‘I’ Newspaper: Lord Falconer to Check Anti-Semitism Complaints

Yesterday’s I newspaper, for Monday, 25th February 2019, also reported that John McDonnell, Corbyn’s right-hand man, was also talking to Blair’s old chum Lord Falconer, about appointing him to oversee how the party handles complaints of anti-Semitism. The piece by Cahal Milmo, on page 9, read

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has confirmed that discussions are ongoing with Lord Falconer to appoint him to oversee labour’s handling of anti-Semitism cases. As Labour grapples with the complaint that it has allowed the problem to fester, Mr McDonnell said he accepted there was a need to be more “ruthless”.

The shadow chancellor was this week reported to be the prime mover behind proposals to put Lord Falconer, a former Lord Chancellor under his one-time flatmate and friend Tony Blair, in charge of assessing how effectively Labour was dealing with anti-Semitism complaints.

Mr McDonnell said yesterday talks were being held with Lord Falconer, who reportedly could meet Jeremy Corbyn today.

In my view, this is another mistake. The people making the anti-Semitism accusations are Blairites, trying to use them to purge the party of Corbyn’s supporters and critics of Israel and the poisonous Israel lobby. As the article said, Falconer was a crony of Blair. And remember when he, and other friends of Blair, were in their term an object of criticism, because of the cronyism that led to their appointment to important government posts. I assume that McDonnell hopes that this concession to the Blairites will satisfy them that everything is clean and above board by involving them. But it won’t. I don’t trust Falconer will be impartial, for the same reason it’s manifestly clear that the kangaroo courts from Labour’s compliance unit, that automatically finds those accused guilty if they’re a threat to the Blairites and the Israel lobby, aren’t impartial. And Tony Greenstein has also made the point that the more concessions you give to the Blairites and the Israel lobby, the more they will demand. Until they get their way, and enough of Corbyn’s supporters are purged for them to mount another coup.

The only way I would trust Falconer in this position is if he was also assisted by two other members of a tribunal who support Corbyn. Anything else is conceding too much power to a deeply compromised and prejudiced individual.

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