Jeremy Corbyn: The Tories Created A Hostile Environment for the Disabled

This is a very short video, of just over a minute, from Guardian News on YouTube. It’s a section from Corbyn’s speech at the Labour party conference in which he states plainly that the Tories have created a hostile environment for disabled people, and describes the anxiety and misery they are put through by the assessment tests, citing letters he has been sent. He said

For too many people, social security is become a system of institutionalized bullying and degradation. The Tories have created a hostile environment for disabled people. Hundreds of people from all over the country write to me about it every week. People like Richard, who says this,

‘My wife was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis twenty years ago. A few months ago we were told she needed to reapply for Personal Independence Payments. She had an assessment by somebody who was not medically trained. We’ve now been told that all her medical benefit would be stopped, and yes, I have tried to be her rock, but the stress and suffering I can see my wife going through, is so very cruel and I’ve had to be put myself on antidepressants.’

These are human consequences of a Tory government that puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of care for the disabled people of our society.

He ends his speech to massive applause.

He’s absolutely right, but it’s not just the Tories, who are to blame. The assessment system was brought in by New Labour on the advice of the private health insurance company, Unum. It was based on a series of papers by one of their pet scientists about the role of the mind in illness, which has now been discredited as utter bunkum. It was also based on other, discredited studies that assumed that most people on sickness or disability benefits were malingerers. At the same Blair, like the Tories, loudly proclaimed that working was good for the long-term ill and disabled, even when it was obviously making their conditions worse. Since then we’ve had scandal after scandal of the terminally ill and those, who are clearly too disabled to work, being found ‘fit for work’ and having their benefits stopped.

It’s now time to end this vicious, unscientific, degrading and cruel system. The Tories must be thrown out of power, and the Blairites from the Labour party. After all, there are still Blairite MPs who believe that conditions should be made harder for the unemployed so that Labour can win over Tory voters.

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5 Responses to “Jeremy Corbyn: The Tories Created A Hostile Environment for the Disabled”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast even though my friend is lovely and supportive to me, he asks why do I listen to and read such rubbish, like yours and Mike’s articles, I don’t blame him because he doesn’t experience and probably never will, the utter despair people are going through, obviously the tories are working in his life. But I dread the day when his eyes are forced open and he sees everything how I see it!

    I have told him that my childhood when the tories were in power, got a lot worse for me, how they emotionally, socially and worst of all educationally crippled me, So much so that I Do Not have a future. He doesn’t believe that a government can do any damage to a persons life, or at least he doesn’t Want to see it, maybe it would just shatter all his illusions that the world is fair. To some it is Murderously Unfair!!!

    • Florence Says:

      We have hope, that we can elect a labour govt that will recognise and undo the punishing and ostracising of the I’ll and disabled. That is a govt lead by Jeremy Corbyn. We can all support that aim, and even difficult conversations with the negative thinkers help. You’re not without a future, and you’re stronger because you have millions with you.

      • joanna Says:

        Thanks Florence, but I have got an assessment next week, I had a phone call on Monday saying it was originally Tuesday gone but they never sent me aletter about it, though they insisted that I did get it, maybe that is new trick of theirs. This time I am alone so I am really scared that they will hold that against me, I got a psyche report telling me that they are giong to put me in DBT, no way a friend was used as a guinea pig for that and it almost killed her it was so traumatic! DBT is more suspect than CBT, and I eill never do that either!

  2. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    Oh dear all those brown shirts the greedie ones who put a spoke in true labour wheels yet they will cause more problems for the real labour untill they shown the door

  3. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

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