Pride’s Purge Demands that the Anti-Corbynite Belittlement of the Holocaust Stops. NOW!

And he’s quite right.

Tom Pride, another great left-wing blogger, has put up a very angry piece up on his blog, Pride’s Purge, weighing in against the anti-Corbynites – the Blairites and the Israel lobby – for belittling the Holocaust by cynically using it to attack the Labour leader.

It’s not an easy read, and nor should it be. Mr Pride describes how the Nazis murdered the Jewish children in the camps, and his article also contains a powerful piece his father wrote about the Nazis’ murder of his Jewish grandmother.

He writes

Nazi soldiers would line Jewish children up along a pit – toddlers some of them – and shoot them in the head one by one. Others would be torn from their mothers’ arms and herded into cattle wagons where they would either die in transit or end up being gassed in the gas chambers of Nazi extermination camps.

Inmates recall regularly hearing cries of “mummy, mummy” as the children were murdered.

These were the ‘lucky’ ones. Older children would often be forced to work in Nazi Labour camps where they would slowly die of disease, or were slowly worked and starved to death.

Approximately 1.5 million children were murdered by the Nazis in this way.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF THE HOLOCAUST. That is the reality of real antisemitism.

This is what my own father – an unpolitical man – wrote on Facebook this year about the murder of his own Jewish grandmother at the hands of the Nazis:

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.
I can’t help but get upset and very angry about something that happened so many years ago.
My grandmother on my father’s side a frail, old, innocent, lady, who never did anyone any harm was stripped naked herded into a “shower room” in front of young German soldiers, probably laughing, then gassed, and dumped in a pit!
I sadly never had the chance to meet her, but I often think of her and wonder how could any other human do that to an old lady.
Very hard to forgive!

This is why I am INCANDESCENT with rage at how anti-Corbynites in the right-wing press, in the Tory Party and on the right of the Labour Party are using this horror for their own political ends and abusing the memory of these victims for the sake of petty party politicking.

Margaret Hodge even compared the plight of Jews fleeing the Nazi horror to her own recent petty party spat.


This disgusting abuse of the tragedy of so many millions has to stop. NOW.


Those weren’t the only ways the Nazis used to kill children. They also threw them alive into the pits of quicklime used to destroy the bodies of the people they’d murdered in the gas chambers.

Mr Pride posted up an article a year or so ago also attacking the Israel lobby, the Blairites, Tories and the Tory press for smearing critics of Israel as anti-Semites. He stated that he was also of Jewish descent himself, and posted his father’s comments about the murder his grandmother, angrily defying them to call him an anti-Semite.

And Pride isn’t alone in being outraged. Mike’s put up an article showing some of the angry tweets posted by the relatives of those, who suffered in the Nazi camps, not all of them Jewish. Professor Norman Finkelstein, an American academic and anti-Zionist activist, whose parents survived the Shoah, also posted his reaction to Margaret Hodge’s grotesquely egotistical comments comparing the demand for her to face disciplinary proceedings to the suffering of Holocaust victims in a video. Prof. Finkelstein is restrained, but it’s clear that he is, like Mr. Pride, incandescent with rage.

The facile, cynical use of the Holocaust by the Israel lobby and the Right – within and outside the Labour party and the press – reminds me of a piece of left-wing rhetoric about the Spanish Civil War that angered George Orwell. It was a line of a poem about the War written by one of the great poets of the time, which talked about ‘necessary murders’. Orwell had fought in the Spanish Civil War for POUM, a non-Marxist Socialist party. He wrote a piece asking if the author had ever heard anyone being murdered, as he had. He compared the piece to someone playing with fire without realising that fire burns.

The line Orwell decried is like Hodge’s foul comments about the Holocaust – an ideologically driven piece of rhetoric that ignores the immense suffering of those, who really were the victims of the events they describe, just to make a political point.

And Tom Pride’s absolutely right. It’s time the anti-Corbynites stopped abusing the Holocaust and its memory. The poem Orwell lambasted ignored the suffering of people, who had been really assassinated. Just as Hodge and her fellows blithely ignore the real horrors of the Nazi murder of the Jews, when they use the Holocaust to smear descent people as anti-Semites, or try to whip up sympathy for themselves.

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