Israeli Security Forces Now Persecuting Jewish Opponents of Netanyahu’s Regime

On Monday, Mike also put up a piece about a report from +972 Magazine that Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, has taken to arresting and expelling left-wing Jewish opponents of Netanyahu’s dictatorial regime, including Jewish Americans. The extract Mike chose to put on his blog begins

American Jews have good reason to be afraid. Recent interrogations, harassment, and deportation of left-wing Jewish American activists over their political beliefs and activities have ushered in a new political moment in the relationship between Israel and diaspora Jewish communities.

The article then goes on to discuss the cases of Moriel Zecher-Rothman, Simone Zimmerman and Abby Kirschbaum. Zecherman-Rothman, an Israeli-American, was detained by the Shin Bet at the airport. They warned him against going down a ‘slippery slope’ of anti-occupation activism, and wanted him to snitch on fellow left-wing activists.

A week later, Shin Bet picked up Zimmerman and Kirschbaum, who had just come back from a weekend in Sinai. They were interrogated by people from both the security and Border agencies, who wanted to know why they were interested in working with Palestinians and about their politics.

Mike comments that

In the words of Jewdas: “The irony of Israel recently crowning itself as the ‘Jewish Nation-State’ at the same time as it is turning away increasing numbers of Jews due to their political views should not be lost on anyone.”


This has been going on for a little while. A few months I blogged about a piece in Counterpunch, I believe, which reported how left-wing American Jews were being stopped from entering Israel. In the case of one young bloke, they were arrested and deported for simply being curious. This fellow made the mistake of crossing into the Occupied Territories.

This is the mark of a very insecure state and regime, which is very rapidly transforming into a full scale Fascist dictatorship. And Jewdas are absolutely correct about the irony of Israel declaring itself to be the Jewish people’s ‘nation state’ at the same time refusing entry and expelling diaspora Jews for being ‘the wrong type of Jews’. You can compare it with the Soviet citizens, who had their citizenship removed by the Communist regime and expelled because they had publicly embarrassed it by publishing criticisms of its corruption and tyranny.

It’s almost a mirror image of the attitude of that other apartheid state, South Africa, when it was under White minority rule. That country was bitterly anti-Semitic. The late comic novelist and opponent of apartheid, Tom Sharp, said in one of his books satirising the racist police and the system they upheld, that the South African state regarded Jews almost as Communist agents come straight from Moscow. But despite the official anti-Semitism, South Africa was all too keen to ally itself with Israel.

Now Netanyahu has declared Israel to be the Jews nation state after having announced a while ago that all Jews, everywhere, are automatically citizens of Israel. Except obviously those foreign Jews with awkward opinions. Like a belief in justice and equality for all, and not just for Jewish Israelis.

And Netanyahu has also attacked the various Israeli civil rights organisations of being the agents of foreign powers. These groups include B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence, an organisation of former IDF squaddies, who openly describe the atrocities committed and in which they took part against the Palestinians.

This is another tactic that totalitarian states use against their internal enemies. One of the best known examples is the way Stalin accused his opponents, whether real or imaginary, of being enemy agents and saboteurs working for the capitalist powers or Trotsky. Victor Orban’s far-right Fidesz party in Hungary has also used the same tactic. A year or so ago it also accused the various civil rights and pro-democracy organisations funded by George Soros of also being his agents set on bringing down Hungary. Fidesz is xenophobic and anti-Semitic, and Orban’s attack on Soros, a Jewish American financier, had all the tropes of Nazi conspiracy theories about Jewish bankers. Or as the British Fascist Oswald Mosley called it, ‘the Money Power’.

And here’s a further parallel with Hitler’s Germany, which will offend the pro-Israel supporters, who think it’s anti-Semitic to make any comparison between Israel and the Nazis. A little while ago, Tony Greenstein and some of the other Israel-critical Jewish bloggers put up various quotes from members of Netayahu’s cabinet and other Members of the Knesset demanding that Palestinians responsible for terrorist attacks or resistance to the Israeli army shouldn’t just be arrested and have their houses demolished. No, their entire families should be killed.

This was one of the Nazis’ policies. Germans caught resisting the Nazi state or harbouring Jews were to be punished with the execution of their entire family, as well as themselves. Hitler tried to justify this by claiming that it was the custom of the Germanic tribes over a millennium and a half ago in dealing with their internal enemies. It doesn’t matter whether this is true or not. It’s simply another example of Nazi brutality, part of the same twisted psychology that massacred entire villages and aimed at the extermination of the Jews and Gypsies, and the mass-murder and enslavement of the Slavonic peoples, like Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarussians and so on.

And now it seems that the Likudniks and their supporters want the same thing done to the Palestinians.

With Netanyahu clamping down on Israeli liberal organisations and arresting and expelling foreign Jews with dangerous, liberal opinions, I wonder how long it will be before the Shin Bet goes full totalitarian secret police, like the Gestapo or the Soviet Union’s NKVD/ KGB. How long before Israeli members of genuinely liberal or anti-racist organisations start to hear booted feet outside their doors, and arrests in the middle of the night. How long before they’re put in front of cameras in televised show trials, where they’ll confess to utterly ridiculous and spurious charges of conspiring with foreign powers against their beloved, charismatic leader. Who, like Mussolini, is always right.

After all, Israel and its allies in this country already have form in making up utterly false accusations with the smears against Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour party.

And in seems that no matter how Fascistic Israel can become, they will always be supported by the Jewish establishment in this country, who also welcome real Fascists, like the EDL, the Jewish Defence League and supporter of the Kach terrorist group, into their ranks.

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