May Living on Borrowed Time after Winning ‘No’ Confidence Vote

Okay, here’s a few of my thoughts on May winning the ‘No confidence’ vote yesterday. I would very much have liked Tweezer to lose it, if only to wipe that smug, sickly grin off her arrogant face. But she won instead. However, as Mike and the peeps he cites on his blog have pointed out, this is hardly a resounding victory. She won by 83 votes, 200 in support of her as opposed to 113 against. This is lower than the number of votes Thatcher had way back in 1989, when the Iron Lady did us all a favour, realized she’d lost, and resigned. It’s lower than the figure John Major got when he also faced a vote of ‘No confidence’. She is, however, living on borrowed time. She has said that she will not lead the Tories into an election in 2022. That’s an extraordinary promise that no other leader has been forced to make. It means that the parliamentary party still heartily dislikes her, but have decided to put up with her.

And the newspapers today have been full of the various rivals for power circling her. Rivals like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Amber Rudd. She’s fought them off for now, but there’s still out there, awaiting their chance. And it looks like her government is still in trouble, as Mike has described over at Vox Political.

And in a way, I’m sort of relieved she won. I’d rather have a weak leader like May in power, than one of her vile colleagues like Bojo or Jacob Rees-Mogg. I think they would probably be far more unpopular than she is, but even if they were only in power for a short period they could still do immense harm. And there is always the possibility that they could prove to be more popular. After Thatcher was ousted in 1989, she was replaced with John Major and we had to endure another seven years of Tory rule until he was thrown out by Blair.

So while it’s the not the ideal result I would have liked, there’s still hope. Here’s to May losing the next challenge!

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2 Responses to “May Living on Borrowed Time after Winning ‘No’ Confidence Vote”

  1. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  2. Ctesias 62 Says:

    Hi Beastie.
    Agree with everything you’ve said above (for what it’s worth).
    Worried that Labour should be much further ahead in the polls (for what they’re worth).
    The Tories still being there gives them more time for the subversion as described in the latest post in Politics & Insights along with our yellow press.
    Even then I fear for a future attempt at a social(ist)/green democracy in the face of what prevails in the rest of the world. I.e right wing populism/”technocratic” neoliberalism. How can we arrive at an internationalist sensible consensus? Interesting times, certainly not the “end of history” (silly Dr Fukuyama ! )

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