed aspirational voters who shop at John Lewis and Waitrose.

    Who is going to champion those who cannot afford to shop there, or “shop” at food banks?

    A Campbell’s deputy spinmaster in 1999: “Philip Gould analysed our problem very clearly. We don’t know what we are. Gordon wants us to be a radical progressive, movement, but wants us to keep our heads down on Europe. Peter [Mandelson] thinks that we are a quasi-Conservative Party but that we should stick our necks out on Europe.

    Clearer than this is hard to find.

  2. Blissex Says:

    For those who like Tony Benn another quote from his diary about his last NEC meeting, 1993-05-19:

    «PR is being advocated with a view to a pact with the Liberals of a kind that Peter Mandelson worked for in Newbury, where he in fact encouraged the Liberal vote. The policy work has been subcontracted. These so called modernisers are really Victorian Liberals, who believe in market forces, don’t like the trade unions and are anti-socialist.»

    BTW in the same page there is a truly ironic bit on how the attempt to detach Labour from the unions backfired spectacularly in 2015:

    «John Smith gave the Leader’s report to the NEC. He said ‘I want to talk about the relationship between the trade unions and the Party. I am in favour of One Member One Vote’. A campaign was needed; the £18 membership fee was too high; we should reduce it and review the twelve-month rule (people have to be members before voting in Labour Party ballots); trade union members should have full membership at a reduced rate.

    That was when the “modernisers” though that eliminating the union block vote and introducing OMOV would mean that most members would be affluent upper-middle class quasi-Conservatives and this would eliminate the Labour wing of the New Labour party. Years later it turns out that most unions are fairly right-wing and most members are “left behind” lower middle class and working class people who are more to the left of the trade unions.

  3. beastrabban Says:

    Thanks for both of these comments, Blissex – they’re very revealing!

  4. Blissex Says:

    Ah another one of my favourite quotes on the same topic, by Roy Hattersley (a right-winger, but still within the Labour wing of the party), nearly 20 years ago already:


    «It has been a difficult four years for the Labour Party’s unrepentant social democrats. One by one, the policies which define our philosophy have been rejected by the Prime Minister. […] In fact, success has emboldened the Prime Minister to move further to the Right. […] Tony Blair discovered a big idea. His destiny is to create a meritocracy. Unfortunately meritocracy is not the form of society which social democrats want to see. […] Now that the Labour Party – at least according to its leader – bases its whole programme on an alien ideology, I, and thousands of like-minded party members, have to decide if our loyalty is to a name or to an idea. […] A Labour government should not be talking about escape routes from poverty and deprivation. By their nature they are only available to a highly-motivated minority. The Labour Party was created to change society in such a way that there is no poverty and deprivation from which to escape. […] The certain knowledge that the Conservative Party would be a worse government than Labour is not enough to sustain what used to be a party of principles. […] At this moment Labour stands for very little that can be identified with social democracy. […] Or, believing that the party does not belong to Tony Blair, we could rise up against the coup d’état which overthrew the legitimate philosophy.»

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