The Tory Cabinet of Eton Toffs and the Nazi Ruling Elite

This is another quote from Robert A. Brady’s The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism, which is still very relevant to today’s Conservative parties. I’ve discussed before how the Nazis were Social Darwinists, who celebrated businessmen as the biological elite, who alone should rightfully hold power. Hitler was also deeply impressed with the British public schools, like Eton. He wanted to set up a system of similar schools, the Ordensburgen, which were to train the Nazi elite. It suggests a very strong similarity between the Nazi conceptions of class, and those of the Tory party with its members of the old Etonian elite in the cabinet.

On all, old and young, preferred and damned, judgment is passed by the self-appointed guardians and interpreters of the “people’s state” (Volkstaat). It is the business of the Leaders to allocate to each and every person that place allotted to him by nature as determined, typically, by social station at birth. In the Nazi view, the bulk of these people are capable only of hard work, sacrifice, and amusement. To them an intelligent man, born to his higher station, despises the stupid masses he exploits, but since the rank and file have the minds of children, they must be flattered, cajoled, amused, and occasionally threatened.

For the conduct of a state so ordered, “what we want,” said Hitler to Strasser in May 1930, “is a picked number from the new ruling classes, who … are not troubled with humanitarian feelings, but who are convinced that they have the right to rule as being a superior race, and who will secure and maintain their rule ruthlessly over the broad masses.” (p. 152).

This sounds like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and co., with the exception that these are members of the old ruling classes. The Nazis claimed that Germany was, under them, a classless society, and that under them even the son of working class parents could rise to the top.

On the other hand, the Tories have been saying this too, since David Cameron, another Etonian Aristo, made the absurd claim that the Tories were now the true party of British working people, not Labour. Just as the Nazis did.

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7 Responses to “The Tory Cabinet of Eton Toffs and the Nazi Ruling Elite”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    well, without private moneyed education Cameron & co would be
    nowhere, because actually the more you listen to them the more
    you understand how stupid & puerile they are;

    • beastrabban Says:

      Completely agree. They’ve got a very expensive education, but they’re still thick and, I’d say, actually less well-educated than the average ordinary person, who went to a state school. But it gives them the right social connections and the arrogance to consider that they have an absolute right to rule.

  2. sdbast Says:

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  3. A6er Says:

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  4. Mark Catlin Says:

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  5. Ctesias 62 Says:

    Leadsom & Grayling both Oxbridge I think, must have been very diligent students cos they are evidently thick as bricks!
    Feasible that blond Boris might be running his own Lebensborn programme.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I like that, though the idea of Boris running his own programme to breed a master race is frightening. Though he does fit exactly Nietzsche’s description of ‘blond beasts’: “Will without intelligence – how beautiful! How free!’

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