Tory Group Supported by Liam Fox Wants Private American Firms to Take Over NHS after Brexit

Yesterday, Mike put up a grim piece of news. The Institute of Free Trade has issued a report, edited by the Eurosceptic Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, recommending that after Brexit private American healthcare companies should compete with the NHS to run hospitals. The IFT also has the backing of the International Trade Minister Liam Fox. The IFT has also said that Britain should accept American environmental standards as equivalent to British, and end the ban on certain American imports like chlorinated chicken. These moves, the report argues, would allow Britain to rewrite the rules of global trade and embrace new trading freedoms after Britain leaves the EU.

As well as having the support of Fox, who is also in favour of feeding us all chlorinated American chicken, it’s also backed by Boris Johnson. Which shows you exactly how both Fox and Johnson hate the NHS, the British environment and food hygiene and standards.

Mike in his article concludes

So there you have it. It seems Brexit is being supported by the Conservatives as the excuse they need to fully privatise the National Health Service – or at least, the profitable parts of it.

They have tricked us into voting away our international reputation, our rights, our economy, and now – it seems – our health service.


I am not surprised that Daniel Hannan was involved in the compilation of this despicable document. The French philosophical Feline over at Guy Debord’s Cat has been critiquing him for donkey’s years. Hannan’s a right-wing Tory MEP for Dorset and is, or was, something to do with the Torygraph. And he hates the NHS and has demanded its privatization on numerous occasions. And like his party, he’s a shameless liar. So great is his mendacity that the Cat refers to him as ‘the Lyin’ King’.

As for American healthcare firms wanting to get their piece of juicy NHS action, that was always what the piecemeal privatization of the NHS was about. Peter Lilley, who pranced up and down with his cretinous little list of people he hated in front of the Tory conference in the 1990s, admitted that he created the Private Finance Initiative to open the NHS up to private enterprise. And the Tories great, molten idol, Maggie Thatcher, wanted to privatise the NHS completely. She was only stopped by a massive cabinet rebellion. But she and they still carried on with a plan to encourage people to take out private healthcare insurance and privatise whatever they could of the Health Service itself.

And Blair, Thatcher’s ideological spawn, fully endorsed this idea. The murderous work capability assessments were adopted on the recommendation and very definitely unscientific research by the American private health insurance firm, Unum. A firm prosecuted by the Federal government for massive fraud on its policy holders. Blair went ahead with the Tory’s part-privatization plans, opening up the Health Service to private healthcare companies and creating the CCGs which commission healthcare services, on a model taken from the American private healthcare company Kaiser Permanente.

And it’s also no real surprise that the Americans should want to come over here and steal our NHS. Thanks to those firms, the private healthcare system in America is damn well near collapse. A very large chunk of the American public can’t afford their insurance. Every year, tens if not hundreds of thousands die because they can’t afford treatment. The Young Turks have reported that down in Texas, people are hoarding medicines or taking drugs from vets because they can’t afford decent medical care. Other Americans are heading south into Mexico because medical treatment there is cheaper. Bernie Sanders, the very left-wing Democrat politician, has demanded Medicare For All – state payment for all Americans’ healthcare. The idea is gaining popularity, which is why the corporatist establishment, both Democrat and Republican, is trying to marginalize him and suppress the voting rights of the section of the American voting public, who support him. If you want to see what a trainwreck the American healthcare system is, and how badly Medicare For All is needed, go and read his book Our Revolution. In one chilling passage, he describes the tens of thousands of people, who sleep out in their cars once a month in Virginia, on the weekend that the dentists offer their work free. And a few years ago, the American healthcare system almost collapsed completely in certain areas.

This is what will happen over here, unless we kick the Tories out.

As for American environmental and food hygiene standards, they’re deplorable. The water in Flint, Michigan, is so polluted it should be undrinkable. And there are 25 other towns where it’s even worse. There are regular spills from the oil pipelines that cross the country, contaminating the water table. And thanks to Big Oil there are parts of the Louisiana swamps that are just one oily mess. But the Koch brothers spend big money to convince the American public that there’s no environmental threat here, and climate change isn’t happening.

This is also going to happen over here if Fox, Hannan and Johnson get their way. Don’t let them. Vote them out at the earliest opportunity.

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6 Responses to “Tory Group Supported by Liam Fox Wants Private American Firms to Take Over NHS after Brexit”

  1. sdbast Says:

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  2. joanna Says:

    Hi Beastie, probably a stupid question, but why do they chlorinate chickens an wouldn’t they have to label them as such, I can’t anyone in UK buying them! I hope!!
    Things in america might be different (a bit) after the nid terms, because if drumph loses the house he will have his hands tied and he has more chance of being prosecuted, and his children for the Pyrimid scheme they are Still running.

    Also his children should be thrown out of the US because when Ivana had her children she was still illegal in america!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I don’t know why they chlorinate the chicken over there. They might do it as a kind of preservative to keep it fresh, but that’s just my guess. As for labelling them, I think they might have to be required to do that if they did become legal in the UK, but people would, on the assumption that if they’re in the shops, they must be safe to eat.

      Trump should be prosecuted, but the problem with that is that although he’s nasty, he’s also incompetent. His vice-president, Mike Pence, would succeed him, and his as unpleasant but far more efficient and successful, so people could be worse off. At least, that’s how an American friend explained it to me.

      I don’t like the idea of deporting his children, as you can’t choose your parents. But this is what should happen if he repeals the 14th Amendment, the part of the constitution that says that children born in the US are automatically American, even if they’re there illegally.

      • joanna Says:

        Hi Beastie I agree I never thought about Pence! Their only hope now to nueture trump, is for americans to give control af the house to the democrats, I somehow don’t think they will their eyes on our NHS, They should be busy fighting The Guy in the white House (as Whoopi Goldberg puts it) She won’t ever speak his name!!!

      • joanna Says:

        Hi Beastie speculation on the 14 amendment is useless really because The fart in the white house does not possess the power to repeal it, even though he mistakenly feels that he does. (This has been pointed out by Farron Cousins presenter of Ring of Fire)

        In the end all he ever wanted is fame at the expense of anyone But Him, I mean, he even said he was better Lincoln, Lincoln abolished slavery, the fart want’s it back!!!

        The reason I think his children apart from Barron, should be thrown out is because they have been complicit in Every bad move he made, and they are very much involved in the Pyramid scheme,only they are running it for him After the Tories here they are the scum of the earth!!!
        I despair for the future!!!

  3. A6er Says:

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