Government Report: ‘Benefit Sanctions Don’t Work’

In the I today, Thursday 11 October 2018, there’s an article on p.6 by Jasmine Anderson, ‘Benefit Sanctions ‘Don’t Work”, which reports what who’s had any contact with the benefits system already knows, but the government has shown itself keen to deny. And apparently it came out in a report published last month.

The article runs

A government study published last month found there is “no evidence” that benefit sanctions work.

Sanctions, which can result in the stopping of benefit payments for claimants who do not comply with rules laid out by the Department of work and Pensions (DWP), have been proven to be ineffective in a three-year study carried out by the Government.

The DWP published the findings in the paper Universal Credit: in-work Progression Randomised Controlled Trial on the Government’s website on 12 September, as MPs prepared for party conference season. There was no ministerial announcements.

The study, which was carried out over three years, paper found “no evidence” that sanctions for failing to apply for additional work or undertake additional training, “helped motivate participants to progress in work”, reported Sky News.

Sanctions “damaged” the claimant’s relationship with the work coach, the report added.

You could have predicted that finding, and also the government’s lack of response to it. Of course there were going to be no ministerial announcements about it, as it contradicts the fundamental Tory attitude to the poor: that poverty is people’s own fault, and welfare should be made as unpleasant and demeaning as possible to encourage people to get off it as soon as possible. It’s ‘less eligibility’, the ideology of the workhouse, which was taken over and praised by Maggie Thatcher as one of her precious ‘Victorian values’. All the sanctions system has done is humiliate and starve people for the flimsiest and most specious of reasons, just so that Jobcentre can hit their target of the number of people they’ve got off benefits for the month.

And that has meant killing people, just as the number of disabled people thrown off disability benefits after they were judged fit for work by Atos and now Maximus has killed people. They’ve starved to death, or died because they were unable to cope with existing medical conditions like diabetes, where they need to regulate their diet. Or simply killed themselves out of sheer despair.

This study follows the other studies that have also shown that workfare, another prized Tory policy for punishing the poor while providing cheap labour to their friends in big business, also doesn’t help people find jobs.

But that was never the point of either policy in the first place. They were there because of the attitude of sheer vindictive spite the Tories and their lackeys in the press have towards the poor. A sadistic attitude which drive them to find ways to degrade and humiliate them as a drain on society’s resources, just as the Nazis viewed the disabled and serial unemployed.

You can expect this report to be quietly forgotten over the next few weeks. If it is mentioned, and the Tories are asked about it, they will do the usual: vehemently deny it, and claim there are other studies which found that it has a positive effect, or some other mendacious nonsense.

Workfare, benefit sanctions and the work capability tests have to be stopped. NOW. And the Tories should be thrown out of office immediately.

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8 Responses to “Government Report: ‘Benefit Sanctions Don’t Work’”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Kitty I had a capability for work assessment on Tuesday gone, I was asked why I haven’t attempted suicide since I was 15yrs, I told her it is because of the fear of not taking enough of what I would choose therefore being in vegetative state. I believe I have more than enough now but not yet ready to take the leap. Even my only friend is telling me if I do take my life, that I would be betraying him, Now all I have to do is not care which is difficult as he has helped me a lot.

    Can you imagine the uproar if people in prison were denied food if they refused to work? I keep making this point but no-one comments on it, my point is the sick and disabled are being treat worse than prisoners, yet they have not committed any crime!!!

  2. joanna Says:

    sorryt beast wrong website I am feeling better today I am really sorry for the mix up

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that clarification, Jo. 🙂 Let me know if you want me to delete the above post. And please, please don’t think of taking your life. You’re a great person with so many good points, and it’s always great reading your comments here. Even if I don’t always respond. Don’t let this vile government push you into despair, as they have done to so many people.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Always glad to help, Jo. Let us know how the decision goes, but don’t feel pressured to do so. 🙂

    • Michelle Says:

      Joanna you’ve made a really important point, strength to you, and I echo Beasties thoughts, sending a hug.

      • joanna Says:

        Thank you Beast and Michelle for your support it Does make me feel better!! I’m still waiting for a decision, but that doesn’t seem important anymore. I f you would like I will let you know the result of it?

  3. sdbast Says:

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  4. A6er Says:

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