RT: 62 Per Cent of Brits Think May’s Brexit Deal Bad for Country

Here’s another interesting, short video from RT. At just over three-quarters of a minute long, it reports that 62 per cent of Brits believe that May’s Brexit deal is bad for Britain. This stat includes 47 per cent of Tories.

The video also says that 1 in five would prefer one of these options

– A new Leave versus Remain referendum

– A no deal

– More time from the EU to negotiate.

11 per cent want Brexit stopped,
and ten per cent would like a general election.

These are not statistics that will give any kind of comfort, not with the papers already proclaiming that she’s in real trouble with her Brexit deal. Including the Torygraph, which had the headline this morning ‘May Prays for Deliverance’. Which presumably does not mean that she’s hoping for a situation like the film of that name directed by Burt Reynolds, in which a group of kayakers are attacked by a bunch of homicidal rapist rednecks.

The best option for this country is that May loses the vote. Badly. Very badly, and this plunges the whole Tory party into chaos from which it never emerges. Leaving Corbyn to become PM and give us a government that genuinely works for the many, not for the rich and bloated few.

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One Response to “RT: 62 Per Cent of Brits Think May’s Brexit Deal Bad for Country”

  1. Joshx45 Says:

    Corbyn will never be PM. He cares about everyone except the traditional UK population, which makes up the majority.
    The English working classes which smug middle-class champagne socialists stereotype as gammon ,mildly mysogynistic, racist morons, have had enough of this. You dress up snobbery in progressive clothes. You couldn’t just stop the prejudice, you got yourselves an acceptable target(white working class), and merely patronise minorities, while doing nothing to actually help them.

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