Anti-Corbyn Trolls Cloning Supporters’ Twitter Accounts to Spread Abuse

Here’s another piece of news about the anti-Corbyn smear campaign that needs to be read by everyone who supports the Labour leader wants a government that really empowers and defends working people in parliament.

Mike this morning has put up a piece from Evolve Politics, which reveals that the anti-Corbyn trolls are cloning accounts with an upper case ‘L’ in their twitter monickers, and changing this into an ‘I’. It’s being done so they can post abuse on the net purporting to come from their victims, take a screen shot of it, and then make more spurious claims about how abusive Corbyn’s supporters are.

Mike also gives some handy advice on how Corbyn supporters on Twitter can protect themselves from this. He writes

If you are likely to be affected (if you have an “L” in your Twitter handle), I would suggest the best thing to do is check that your account hasn’t already been cloned, and then create a clone yourself. That way, nobody else can do it and you control the cloned account.

Mike’s article also gives the tweets from Evolve Politics warning about this, with a link to the site itself.


I’m dismayed by this latest underhand strategy to frame and malign the Labour leader and his supporters, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Mike’s reported before how one Blairite Jewish MP claimed that she was the recipient of thousands of anti-Semitic messages from Corbyn’s supporters. But when asked for proof, she couldn’t provide a single one. And the Tories have form when it comes into hacking into opposition websites and accounts. One Tory MP or apparatchik even admitted to it when asked about what the ‘naughtiest thing’ she had done was.

There has been a consistent campaign to portray Corbyn and his supporters, particularly Momentum, as viciously abusive. All the media has run with this story, include Private Eye. Now the anti-Corbyn activists are trying to invent the proof they so obviously lack.

Just like they lack real evidence to accuse Corbyn and his supporters of genuine anti-Semitism.


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