New Channel 4 Series on Life on Universal Credit in Hartlepool

According to the Radio Times for next week, 9th-15th February 2019, Channel 4 begins a new series on Wednesday, 13th February, Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits, on people in Hartlepool trying to live on Universal Credit. The blurb for it on page 101 says

Following some of the residents of Hartlepool as they became guinea pigs fro the roll-out of Universal Credit, and the events that followed. Featuring unemployed Nathan and Abbey who hunt for rabbits and squirrels to cook.

There’s a little piece offering more information about the programme on page 98, which also reads

Welcome to Hartlepool, one of the “guinea pig” towns where the new welfare benefits system Universal Credit was tested, and a sharply observed series following the day-to-day trials of people looking for work there.

In one scene, a hungry Nathan and his girlfriend Abbey take their dog Twister out to hunt rabbits. “You can improvise, provide yourself with some scran,” he advises. Meanwhile, partially sighted Dave holds up a letter telling him that his payment for this month will be 5 pounds. It’s a hard story of vulnerable people in real poverty, but filmed with wit and insight – and with glimmers of hope.

I recall people being forced to go hunting rabbits and other animals for food during the Great Depression in the ’30s, although people in country areas have always hunted them.

But the big question hanging over this series is whether it really will be a genuinely sympathetic look at the desperately poor, or will it yet be more poverty porn designed to make them all look like scroungers, like past series produced by Esther McVie’s wretched production company.

The programme’s on at 9.00 O’clock in the evening.

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3 Responses to “New Channel 4 Series on Life on Universal Credit in Hartlepool”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast thanks for that
    How are you these days?

    I haven’t commented much because all the news seems to be depressing to me and so I have spent some time away from the internet, I am back for now though, see how it goes.

    After 3 months I have been offered “group therapy even though I said I wouldn’t accept it, I just don’t understand what my life has to do with other patients and how is that private and confidential? The mental health service has already broken confidentiality by making my NHS number clear for all to see in the window of the envelope with my appointment. I have complained but it does no good!

    Sorry about that beastie I hope you are well after you operation last year!!!

  2. A6er Says:

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