Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard’s Noxious, Extreme Rightwing Views

I found a very interesting article on the Ducksoap website detailing the very right-wing views of Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle. The article’s entitled ‘Do Stephen Pollard’s political views give a clue to why he opposes Corbyn?’ And the article makes it very clear that the answer is definitely in the affirmative.

It quotes Pollard to show that he welcomes the introduction of increased charges in the NHS and its further privatisation. He hates the unions, and claims that the reasons behind the strikes called by the railway unions – safety and the absence of guards on trains’ – were spurious. He also dismissed the criticisms and concerns the postal workers’ union raised about the privatisation of the Post Office. As for dealing with unions, he glowingly praised Ronald Reagan sacking of 11,000 air traffic control workers, and stated that we needed similar actions to be taken against British trade unionists.

He attacked the Fabian Society for stating that Tory cuts had increased child poverty, and defended Ian Duncan Smith and his wretched Centre for Social Justice, whose policies against the poor, the unemployed and the disabled Ducksoap characterises as ‘social murder’.

Against all the available evidence, Pollard regurgitates the claim that people are choosing to live permanently on welfare, repeating the Tory/Republican lies about ‘dependency culture’. He even goes so far as to attack child benefit!

He’s also a massive fan of Rupert Murdoch, and is peddling more fear about Putin planning an attack on a NATO state. He claims that the West’s ‘feeble response’ to Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine sent a bad message to the Russian leader. But Ducksoap rightly points out that the trouble began when the West encouraged a non-democratic change of government, which created a Ukrainian government full of far-right extremists.

And Pollard should know about at least one of these. He was all over Paul Nuttall when he took over leadership of UKIP. He then went on to attack the Left’s response to the death of Castro, which he contrasted with that of ordinary people, who realised the Cuban dictator was a mass-murderer. He claimed that Corbyn doesn’t believe in any restrictions on immigration, because they’re racist, and that not only does the Labour leader want to scrap Trident, he also automatically supports this nation’s enemies.

He also claimed that May wasn’t moving the Tory party rightward, she was just turning it into the equivalent of a continental Christian Democrat Party. Ducksoap then adds that this is the same party that has introduced the policies of social murder, especially against those with disabilities, and is privatising the NHS.

Pollard has also published numerous rants against Socialism and Communism, and claimed that Corbyn is the most extreme leader that any party has put forward as a prime minister. He claims that Corbyn worships tyrants, and compared the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, to Idi Amin because Corbyn welcomed some of Chavez’ policies. He also claims that Corbyn is unpatriotic, and excuses ‘Russian imperialism’ against NATO. He also attacked Corbyn’s close ally, John McDonnell, by interpreting McDonnell’s comments about ending capitalism with ending democracy.

The article concludes

Stephen Pollard’s political position is hard-right economic libertarian similar to the Tea Party in the USA, the current Australian government, Dan Hannan, Iain Duncan Smith, Priti Patel, Jacob Rees-Mogg and a variety of right-wing think tanks – Adam Smith Institute, Tax-Payers’ Alliance, Institute of Economic Affairs, Centre for Policy Studies, etc.

He is opposed to the NHS and to workers’ rights, he supports fully the Tory government’s policy of Social Murder and he is keen to finance the arms industry. His hatred of socialism throbs. He has no concept of what a public service is and he has no concept of society.

His political analysis is ignorant, illogical, dishonest and petulant. He is a very poor writer and is as thick as mince.

It is no surprise that he is very fearful of the possibility of a left-leaning Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn because such a government would enact policies that are diametrically opposed to Pollard’s demands.

This shows very clearly that Pollard’s spurious accusations of anti-Semitism against the Labour leader and his party are very definitely politically motivated from the fear that Corbyn, actually a traditional Labour centrist and certainly not part of the hard left, would actually do something to end the privatisation of the NHS, stop the benefit sanctions and welfare to work tests, that have resulted in the ‘social murder’ of the poor, unemployed and disabled, restore proper union power, and actually do something to empower Britain’s working people.

Who naturally include Jews.

But Pollard also despises liberal and Labour-supporting Jews as ‘the wrong kind of Jews’.

He and his vile rag don’t represent the whole of Britain’s Jewish community. He represents only the Tory-voting rich, just as he did when he was writing bug-eyed, right-wing articles for the Mail and the Express earlier in his career. And like the rest of the Tory press and their editors and proprietors, he and his wretched Tory propaganda sheet are an utter disgrace.

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