Shock Horror! Jewish Telegraph Hails Corbyn as ‘Prime Minister in Waiting’ Who Supports Jews!

Five days ago on the 18th April 2019, the Skwawkbox published a very interesting little piece about an article by Geoffrey Alderman in the Jewish Telegraph, which actually praises Jeremy Corbyn. The Jewish Telegraph was, you will remember, one of three Jewish newspapers, another of which was the Jewish Chronicle, which together ran an article condemning Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party as viciously anti-Semitic and a danger to the future of Jews in this country. Alderman is a well-known history prof, who received an award from Oxford University for his work on Anglo-Jewish history. His latest piece for his fortnightly column in the Jewish Telegraph was entitled ‘Horrors! Corbyn’s a ‘PM in Waiting’ – Accept It’.

The Skwawkbox notes that Alderman is still critical of Labour, but dismisses the allegation that Labour represents an ‘existential threat’ to Britain’s Jews. He attacks ‘various scare stories’ to point out that there is no danger of Labour banning the kosher butchery of animals, banning male circumcision, or of Diane Abbott closing down synagogues once she is Home Secretary.

Alderman also went to state that Corbyn has an impressive record of supporting Jewish communal initiatives, like putting his name to Abbott’s 2010 early day motion supporting the resettlement of Yemeni Jews in Britain, and attending a ceremony in 2015 in his constituency in Islington to commemorate the original site of the North London synagogue.

He also pointed out that Tweezer and Johnson had also adopted the UN resolution condemning Jewish control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the Jewish Quarter and the Wailing Wall. He states that he had suggested then that the Jewish community could express their displeasure at this by disinviting Tweezer and Boris from all Jewish communal events, and that Jewish groups should refuse to cooperate with the government over initiatives like the anti-terrorist ‘Prevent’ campaign.

The Skwawkbox article concludes

A single article does not, of course, necessarily signal a complete change of editorial direction – but the publication of this article is a striking contrast to last year’s front page, which the Telegraph shared with two other publications to attack Corbyn as a threat.


The Skwawkbox is correct, and Alderman’s article clearly shows that he’s an ardent Zionist, who supports Israeli expansionism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing. But it also shows that, perhaps, the united front the right-wing British Jewish establishment has put on to try and discredit Corbyn may be beginning to fracture. Possibly because there’s now a real possibility that Corbyn will get into No. 10, and that the Jewish establishment will then have to work with him regardless.

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9 Responses to “Shock Horror! Jewish Telegraph Hails Corbyn as ‘Prime Minister in Waiting’ Who Supports Jews!”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beastie. I don’t’ buy their sudden change of mind for a second, they just know the Tories are going to target them as soon as they get rid or watered down our human rights. The Tories are after all the Real Anti Semites!! Watch what happens when the Tories take off their sheep’s clothing, when we are out of the EU what is to stop them!!!

  2. joanna Says:

    Also I think they are going to step up the Anti- Corbyn rhetoric, if this country can do the right thing for Everyone and elect Jeremy!!! I don’t believe in myself but I do in him!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Hi Jo, and thanks for the considered replies! I think you’re right about the anti-Semitism smear campaign going to be stepped up. The article was only written by one man, Geoffrey Alderman, and the Skwawkbox admitted that it doesn’t amount to a change of editorial policy. Nevertheless, I hope that it does represent a crack in the solid wall of lies about Corbyn and anti-Semitism.

      But I note that the Torygraph has also joined in with smearing Corbyn, which shows that the Tories are increasing the rhetoric, as well as getting really desperate now that he’s 10 points ahead of them.

      But I totally agree with you about the Conservatives being the real anti-Semites. They are. I don’t deny that there are or have been genuine anti-Semites in the Labour party, but racism, including anti-Semitism, is far more prevalent on the right. And in the Tory party it seems particularly strong among the supporters of Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson. And I also totally agree with you that the Tories are going to turn very nasty once they repeal the human rights legislation we’ve adopted through our membership of the EU.

      As for not believing in yourself, Jo, I think you’re being far too hard on yourself. You’ve had a very hard, troubled life, which has deeply traumatised you. But from what you’ve told me, what happened to you would damage anyone psychologically. You come across to me as someone, who’s been struggling against some truly horrific events and experiences, and have shown great resilience and a determination to do everything you could to get better and improve your situation. There’s nothing wrong with you. There is everything wrong, however, with a society and government, that has put obstacles in the way of people like yourself.

      So believe in yourself, and don’t let the b***ards grind you down! 🙂

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you Beastie people like you make life a lot better. The Hull City Council are actually trying to help me, for the first time in my adult life I might have carpets on the floors!!
        Though I’m not going to hold my breath, they might consider me not worth it, but they will couch it in other terms. But progress nonetheless!!!

      • joanna Says:

        This a bit off topic, I think there should be a fund available to help adults who have been traumatised and have overcome drug and alcohol problems and give them an opportunity to get a better education and maybe go to university and eventually work in jobs that require their life experiences, if they want it and if they’re properly vetted! The trouble with a lot of social workers do not know what it is to survive life itself, many of them never had the obstacles people who have been in care and have to struggle everyday in a world that does’t want them. Sorry it was just a random thought!!

        Thank you for your reply and what you said at the end of it!!!

      • Florence Says:

        Hi, Joanna. I’d just like to say that some of your aspirations, for life long access to education, and financial support to access it, are very much part of Labour policy. I can recall when a similar policy was in place many years ago. It is a genuinely socially liberating policy, that has the power to really change lives. For people to be entitled to return to education at any point in their lives is a great liberation.

        (Good luck with your carpet. I recall my own pride when I got my first one too! Most would never understand that moment.)

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks for the replies, Jo. I’m glad I could help. I think you’re about the fund to help people, who have overcome trauma and drug and alcohol problems become better educated and go to university. And yes, social services should be listening to their life experiences and taking on board their insights into what it’s really like. I think the authorities may not actually like the idea of people, who have gone through them actually working in these areas because they may be afraid that working with others in similar situations might exacerbate any personal problems they may have left over from their previous lives. Like you can’t continue being a psychiatric nurse if you’ve had a nervous breakdown. On the other hand, I have no doubt that many people, who’ve had such extremely hard lives would make excellent counsellors and social workers.

  3. joanna Says:

    Thank you Florence for your kind words, I love this site though I hope it continues even if things get better in the world

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for the appreciation, Jo. There’s a lot of non-political material I’d love to put on this site, so no danger of it disappearing if conditions get better. It’ll always go on, as long as there are people like you reading it! 🙂

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