Corbyn -Critics Jess Phillips and Luciana Berger Caught at Speccie Bash with Racist ‘Taki’

This is another great little article from Evolve Politics exposing the hypocrisy of the right-wing media and two of Jeremy Corbyn’s fiercest enemies in the Labour party, Jess Phillips and Luciana Berger. The article states that both Phillips and Berger have attacked Corbyn for failing to do enough to combat anti-Semitism in the Labour party.

It’s also the case that Phillips is a Blairite, who has said that she’d stab Corbyn in the front, while Berger is a very loud supporter of Israel, who accuses anyone, who dares to criticise it of anti-Semitism.

According to the article, the two Labour MPs were at a party hosted by the Spectator to celebrate its 190th anniversary. Among the other guests were TV political pundits Andrew Neil, Nick Robinson, Piers Morgan, and Tory politicos like Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Michael Gove and Tweezer. The Speccie is a Tory magazine, and Boris Johnson is a former editor. Unfortunately, one of the other guests was Panagiotis Theodoracopulos, otherwise known as ‘Taki’.

Taki was a former columnist with very racist, right-wing views. Private Eye regularly used to satirise his column under the title ‘UnbelievablyTaki’, playing on the word ‘tacky’, which just about describes his views. Evolve Politics describes his racist attitudes thus

Amongst Theodoracopulos’ absolute litany of antisemitism includes the time he reportedly “uttered the notorious blood libel on the Jewish people”.

Furthermore, on Taki’s online magazine, you can read a disgustingly antisemitic article entitled “The Men Who Taste Jews In Their Sandwiches” which states that “[the Jews] find it fashionable to hide behind a shield of historic persecution to further their group interests and seemingly insatiable hunger for power”.

On top of these clear examples of anti-Jewish racism, the Spectator magazine also decided that Taki’s article openly defending the openly antisemitic Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn was perfectly fine to publish online.

Theodoracopulos’ blatant racism isn’t merely consigned to just the Jewish people either, with the Guardian columnist Tanya Gold stating that Taki also:

“calls Puerto Ricans ‘semi-savages’, [and] thinks Kenya is called ‘bongo-bongo land’ “

However, the Guardian writer did then go on to finish the sentence by claiming that Taki also:

“believes Jews control the world“

The article states that Taki is racist to just about everybody, and this seems absolutely okay by the Spectator.

This also, incidentally, shows the hypocrisy of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. Two of the attitudes Gideon Falter’s merry band of bug-eyed fanatics declared was anti-Semitic was ‘Jews talk too much about the Holocaust’ and ‘Jews talk about the Holocaust to get sympathy’. Taki clearly holds views almost identical to the above, but rather more extreme. Yet I haven’t heard Falter or his supporters accusing Taki or the Speccie of anti-Semitism, have you?

The article also doesn’t mention this, but Taki is also an ex-con. He served a brief spell in Pentonville for using cocaine, something else that Private Eye used to mention regularly in their articles about him.

The article then goes on to comment on the immense hypocrisy of the Spectator for having an anti-Semite on their payroll while smearing Corbyn as an anti-Semite. It goes on to say that the Speccie’s hypocrisy is dwarfed by that of Phillips and Berger, who attended the magazine’s event while attacking their own leader for not doing enough to stamp out anti-Semitism.

The article acknowledges that Corbyn has also shared platforms with unpalatable characters, but this is part of his strategy of challenging and debating hateful views. Phillips and Berger, by contrast, simply wanted to schmooze their friends in the establishment.

The article concludes

What is clear is that The Spectator and the right-wing of the Labour Party truly are two sides of the same coin. Neither has any true desire to eradicate the scourge of racism in our society. And, what is also now clear, is that both clearly feel emboldened enough to use any ammunition they can get their hands on to simply try and smear their political opponents, even if that ammunition exposes them as disgusting, opportunistic hypocrites.

The article can be read at:

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