Corbyn Attacks Tories For Using Food Banks as Photo Opportunity

Here’s another great little video from RT where Corbyn once again savages May and the Tory party for causing nothing but despair and poverty for millions of working Brits. In this one, of just over a half a minute, Corbyn takes them to task for cynically using food banks as photo ops. He says

The Trussel Trust has also pointed out foodbanks face record demand this December. I just gently say to her and the MPs behind her foodbanks are not just an opportunity for Conservative MPs, who themselves, all of whom supported the cuts in benefit that have led to the poverty in this country.

Corbyn’s again absolutely right. It’s disgusting, hypocritical and disgraceful that the Tories are exploiting foodbanks in this manner.

Mike put up an article about this earlier this week, showing Dominic Raab, Claire Perry, Ross Thomson and Stephen Crabb posing at foodbanks and alongside Tesco workers, who were supposed to be contributing some of the produce at their stores to the banks. He also included the comments of the peeps on Twitter, including comedian David Schneider, neurologist Prof. Ray Tallis, Claire Hepworth OBE, Charlotte Hughes, the author of the Poor Side of Life blog, teenage corbynista Hasan Patel and many, many others, all of whom tore into the Tories. James Colwell tweeted about Perry’s voting record, reminding the world that she

consistently voted against raising benefits, almost always voted for reducing housing benefit, & generally voted against spending to create jobs for young people. She is one of the reasons foodbanks are needed.

These are the people, who have left over a quarter of a million people needing to use foodbanks to stop themselves starving to death through their insistence on low wages and benefit cuts and sanctions, the work capability tests and the introduction of alterations to the way benefits are paid, so that people have to wait even longer for them.

All of this is to create a cowed, obedient workforce will put up with any form of exploitation in order to keep their jobs, and give massive tax breaks to the rich.

As for the Tories posing in the foodbanks, Steve Perry pointed out that all the tweets about them were following a script. And the Labour whips immediately smelt a very large, odoriferous rat. The tweets and photos came at the same time as May was applauding a batch of new Tory candidates ready to fight the next election. The Labour whips put two and two together and concluded that they made four: the Tories were preparing for a possible general election if May’s Brexit deal goes sour.

Now today we have the spectacle of the Beeb and the rest of the media castigating Corbyn for concentrating on the poverty the Tories had created at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, rather than Brexit. He dropped the ball on this one, they chorus. Those repeating this nonsense included Laura Kuenssberg and the Macclesfield Goebbels, Nick Robinson. This provoked the retort from the Labour supporters on Twitter, including Mike, that Corbyn had done very well. If Corbyn had asked May about Brexit, she would have used it as an excuse to get out of debate with him about it later, arguing that she had already discussed the matter. But he didn’t, and she can’t. And the peeps on Twitter applauded Corbyn for concentrating on poverty and bitterly criticized May for laughing about the poverty she had caused in parliament. Mike on his blog quoted Clare Hepworth, who said

Jeremy Corbyn was ABSOLUTELY right to major on the Alston report and the JRM report – there are FIVE days of #Brexit.
It was OBSCENE to witness the PM and the Tories LAUGHING at the mention of poverty, deprivation & low wages !!
The pundits on #PoliticsLive didn’t mention that !

And she was one of very many.

They also ripped into Kuenssberg, Robinson and Co. for being part of a complacent media elite, sealed inside the Westminster bubble, who have no idea what it’s like to be genuinely poor.

They also connected this to the four Tory MPs posing at food banks this weekend. Tory Fibs and Another Angry Voice applauded Corbyn attacking May for the Tories exploiting them to promote themselves. Clive Lewis said of them

.@jeremycorbyn: “Foodbanks are not just for photo opportunities!” #PMQs > 14 million people are in poverty in the UK. That’s one in five people. It’s not just @UKLabour saying it – even the @UN has said that the Tories are in a “state of denial” about poverty in this country

As for May’s response, and in particular her comment about ‘making difficult decisions’, Lisa Nandy and Mike had their answers to this pathetic, timeworn excuse.

Lisa Nandy tweeted

Theresa May says the Tories had to take “difficult decisions” on benefits. They cut taxes for the richest and cut benefits for the poorest. That isn’t “difficult”, it’s immoral #PMQs

And Mike posted these two tweets

.@theresa_may is going over the usual arrogant nonsense about benefits. People are NOT better-off, and the govt is NOT saving money. We heard about her #ContemptOfParliament yesterday – now we are seeing her contempt for the people she is supposed to serve. #PMQs #PoliticsLive

.@theresa_may has no defence against claims by .@jeremycorbyn about mistreatment of the poor. All she can do is attack .@UKLabour because she cannot defend herself. We’ve heard this before and she’s coming across as a silly, braying old Scrooge. #PMQs #PoliticsLive

But if the Tories are secretly preparing for another general election, and the Tory photographs at foodbanks were part of that, as the Labour whips suspected, then Corbyn was absolutely right to remind Britain of the grinding poverty they had created.

Disability campaigner Paula Peters also tweeted asking people to remember the suffering and death done by the Tories and their benefit cuts. She tweeted

While everyone is concentrating on Brexit, spare some thought for disabled ppl losing PIP, social care, ESA, claimants sanctioned, facing eviction, going hungry. Many are dying & having human rights violated. Christmas isn’t happening for many. Rise up! #GTTO

Mike concluded his article with the statement:

It seems Mrs May has scored enough own goals herself to make such an uprising – at the ballot box – a distinct possibility.

Let us hope we all have a chance to demonstrate our opinion of her, and the privations she has inflicted on us, in the very near future.

Any such chance won’t come too soon!

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8 Responses to “Corbyn Attacks Tories For Using Food Banks as Photo Opportunity”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast I’m sorry to say that I have absolutely No faith in the British public!! Yes some of them make the right noises, but in the end look how it ends!!

    I fully remember how the social services made £7.000 per week because I couldn’t walk, when I eventually did walk, then they said I had behavioural problems, there started Another 3 years of £7.000 per week. When I was 16 years I was kicked out of care and lft to Starve to death!!! All this happened with the Tories were in power.
    They helped cause the trauma that happened to me because they Refused to allow me to be adopted when I was 5 years old just so they could get £7.00 per week, I even met the people who wanted to adopt me at the time.

    I will vote but I really see the point anymore, if there was one to begin with!!!!

  2. joanna Says:

    I meant to say I really Don’t see the point anymore!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Hi Jo! Don’t despair. There are still some great people out there, despite the horrors you’ve experienced in your life. Not all politicians and not everyone in authority is a self-serving hypocrite. Just remember that the people trying to do real good in society just don’t make as much noise about it as the poseurs.

      And if things start getting bleak this weekend, don’t hesitate to come on and tell us about it here. You’ve a lot of friends on this blog, who’ll try to make you feel better and offer whatever advice they can.

      Take care, and don’t let the b*****ds grind you down, as the saying goes.

      Best wishes,

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you Beastie you have made me better already! Sorry to have gone on and on again but this year has been quite depressing, 6 people on the Drive I live down have died. The recent being, my next door nieghbour Mike, He died in hospital early this week. (no one knew he was ill) His wife is terminally ill with cancer and had to have both legs amputated, has had to leave her home to be put in residential care, but her brother lives at the other side of me so she has had to move away from him.
        Things might have been a little bit differnt if there had been services to let her stay in her home close to her brother, I know they are close relationship wise.

        That is another reason why we Need change Now!! This government is forcing people apart, it is inhuman and no one who has power seems to care!!!

        Aren’t politicitions voted specifically to Serve the people? Instead it seems to be the other way round, the whole country seems to be so apathetic.

        I admire you and Mike for trying but how can anything change when some people look at injustice and say “oh well” and then move on, when those who have, and are still suffering can’t move on!!! It is like being in limbo when the only change that is happening, is the soul dying a tiny bit everyday!!

        sorry for rambling but you are the only one who seems to listen and care!!! I thank you for that Beastie!!

  3. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    Yet the trussel trust calls itself a charity but charges for it services

  4. Corbyn Attacks Tories For Using Food Banks as Photo Opportunity — Beastrabban’s Weblog | Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco Says:

    […] via Corbyn Attacks Tories For Using Food Banks as Photo Opportunity — Beastrabban’s Weblog […]

  5. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

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