Bookburnersrus on the Real Racism in the Labour Party

Bookburnersrus is a website dedicated to criticizing and exposing Israel as a racist state, and its Zionist supporters in the UK. From its articles, it’s clear that most, if not all of the contributors, are Jewish. And they aren’t at all impressed by the fake anti-Semitism campaign in the Labour party, and the attempts by the Israeli state and its supporters to close down criticism by falsely accusing its critics of anti-Semitism.

They’ve also put up a very interesting article from July this year, 2018, suggesting where the real racism lies in the Labour party. And it’s not anti-Semitism, it’s islamophobia. They state that if the party really was serious about cracking down on racism, then it would be trying to weed out those, who were members of the Henry Jackson Society. These aren’t a small group of fringe idiots, but include MPs, former ministers and members of the Shadow Cabinet.

According to Bookburnersrus, the Henry Jackson Society

is a rabid Zionist organisation whose raison d’etre is to demonise the Muslim population in this country. It was named by the respected anti fascist organisation, Hope Not Hate, as one of the organisations primarily responsible for ” dragging anti Muslim hate into the mainstream.” It’s founding signatories include Stephen Pollard, the racist editor of the Jewish Chronicle, who is fond of declaring that ” Douglas Murray is right as ever “ and who seems to be of the view that there are good antisemites and bad antisemites. The good antisemites include far right European politicians that have an acceptable attitude to The State of Israel.

They state that the Society is in the firm grip of its Director, Alan Mendoza, and its Associate Director, Douglas Murray.

It gives a list of Murray’s comments about Islam, and how Whites are becoming a minority in London. He’s an admirer of the English Defence League, and also a fan of Robert Spencer, the host of the Jihad Watch anti-Islam ‘counterjihad’ website. It notes that Spencer’s view of Islam is so extreme that the home secretary banned him and Pamela Geller from entering the UK.

The article also includes a list of some of the senior Labour figures, who are members of the Society. They are

Margaret Becket

Hazel Blears

Ben Bradshaw

Chris Bryant

Dai Havard.

This is of 2016, as for some reason the Society is no longer publishing lists of its members.


If I remember correctly, Murray’s book also quotes and praises Enoch Powell. It was chosen by the former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks as one of his favourite books that year. This is the same Sacks, who led a contingent of Jewish Brits to Israel to participate in the March of the Flags, when Far Right Israeli hoodlums march into the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem to terrorise and intimidate the local residents.

I’ve also read elsewhere that the Society is a Neocon outfit set up to promote the various imperialist wars now being fought in the Middle East under the guise of giving the peoples of the countries we’ve invaded democracy. Through his role in founding the Society, Stephen Pollard, one of the chief promoters of the anti-Semitism smear campaign, himself stands exposed as a racist. But that was always clear from some of the comments he made, such as stating that the Left was always in the enemy in the battle for western civilization.

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