Mike Cushman of Jewish Voice for Labour Tries to Put Julia Hartley-Brewer Right about Anti-Semitism Smears

Respect to Jewish Voice for Labour’s Mike Cushman for trying to rebut the anti-Semitism smears being flung against good people, both Jewish and non-Jewish in the Labour party. They’re smeared simply because they criticise Israel and its persecution of the Palestinians and as a cynical strategy to get rid of Corbyn as the Labour leader.

The two short videos below are of Cushman’s attempts to tell TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer how things really are.

In the first, below, Cushman states that many of these cases are fabricated and points to the accusations against Pete Willsman. He states that that the accusations were based on selective quotations, and that his words were taken out of context. Cushman supports his argument by stating that he has seen the transcripts.

In the second video here, Cushman quite reasonably asks why Tory islamophobia is never in the news, despite Baroness Warsi talking about it, and asks what Theresa May has done about it. Has she tackled the islamophobes or set up a code of conduct?

Of course, Cushman never had a chance with Hartley-Brewer. She’s a true-blue Tory. She’s been on Have I Got News For You several times, and I think she’s a hack for the Times, which has been very definitely one of the papers spreading these smears. Quite apart from it being owned by the Dirty Digger, who really hates genuine left-wing groups. Hence his support for Labour under Tony Blair, and his return to supporting the Tories once Blair had served his term and Brown had lost the election.

Hartley-Brewer replies to Cushman in the first video by denying that the accusations are fabricated, and contradicts him about Willsman. She claims that Willsman was not quoted out of context, and when Cushman says that he’s seen the transcripts, she says that she’s heard what he said.

In the second video, she responds to Cushman’s statement that Tory islamophobia is never reported by insisting that it is. When Cushman asks here what she is doing about it, Hartley-Brewer starts smiling and laughing before shouting at him that everyone knows that Theresa May does not go about sitting next to people making islamophobic remarks every day, while the leader of his party does it every hour.

Hartley-Brewer’s remarks and demeanour are so wrong, that they need to be analysed and rebutted.

Firstly, as Mike has shown and knows personally, the anti-Semitism smears are very definitely fabricated through misquotation, taking words out of context and very deliberate misrepresentation. The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, the right-wing press and the Blairites and Israel lobbyists in the Labour party have done it to him. Just as they’ve done it to Martin Odoni, Tony Greenstein, Marc Wadsworth, Jackie Walker, Ken Livingstone, Moshe Machover … the list just goes on and on. Hartley-Brewer’s statement that she’s heard Willsman’s own words is questionable, as audio records can be edited and doctored, just like written documents. And even if they weren’t, Mike and others have contended that Willsman didn’t actually say anything anti-Semitic. He did not express hatred for Jews as Jews. What he did, which was absolutely intolerable to the Israel lobby and the baying Thatcherites within and outside the party, was demand very loudly that they prove their accusations. Mike has commented that the Zionists haven’t supplied proof, only outrage and further accusations when this is demanded of them. For people like Mike, Martin, Greenstein and the rest, there is no proper proof that they’re anti-Semites because they aren’t and never have been. And so all the Israel lobby and Thatcherites can do is try to whip up more hysteria against them by repeating the accusation in increasingly emotive language.

Now let’s deal with Hartley-Brewer’s assertion that Theresa May doesn’t sit next to people making islamophobic statements, while Corbyn hourly sits next to people making anti-Semitic comments. This is factually wrong, and suspicious on several counts. Firstly, the controversial comments by people Corbyn was near, like so many of the other comments from people, who have also been smeared as anti-Semites, actually come from a little while back. Hajo Meyer’s denunciation of Israel’s persecution of the Palestinians came from eight years ago. And it wasn’t anti-Semitic. His laying a wreath at a ceremony to commemorate the Tunisian and Palestinian dead from an Israeli air raid was in 2014. And again, there is plenty of evidence that he did what he said he did, rather than the Fail’s accusation that he was commemorating the Black September terrorists. As for his attendance at the wedding of a man, who four or five years later made comments denying the Holocaust, Mike has reasonably asked how Corbyn was to know he would. Did he have a time machine or crystal ball?

Now for Hartley-Brewer’s statement that the subject of islamophobia in the Tory party is reported by the media. Well, it has been. Once or twice. But it is massively underreported. Islamophobia is far more prevalent in the Tory party than genuine anti-Semitism in the Labour party, which is actually lower than in wider British society. Warsi states that there’s an islamophobic incident every day. If that’s true, then very clearly simple statistical analysis would show that there’s a very strong chance that Theresa May has set next to people making racist comments about Muslims and heard them speak.

And this ignores the very real, wider racism in the Tory party. I can remember a couple of decades ago when Tory backbenchers were caught making sneering comments about Blacks. And unlike some of the accusations of anti-Semitism, these were very clearly racist. And Tweezer has shown how racist she is with the deportation of the Windrush migrants, who had every right to remain in this country, and were forced to go back to countries many of them had never seen since they were very small children.

As for Hartley-Brewer’s demeanour, I think she ought to be very glad that by and large the left are decent people, and not as low as the Israel lobby or the utterly mendacious British press. Marc Wadsworth was accused of anti-Semitism for making a caustic remark about Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, handing over documents to a Telegraph journo. He didn’t know she was Jewish, and there was absolutely nothing anti-Semitic about what he said. Nevertheless the baying hordes of amoral liars in the Israel lobby, the Blairites, Tories and lamestream media accused him of anti-Semitism. The press even claimed he had made Smeeth cry. He hadn’t. It was all invented. Nothing like that happened, and Smeeth shed a tear.

But here, Hartley-Brewer is smiling and laughing, and then shouts down Mike Cushman. She could easily be accused of anti-Semitism herself for this display of disrespect. Now, I think it’s clear from the video that she’s not anti-Semitic, and she was laughing at his arguments and assertions rather than at him for being Jewish. But if someone wanted to set up a fake anti-Semitism accusation against her as a Tory comparable to those levelled at innocents like Marc Wadsworth, they could do so here very easily.

Anti-Semitism accusations are very dangerous. They can come back to bite the accusers. And I hope it won’t be very long before they do.

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