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Mehdi Hasan: Netanyahu Is Fine with Anti-Semites, If They Support Occupation of Palestine

August 31, 2018

This is a video from the left-wing news organization, The Intercept, posted on YouTube. In it, columnist Mehdi Hasan exposes the Israeli government’s hypocrisy about anti-Semitism. He points out that Netanyahu, while denouncing any number of people as anti-Semites, including Jeremy Corbyn, is actually quite happy with real anti-Semites as long as they support Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. He says

Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu and his minions often accuse their political opponents of being anti-Semites. According to Netanyahu and co., everyone from the Palestinian president, to people who boycott Israel, to British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, to Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman, yeah, Queen Amidala! They’re all anti-Semites, apparently! But here’s what so weird and hypocritical.

Netanyahu himself has no qualms surrounding himself with actual card-carrying anti-Semites, some of the world’s worst purveyors of anti-Jewish conspiracies. See, he’s fine with them – so long as they support him, and/or Israel’s occupation.

Let’s start with the European Far Right. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has heaped praise on Hungary’s government during World War II, which collaborated with the Nazis and sent hundreds of thousands of Jews to their deaths in concentration camps. Orban also likes to blame all of Hungary’s current problems on evil, Jewish, capitalist puppeteer George Soros.

This is followed by a clip of Orban speaking, while a voice translates him as saying

“George Soros is a speculator operating an extensive mafia network, endangering the security and future of Europe”, said the Prime Minister.

Hasan continues

Netanyahu not only slapped down Israel’s ambassador to Hungary for criticizing Orban’s anti-Semitic rhetoric, but he and his government then engaged in the same horrific rhetoric. In July, Netanyahu hosted his new BFF, the prime minister of Hungary, in Jerusalem.

There’s then another piece of footage, of Netanyahu standing with Orban at a press conference, saying, ‘Thank you, prime minister, for standing up for Israel in international forums. You’ve done that time and again.’

Hasan goes on

Then there’s the Polish government, which wants to rewrite history and criminalise anyone who dares to point out that the Poles were complicit in the Holocaust. Get this: Netanyahu signed a joint statement with the Polish prime minister agreeing that Poland, during World War II, helped Jews escape the Nazis – which of course is complete b.s., as even Israel’s own top Holocaust historians have pointed out.

There’s another quote accompanying a Hebrew documents, saying that

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Centre lashed out at the declaration, essentially blaming prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for selling out Holocaust memory.

Hasan then says

Wow. Now that is a strong condemnation. Let’s turn to the United States.

There’s then a clip of that Nazi at a Trump rally chanting ‘Jew-S-A! Jew-SA!’

Hasan goes on

Remember: President Trump, who once kept a book of Hitler’s speeches next to his bed, and is a hero to White supremacists, has shared anti-Semitic imagery on Twitter and praised neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.

This bit has the picture of Hillary Clinton Trump tweeted, showing her surrounded by money with a red star of David containing the word’s ‘Most corrupt candidate ever’ and a clip of Trump saying of the Charlottesville Nazis

You had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.

Back to Hasan, who continues

And yet last year Netanyahu gave Trump a big ‘get out of Jail free’ card on this issue of anti-Semitism.

Then there’s a clip of Netanyahu with Trump, declaring

There is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than president Donald Trump. I think we should put that to rest.

Hasan exclaims

Donald Trump is the greatest supporter of the Jewish people! Seriously! If you believe that, I have a Trump Tower to sell you. But look, Trump helped Netanyahu out by then moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. And who did the Israeli prime minister share a platform with at the opening ceremony of that embassy? US Pastor Robert Jeffress, who says Judaism leads people ‘away from God,’ and that ‘you can’t be saved being a Jew’. And US Pastor John Hagee, who claimed in his book that ‘Hitler was a half-breed Jew’ who was sent by God as ‘a hunter’. But, of course, Hagee and Jeffress are strong evangelical supporters of Israel and its occupation, so Netanyahu is fine with their anti-Semitism.

But let’s look closer to home. In fact, let’s look inside Netanyahu’s own home. Last year, his son Yair posted a meme to his Facebook page depicting George Soros, yes, him again, with the most vile anti-Semitic imagery. Yet Daddy Netanyahu said nothing. Then again, the Israeli prime minister himself has in the past defended Adolf Hitler, I kid you not. According to Netanyahu, poor ol’ Hitler never wanted to kill the Jews until, that is, he met the Palestinian grand mufti, who put that horrible idea in his innocent head.

This is followed by a clip of Netanyahu saying

Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time; he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, “If you expel them, they’ll all come here.” “So what should I do with them?” he asked. He said, “Burn them”.

Hasan goes on to say what nonsense this is.

It’s ahistorical nonsense, of course, and again, Israel’s top historians of the Holocaust have condemned the Israeli leader for those ludicrous remarks.

Hasan concludes

To recap then: Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the world’s only self-declared Jewish state, pals around with anti-Semitic leaders and preachers, doesn’t say a word about anti-Semitism from his own son, and makes excuses for Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile anti-Jewish hatred and demonization, anti-Semitism, which is a scourge and disease, is on the rise again across parts of the West. We all have to fight back against it. But sorry, Netanyahu is not someone who has a leg to stand on when it comes to condemning it or trying to tackle it, because he’s OK with anti-Semites, as long as they support the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. The prime minister of Israel, therefore, isn’t part of the solution when it comes to anti-Semitism. He’s part of the problem.

The video also includes newspaper extracts and Yair Netanyahu’s deeply unpleasant meme, which not only includes George Soros, but also one of the anti-Semitic caricatures by an American Nazi and a picture of a reptoid alien. ‘Cause David Icke supported his idea that the world is being run by shape-changing reptoid aliens by quoting the anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

And what applies to Netanyahu also applies exactly to Israel’s cheerleaders in Britain. Stephen Pollard, the non-Jewish editor of the Jewish Chronicle, declared that Michal Kaminski, one of the Polish politicos promoting the law criminalizing anyone, who points out that Poles were also complicit in the Holocaust, wasn’t an anti-Semite, but ‘a good friend of Israel’. Because Poland, and Hungary, for that matter, are buying Israeli arms and jets. As have the Ukrainian Nazis of the Azov Battalion.

By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn, on whom they are heaping accusation after accusation of anti-Semitism, is very clearly not. He has always been a committed anti-racist and repeatedly condemned anti-Semitism and worked with Jews against it. But because he supports the Palestinians, he is a figure of absolute hatred.

Netanyahu, when it comes to anti-Semitism, is a loathsome posturing hypocrite, and so are his followers and cheerleaders amongst the Israel lobby here in Britain.

Sir Moses Montefiore, Zionism and the Board of Deputies of British Jews

August 31, 2018

One of the organisations that has chosen to join in the smearing of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour as anti-Semites is the Board of Deputies of British. Its former president, Jonathan Arkush, organized a mass rally a few months ago against Corbyn with the aid of the Jewish Leadership Council and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. And a week or so ago, its new president, Marie Van Der Zyle, not shown below, also issued what in effect was a demand that Corbyn should accede to their wishes and adopt the whole of the I.H.R.A. definition of anti-Semitism.

Okay, this is Dr. Who’s old adversary, Sil, not Van Der Zyle. But he’s more interesting, and is far more likely to offer you a marsh minnow if you’re peckish.

The claims that Corbyn and his supporters are anti-Semites and self-hating Jews is utterly without foundation. As is the Board’s claim that it, and the other organisations attacking Corbyn and his supporters are just defending Jews from anti-Semitism. This is just a pose. They really aren’t interested in defending Jews from real anti-Semitism, defined as the hatred of Jews as Jews. Real anti-Semitism is overwhelmingly found on the Far Right. But organisations like the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism have little to say about real Fascism, preferring to concentrate instead on the Labour party.

Some of this is because these Jewish establishment organisations are composed of Tories. Arkush was a good friend of Cameron, and spent the evening before Tweezer’s election with her and her husband. And Van Der Zyle is even further right.

But it’s also about suppressing criticism of Israel, which the Board and the other libelers conflate with Judaism, just as Netanyahu deliberately confused the two when he declared that all Jews, everywhere, were citizens of Israel. Except those, who weren’t ‘the right kind of Jews’, which means Jews concerned about the plight of the Palestinians. They’re refused entry to Israel, or else get picked up by the Shin Bet and interrogated.

Jewish supporters of Corbyn have pointed out that the Board of Deputies is unrepresentative of the British Jewish community as a whole. It’s synagogue based, and so excludes secular Jews, and also the Orthodox. It really represents the United Synagogue.

The entry on the United Synagogue in the Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, edited by John Bowker (Oxford: OUP 1997),, p. 1005 says

Association of Ashkenazi Jewish congregations in Britain. The organization was established by Act of Parliament in 1870. It supports the British Chief Rabbinate, the London Bet Din, and all the synagogues that accept the authority of the Chief Rabbi.

Which suggests that they also don’t represent Sephardic Jews, who settled in Spain before they were expelled along with Muslims by Ferdinand and Isabella in the 15th century.

They are also unrepresentative of British Jewry as a whole in that Zionism and support for Israel are written into the Board’s constitution as one of its fundamental values. Which means that Jews, who don’t support Israel need not apply for a job as a deputy.

I wondered how far back the Board’s Zionism went, and I think it goes back at least to the mid-19th century. One of the great leaders of the British Jewish community was Sir Moses Montefiore. The entry for him in the Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, p. 654, gives his dates, 1784-1885 and states

Anglo-Jewish leader. Montefiore was sheriff of London in 1837-8 and was knighted by Queen Victoria. He received a baronetcy in 1846 for humanitarian efforts for the Jewish community, taking as his motto, ‘Think and thank.’ He was president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1835-74, and was active in his support of Jewish projects in Israel and on behalf of oppressed Jews abroad. He said strongly, and as early as 1885, ‘Palestine must belong to the Jews, and Jerusalem is destined to become the seat of a Jewish commonwealth.’

Montefiore is clearly an admirable man for his efforts to improve the lot of his people in 19th century Britain and abroad, and his career shows the increasing religious tolerance in 19th century Britain. Now his stated belief that Palestine should become a Jewish state, with Jerusalem as its capital, was made eleven years after his term as president of the Board of Deputies. But it, and his support of Jewish projects in Israel show that a desire for a Jewish state in Palestine was held by some of those involved in the Board twelve years before Theodor Herzl held the first Zionist world congress in 1897.

In fact Zionism was a minority position amongst Jews across the world, including Britain. Most wanted to remain in their traditional homelands and be accepted as equal citizens, in peace and fellowship with their non-Jewish countrymen. And Samuel Montagu, the only Jewish member of Lloyd George’s cabinet, objected to the Balfour Declaration because he was afraid it would increase anti-Semitism by making them suspected of having a great loyalty to the new Jewish state than Britain.

If the Board’s Zionism does go back to the 19th century, then this might explain some of the venom with which the Board and other parts of the British Jewish establishment attack those Jews, which are critical of Israel. Not only are they the ‘wrong kind of Jews’ for being concerned with issues like social justice and combating racism against all minorities in place of the Tory values of the establishment, but they’re also a direct challenge to centuries of what the Board believes to be its history and heritage. A history and heritage which the Board and the rest of the Jewish establishment falsely claim to be that of the whole British Jewish community.

The Racism, Bigotry and Intolerance of Former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

August 30, 2018

The former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, has decided to weigh in and attack Jeremy Corbyn for supposed anti-Semitism for his comments about Zionist protesters in 2013. Remember, this was at an event in parliament where the Palestinian ambassador, Manuel Hassassian was speaking. The Zionists turned up at the meeting, and did what Zionist protesters always do at pro-Palestinian events: they tried to disrupt it. Corbyn commented that although the Zionists had lived here all their lives, they had not mastered English irony. This has been seized by Sacks and the other Zionist fanatics as an anti-Semitic statement. It’s supposed to show that Corbyn doesn’t consider Jews proper English people.

In fact, as Corbyn has explained, he was specifically and only speaking Zionists, not Jews. And the remark contrasted how they didn’t understand irony, while Mr Hassassian, for whom English is not his first language, did.

But this wasn’t good enough for Sacks, who seems to have whipped himself up into what Molesworth would call ‘a fearful bate’, and declared Corbyn’s comments to be the worst racist speech since Enoch Powell’s notorious ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

This rant – and it can only be described as a rant, as it has neither logic nor facts behind it – has not impressed the very many people, who support Corbyn on the Net. They have attacked Sacks’ comments, exposing them for the empty rhetoric they are, and laid bare Sacks’ is own vicious bigotry and intolerance.

Mike over at Vox Political has written a piece demolishing Sacks’ comments almost line. He has also included tweets, which show that Corbyn is the very opposite of an anti-Semite and supporter of Powell.

For example, Tory Fibs posted that in 1977 when he was a councilor for Haringey, Corbyn had organized a demo in support of the Jewish community and others against the National Front.

Howard Cover posted pictures showing Corbyn’s arrest for demonstrating against apartheid South Africa, while Maggie Thatcher met its president, P.W. Botha.

Aaron Bastani reminded the world that Sacks has said that he has no objection to Netanyahu’s Nation State law, consolidating Israeli apartheid. Sacks said there wasn’t anything ‘apartheid’ about it, and it was just covering some lacunae.

Michael Walker also pointed out how Sacks had led a Far Right Israeli march through East Jerusalem, in which the marchers shouted the slogans ‘Death to the Arabs’.

And Aaron Bastani and Owen Jones pointed out that Sacks had declared that one of the best books last year, 2017, was by Douglas Murray. The book favourably cites Enoch Powell.


Tony Greenstein and David Rosenberg also tore into Sacks, adding further information on the incident, and showing how really nasty and bigoted Sacks is.

For a start, Corbyn’s speech, as you might expect, was very definitely not anti-Semitic. Rosenberg in his article shows that before he responded to the Zionists, Corbyn had been praising the important contribution Jewish socialists and trade unionists had made in the formation and early history of the Labour party.

He also notes that those particular disrupters include people, who mix freely with the real xenophobes and Fascists of the English Defence League. He then goes on to give other examples of Sacks’ vicious bigotry and intolerance.

Sacks refused to attend the funeral of the much-loved and respected Reform rabbi, Hugo Gryn. Gryn was a genuine Holocaust survivor. His family had been sent to Auschwitz. His brother had been gassed a few moments after his arrival, and his father died shortly after the camp’s liberation. But Sacks’ refused to attend Gryn’s funeral because he was part of a ‘false grouping’ of those ‘who want to destroy the faith’.

One of his first actions as Chief Rabbi was to organize a walk in Hyde Park for Jewish Unity. But this unity did not include the Jewish Gay and Lesbian Helpline, who he deliberately excluded. Later on, he made a speech about how gays had the right to marry.

He has also helped Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence, write a speech for Pence’s appearance in the Knesset at the time Trump decided to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Rosenberg points out that Pence is an Evangelical Christian who holds hardline positions on gender equality, gay rights and abortion, demanding that public funds for HIV/Aids be redirected to “conversion therapy” for LGBT people.

Rosenberg also describes another revealing incident, when Sacks had just finished giving his ‘Thought for the Day’ on Radio 4. It was during the bombardment of Gaza. Evan Davis asked him if he had any thoughts about that. Sacks sighed, and said it was really about Iran. When Davis reminded him that they were on air, Sacks immediately changed it and gave a prayer for continuing peace in Gaza and the region.

Rosenberg also describes how Sacks, with his successor Jonathan Mirvis, also led a group of Diaspora Jews through East Jerusalem, the Muslim quarter. This is an annual occasion when Far Right marchers vandalise Muslim property and seek to intimidate the residents, shouting ‘Death to Arabs’ and chanting about how the al-Aqsa Mosque – the Dome of the Rock – will be burned down and Herod’s Temple rebuilt.

Haaretz, the liberal, anti-racist Israeli paper pleaded with Sacks not to come. They wrote to Sacks arguing that his presence as Chief Rabbi would normalize the situation, and pointed out that Diaspora Jews had worked hard to show that supporting Israel does not necessarily entail supporting the occupation. His presence at the March would undermine this message. Sacks ignored them.

Rosenberg also discusses how Sacks appeared as number 30 in the Torygraph’s list of the top 100 right-wingers in 2008, well above Tweezer, John Redwood Lynton Crosby, Norman Tebbit, ‘and that rising star for all Islamophobes,’ Douglas Murray. And he also mentions how Sacks declared Murray’s book The Strange Death of Europe. Sacks said of it that it was

“unsettling” and “disturbing”. Sacks continued: “Murray weaves a tale of uncontrolled immigration, failed multiculturalism, systemic self-doubt, cultural suicide and disingenuous political leadership. Accurate, insightful and devastating.”

Rosenberg also expands on the book’s approving comments about Enoch Powell. It includes an apologia for and a reinterpretation of his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

Rosenberg concludes his article

But then again it wasn’t the likes of Rabbi Sacks, and the cushioned middle classes who experienced on the streets the fallout from Powell’s hate speech. It was predominantly the Asian and Caribbean communities facing vicious racial violence, including racial murders, and the anti-racist movements, abused and attacked by the far right forces Powell encouraged. Those communities, the anti-racist movements, the refugee communities today, in the face of brutal attacks, have continued to resist. And through those years of resistance they have known they can rely on solidarity from allies beyond their own communities. One absolutely constant and ever-present ally, at their side then and now, is Jeremy Corbyn.


Tony Greenstein’s piece defending Corbyn against Sacks also makes the point that the former Chief Rabbi’s views trivialize real anti-Semitism and Jewish suffering. He writes

Jonathan Sack’s comparison of Corbyn with Enoch Powell is not only extraordinarily offensive but it is in itself anti-Semitic. What he and the rest of the empty chorus of Zionist propagandists are doing is to belittle and minimise the experience of Jews who in the past faced real anti-Semitism. To compare opposition to Zionism and Israeli Apartheid with anti-Semitism simply minimises and trivialises the bloody pogroms of Czarist Russia to say nothing of the tribulations of German and European Jewry under Nazi occupation. It is somewhat ironic that the Zionist movement which never fought anti-Semitism and in the case of Nazi Germany actively collaborated with it now dons the mantle of the opponents of anti-Semitism.

He also includes three newspaper articles, two protesting against his decision to join the March of the Flags and describing the Fascistic violence and vandalism against the Palestinians that occurs during it. One of these was written by a Muslim Palestinian. A third article, written by a Zionist and opponent of the BDS campaign, makes the point that Palestinians aren’t anti-Semites for opposing Zionism.

Greenstein states in his article that Sacks is highly educated, intelligent and well-read. He has also spoken about the need to interpret the Bible in a peaceful way supporting tolerance.

But from Sacks’ own actions and remarks, it seems that Sacks himself is completely the opposite. He’s clearly a Far Right bigot, who talks about tolerance and peace, but in reality sows division and hatred – against gay men and women, Reform Jews, Muslims and immigrants and the Palestinians. He is typical of the Jewish Establishment figures that have come out that smear Corbyn as an anti-Semite, in that he is an arch-Tory, who would not vote for Corbyn even if the Labour party adopted the Knesset definition of anti-Semitism.

I also find it suspicious that Sacks made his comments at this time, just before he’s due to start a week-long series next week on Radio 4, Morality in the 21st Century. Apparently Sacks and his guests are going to talk about social responsibility.

So, more evidence of the Beeb’s Tory bias. Given Sacks’ record, and particularly the episode where he participated in what can only be described as a Fascist march by Israeli storm troopers through East Jerusalem, Sacks has absolutely nothing to teach anyone about morality and social responsibility.

Sacks is a vicious bigot, like Enoch Powell, and it is utterly disgraceful that the Beeb should give him a platform.

Charity Commission and Police Now Investigating Campaign Against Anti-Semitism for Death Threat Petition

August 30, 2018

Mike put up a piece yesterday reporting the news, via the Skwawkbox, that the Charity Commission and the Fuzz are investigating the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. This is in response to the number of complaints that have been made about the group’s petition demanding that Labour MPs either remove Jeremy Corbyn from office or form a different, break-away party. Because Corbyn’s an anti-Semite, natch.

The petition was launched online, hosted by, and amongst the comments was a death threat against the Labour leader. The rozzers are therefore investigating the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism because it may have broken the Malicious Communications Act.


There have been demands before for the Charity Commission to deregister the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. Under current legislation, to obtain charitable status organisations must be apolitical. But the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is anything but. It’s a Zionist pressure group, whose members seem to be mostly Tories or Tory sympathisers, and which actually spends little time and energy investigating the real anti-Semites of the Far Right.

Instead, it concentrates on smearing as anti-Semites critics of Israel, and particularly members of the Labour party and their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It was the CAA last year that smeared Mike as anti-Semite and Holocaust-denier, which led to him being libeled by the Sunday Times, Depress, Fail, Scum and Jewish Chronicle.

Alice and Roy Eckhardt: Christians Should Support Israel; Otherwise May Join those Repeating Holocaust

August 29, 2018

Earlier today I put up a post about Thomas Getman’s talk at the Middle East Report’s conference on the Israel lobby in March this about Evangelical Christian Zionism, which included the YouTube video of the talk.

It’s a long post, and the talk itself is something like 25 minutes long. Nevertheless, it is important because the Israel lobby in America receives powerful support from Evangelical Christian Zionists. They believe that the foundation of Israel in 1948 is the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, and the state needs to be supported politically, religiously and financially. At its heart is the heretical view, dating from no earlier than the mid-nineteenth century, that the Jews should be gathered together and Israel restored in order bring about the End Times and the return of Christ to Earth.

Getman also made it very clear in his talk that Christian Zionism is outside mainstream Christian orthodoxy, and support for it is waning. Many Christians are returning to the Gospel’s central message of social justice, just as Jews are turning to the message of God’s love and concern for the poor in the Hebrew Bible, or the Old Testament in Christianity. And Jews and Christians together are working together forming new groups and associations challenging Israel and the Israel lobby and its brutal persecution of the Palestinians.

Among one of the factors Getman identifies as having encouraged the growth of Christian Zionism was guilt over Christian participation in the Holocaust. Hitler wasn’t a Christian. In his Table Talk he sneers at Christian and looks forward to its extinction. He was a Monist, a kind of pantheism ultimately derived from the biologist Ernst Haeckel’s Monist League, which view matter and spirit as the same thing. And much of his ideas about nature and evolution came from the cheap neo-Pagan pamphlets he’d picked up in Austria, though he later banned the German pagan groups as a threat to German unity. However, Hitler stated in Mein Kampf that by attacking the Jews he was doing God’s will, and many Nazis were Christians. He also whipped up and exploited Christian anti-Semitism, and like Mussolini in Italy, was supported by anti-Semitic and arch-Conservative factions in the churches.

Many Christians and Christian theologians were haunted after the War by guilt and the problem of Christian complicity in the atrocities of the Holocaust. The United Methodist minister and theologian, A. Roy Eckhardt went further and demanded that Christians should support Israel. Eckhardt was one of the pioneers and leaders in Jewish-Christian dialogue and relations, and attacked Christian doctrines he considered anti-Semitic. In 1979 Jimmy Carter made him a Special Consultant on the Holocaust, and from 1981 to 1986 he was a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council as special advisor to its president, Elie Wiesel.

In his article ‘Salient Christian-Jewish Issues of Today: A Christian Exploration’, in J.H. Charlesworth (ed.) Jews and Christians: Exploring the Past, Present and Future (New York: Crossroad, 1990), pp. 159-60, Eckhardt wrote

The political dimension is already identified as decisive in and through the foregoing discussion on theodicy. A few citations will help fill out the point. These are from an essay by Alice L. Eckhardt titled ‘Power and Powerlessness: The Jewish Experience.’

[The] silence of Auschwitz underlines the fact that hope without power is not a hopeful position in a world where power dominates, in a world that has seen all too clearly the price of powerlessness…
Those conclusions that moat most Jews have reached, along with some Christians who have understood the absolute challenge that the Holocaust continues to represent, include: an insistence that the end of Jewish statelessness… is a responsible religious and political commitment; that forces of death and destruction-radical evil-must be resisted on behalf of life and a community’s existence…that martyrdom can no longer be either the ideal religious or the responsible political method of responding to tyranny or other forms of evil; that peace and community must be the continual goal of our strivings, but not at the expense of a ‘sacrificial offering’ of some one nation or people. It is time for the Jewish ‘return into history’ with all the responsibilities and ambiguities-and mistakes-of power and decision-making that this entails, and all the courage that it requires.

The political-moral judgement upon Christians today centres upon the question: Do you or do you not affirm Jewish power, Jewish national sovereignty? If you do not, how is it possible for you to escape enlistment in ‘the ranks of those who would like to repeat the Holocaust’?

(In: Jeff Astley, David Brown, Ann Loades, eds., Problems in Theology-Evil: A Reader (London: T&T Clark, 2003), p. 28 (my emphasis).

I think this passage also helps explain the mentality behind the absolute insistence of the Israel lobby that those who do not support Zionism must be anti-Semites, because they’re denying the Jewish people’s right to self-determination. They share much of Eckhardt’s assumption from the passage above that not supporting Israel brings you dangerously close to being one of those, who wish to repeat it. They extend this attitude beyond Christians to include Jews, who they will revile as JINOs – Jews In Name Only – or ‘kapos’, referring to the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto, who had the terrible responsibility of selecting victims for the Nazi death camps under the threat that if they didn’t, the Nazis would kill everyone there.

In fact a moment’s thought will show that not supporting Israel does not bring anyone, whether Christian or Jewish, closer to joining Nazis like the British Nazi terror group, National Action, in wanting to start another Holocaust. All you have to do is take seriously the rejection of racism and religious hatred, and support the position of Jews as full and equal members of society.

At the same time Zionism itself is not a rejection of anti-Semitism. As Tony Greenstein and other Jewish critics of Israel have pointed out, Zionism accepts the anti-Semitic idea that Jews and non-Jews cannot live together in peace, equality and harmony, and that therefore Jews should emigrate to their own state. The Israel lobby in Britain is constantly trying to show this, such as through the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s use of inflated, misleading statistic and the calls by Israeli rabbis for European Jews to settle in Israel.

And Jews are very definitely not anti-Semitic if they also reject Zionism. Some of the fiercest resistance to Nazism in Germany and occupied Europe came from Jews, who shared the attitude of the Jewish Socialists of the Bund: wherever they were, that was their homeland.

By contrast, the Zionists were willing to collaborate with the Nazis in the Haavara agreement, in which the Nazis supported sending Jewish emigrants to the nascent Zionist colonies in Palestine. When the Nazis passed the infamous Nuremberg race laws, the Zionists responded by approving their acceptance of racial difference between Jewish and non-Jewish Germans. The Haavara agreement later collapsed as the Nazis moved out to more vicious forms of persecution and then finally the Holocaust.

But the essentially religious nature of the demand for support for Israel shows why Ken Livingstone and others have been so viciously denounced and reviled for speaking an historical truth: they blasphemed against the dogma that if you didn’t support Israel, you were dangerously disposed towards Nazism. Hence the violent denunciations of Jeremy Corbyn, a committed anti-racist, who has always supported the Jews, and his supporters because Corbyn supports equality for the Palestinians.

It’s also significant that at no point do the Eckhardts mention the Palestinians. Perhaps this extract is unrepresentative, and that they are mentioned elsewhere in Eckhardt’s article. But whatever the case, they aren’t mentioned here. It seems that the problem of the Palestinians and their right to live in peace in their land was simply ignored. But everything Alice Eckhardt says about the Jews and the need for them to return to history, to have a land of their own, and not to be a ‘sacrificial offering’ for peace and community, can equally be said of them.

Elie Wiesel is also not quite the moral paragon he was made out to be. He was fiercely loyal to Israel and never denounced its crimes and atrocities against its indigenous people. After he died last year, the radical magazine Counterpunch published a piece on their website making it very clear how willing he was to turn a blind eye or excuse the Israel’s crimes against humanity.

Western, British Christians had no right to give Palestine to the Zionists. It was not our land to give, and in doing so we were partners in the dispossession and oppression of a people, who had traditionally been far more tolerant of Jews than Christians. We should instead have tried to atone for the Holocaust by welcoming Jewish refugees and immigrants, supporting legal provisions for the protection of them and other minorities; and reparations and compensation for their suffering and what they had lost. We had no business sending them away to dispossess and persecute another nation in their turn.

Thoma Getman on How Evangelical Christians Became Zionists

August 29, 2018

This is another video from the Washington Report on Middle East Affair’s conference on the Israel lobby held in March of this year, 2018.

I realise that many of the people, who read my blog are atheists or agnostics, who have little interest in religion. However, I’m posting this because America is a much more religious country, and Christian Zionism has played a huge role in support for Israel. It is also influential over here, and many of this country’s Christians also support Israel for the same reasons, although they may not be aware of them.


Introducing the talk, Dale Speransky defines Christian Zionism as the belief that the foundation of Israel is the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, and so deserves unqualified report. Trump’s decision to relocated the American embassy to Jerusalem has been ascribed to the power of the Christian lobby for Israel, who have an extremely powerful supporter in Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence. But it is questionable how powerful the Christian Zionists are, just as there are theological questions about whether Christian Zionism is a legitimate interpretation of scripture. There are also questions about how it got started, where it’s going, and who is challenging it.

Thomas Getman Thomas Getman is partner in a private consulting group that specializes in international, United Nations and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affairs. He got his start in fighting for just in South Africa, and then discovered the issue of Palestine. He works primarily for World Vision on Palestinian issues in the West Bank.

Getman states that he started working for the Palestinians because he was told by Tutu, Boesak and others that if he really wanted to do something for human rights, he should go and support them. He confesses that he is grateful for their advice, because he was an Evangelical Christian Zionist but didn’t know it. He gives as reasons for hope the sayings ‘Those who lay traps get their feet caught in them’, and ‘Those who do things in the dark, get brought into the light’. He states that we are not just talking about theology and credal orthodoxy, we are also talking about social justice.

Christian Zionism Recent Theological Development

Orthodox Christianity, whether Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or Evangelical, goes back to the creedal formulations of the 4th century. Zionism, Christian and Jewish, only goes back to the 19th and early centuries, and was a minority belief in seven Biblical dispensations in history. He describes this as a real stretch of cherry-picking. It desires the movement of all Jews to all of Israel, in order to hasten the End Times. It has been popularized by the Left Behind fictional series. This is about the sudden disappearance of Christians, presumably to heaven, followed by an apocalyptic war against the Antichrist, which is succeeded by the 1,000 year peaceful reign of the Messiah. Everyone is judged on their faithfulness to God’s plan, 2/3 of the Jews are killed and the rest convert to Christianity.

According to Zionists, the millennial reign started in 1948 and 1967. Zionism becomes dangerous when it is aligned with empire and ethno-religious nationalism. Ethical guidance takes a back seat. Most theological circles consider it heresy. It is also now not widely embraced by Evangelicals, rabbinic Jews or mainstream Christians. Unless it’s embraced without thought and a real understanding of the issues. Billy Graham said he was agnostic about the End Times. But silence in the mainstream church has allowed Palestine to be defined by Zionists. The Presbyterian theologian Dr. John Wagner, a former Zionist himself, defines it as ‘a movement within Protestant now Catholic fundamentalism that understands the modern state of Israel as the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy and thus deserving of political, religious and financial support.

Christian Zionism, Millennialism and Colonialism

Christian Zionism preceded Jewish Zionism by 50 years. It began with British literalists cherry-picking verses to apply to a physical state for diaspora Jews. This ultimately brought about the state of Israel, which is now ascribed to an act of God. This nationalistic perspective is key to understanding the troubling geopolitical and theological fire fanned by the Jerusalem announcement and the visit by the vice-president. It explains the damaging replacement in Israel of rabbinic, social justice Judaism, with secular Jewish Zionism. There is a joint marriage of convenience for image protection by the Jewish-Christian lobby.

It is the rationalization of colonization and partisan politics, influenced by religion, to exclude the rights of one group over another. He quotes one of the leaders of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation about whether the foundation of Christianity leads to the exclusion and rule of one group over another, or whether it brings everyone to the promise of our father Abraham to found many nations. The lobby is the combining of forces between the Israeli government and American Christian Zionists. AIPAC is an agent of minority gentile sentiment, not just Jewish support. It’s destined for failure, and is bad for Israel as well as America’s place in the free world.

Christian Zionism has its roots at least as far back as the 16th century European Reformation, in a literal interpretation of vernacular translations like the King James Bible and the Schofield Reference Bible, with its notes and references. It led to several centuries of anti-Semite persecution of Jews, the Holocaust, and the mid-20th century fictional works of The Late Great Planet Earth and Left Behind. The modern movement can be traced to the early 20th century with eccentric British restorationists, who lacked formal theological training, who lobbied for the establishment of the Jewish state in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. They were led by John Darby, in the middle of the 19th century when the Middle East became central to the colonial interests of Britain, France and Germany. These Christian Zionists were some of the strongest supporters of Theodore Herzl. Herzl’s appeal to the British was partly an understandable anger for the persecution of Jews in previous centuries. But it was also undergirded by misunderstood scripture. The evangelical preachers Billy Sunday, E.L Moody and other promoted the Schofield Reference Bible dispensationalism to convert people through the fear of the End of the World.

The British bartered away Palestine with the 1917 Balfour Declaration. In 1919 the King Crane report cautioned about the dispossession of the local population, but this was suppressed or ignored by President Wilson. The Palestinians also believed they would achieve their liberation through alliance with the Ottomans. Balfour and Lloyd George were predisposed towards Zionism, but with mixed racist motives about White British superiority. Their goal was to advance British imperialist interests, and Zionism partly reflected this into the middle of the last century.

American Christian Zionism, Israel and Ronald Reagan

Billy Graham founded Christianity magazine, which, despite his mistaken anti-Semitic comments to Richard Nixon, reflected his social justice, abolitionists roots, and had a series of progressive editors partnering with the Anglican anti-Zionist scholar, John Stott. His NGO sponsored trips to the Holy Land. The impact of the Holocaust was a legitimate concern as well as guilt about US capping and turning away of refugees. The UN resolution of 1947 was supported by Harry Truman partly due to his own dispensationalist beliefs but also because he was concerned with the forthcoming elections and financial support from pro-Israeli donors. The Palestinians were ignored as the 66 per cent majority, who owned 90 per cent of the land.

Christian Zionism was strengthened with the foundation of Israel in 1948, which was taken to be due to God’s personal intervention, with expectation of the End Times’ Battle of Armageddon, as well as the influence of AIPAC’s predecessor, the American Zionist Council. It was also strengthened by the return of Jews to what they considered ‘the eternal, undivided capital’ in 67. This in turn encouraged the teaching of dispensationalist theology by Dallas seminary and smaller seminaries throughout the south and the Bible belt.

The more secular Israeli Labour Party had few relations with Christian Zionists prior to the election of Likud’s Menachem Begin in 1977. Begin, however, saw the necessity of this theo-political match, and courted the leaders of the Religious right in preachers such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others, who captured the television viewing of most Christians, and the booming Zionist churches in the South. In 1979 Begin presented Falwell with a private jet to affirm their support of Israeli policies, like the 1981 bombing of Iraq’s nuclear site, but also to spread the Zionist action plan. The election of Ronald Reagan, who had been converted to Christian Zionism, helped cement it at the centre of the Republican party in the White House, along with several speakers of the House.

Opposition was voiced by liberal ministers and scholars, and even John McCain called Fallwell and Robertson ‘agents of intolerance’. Jewish Zionists had few encounters with Christian Zionists until 2000. Even though Christians saw the events of 1967 as the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, it took political necessity to drive the two together, helped by Jewish lack of faith in the Zionist Christian distasteful End Times creed. 9/11 sealed this marriage, as both Jewish and Christian Zionists feared Muslims. This hastened the growth of Evangelical Zionism.

Growing Opposition to Christian Zionism

In current times, and especially with the election of Trump, an encouraging opposition movement to Zionism has grown up among religious and political entities. As the Zionist lobby became more prominent through Jewish and Christian groups like John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, three factors were apparent.

1. The Lobby served to undermine peace, and increase, and even encourage, violence.
2. Their utterly unbiased, one-sided utterances and massive funding have been opposed by Jews as well as Christians.
3. The United States is seen as an agent of injustice, rather than an honest broker of a just settlement of the conflict.

The Lobby’s goal to stand shoulder to shoulder to gain significant influence in Washington by depicting Israel positively is becoming more and more difficult and counterproductive. The Israeli Lobby is being seen as an agent of the foreign power in part because of Netanyahu’s decline, and Donald Trump’s ignorance and intrusion. More open debate is happening on university campuses, especially as BDS has caused panic efforts in Congress and Knesset to limit First Amendment freedoms and print and broadcast media pro-Israeli editorials and news bias show real signs of change. Greater understanding is occurring about oppressive theology and Christian complicity in illegal neo-colonial activity.

There is an increasing awareness of severe demonization of Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Treatment of other minorities within Israel is stirring up opposition within the region, especially because of the horrors of Gaza, the expulsion of African refugees and the church tax bank issues. Many more people, including the young, are travelling with social justice agencies to traditional holy sites in the Holy Land, but they’re spending a lot more time than traditionally in the West Bank talking to the Livingstones, who are demanding liberation.

Christians with Jews and Muslims against Zionism

Polling and experience suggest that Evangelicals, and especially millennials are more pro-immigrant, less islamophobic, and increasingly concerned with the negative impact of occupation and annexation. There is a growing appreciation and solidarity with influential progressive and modern Zionists, for instance +972, Lara Friedman, Rabbis For Human Rights and mainstream Israeli combatants for human rights seeking help with their PTSD. Some progressive dispensationalists are embracing more of the true prophetic Biblical declarations about responsibility to the marginalized poor, blind and oppressed, the strangers in the land. Genesis 12 has been the basis of much Zionist propaganda, that ‘God will bless those, who bless you’ to Abraham, and above all, ‘the people you curse, he will curse’. The fact is, that promise wasn’t made to Israel. It was made to Abraham, the father of all of us. Zionists forget that.

There is a change in sensitivity. Increasingly, people are understood to have been chosen, as in the old children’s song, ‘All the children of the world, red and yellow, Black and White’. Getman’s evangelical colleagues now say ‘Jews, Christians and Muslims are precious in His sight’. The more liberal, social justice denominations and believers including many Jews, align themselves with the 2006 statement on Christian Zionism by the Jerusalem Patriarchs of the traditional faiths. They declared ‘We categorically reject Christian Zionist doctrines as false teaching that corrupts the Bible’s message of love, justice and reconciliation’ and the American National Council of Churches adds ‘The theological stance of Christian Zionism adversely affects justice and peace in the Middle East.’ Unusually, on February 22nd, in response to the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, 25 well-known Evangelical leaders expressed concern about ‘unprecedented actions that may jeopardise lives and the future security of the Holy Land’. Getman considers this too timid, and says he hopes they were more concerned about Palestinian suffering, but this opens the door for more dialogue.

It is therefore questionable how much contemporary American theology, electoral politics and legislation are being driven extensively by the heretic dispensationalist understanding of Eretz Israel. Further evidence of it being challenged comes from the actions of Evangelical organisations like the Sojourners, Evangelicals for Social Action, faith-based operational aid agencies, some of whom have people on their staff in prison. Other faith groups are partnering with J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund, operational agencies as well as the think tanks such as Middle East Institute and the Foundation for Peace; also great films like God On Our Side, Road to Apartheid, Occupation of the American Mind, Gaza Gaping Wound, Gaza in Context and so on. Social justice Evangelicals are working to rehabilitate their brand, or, if necessary, to desert it, to differentiate from the Hagees, Pences and mores of the World, which has the potential to affect the autumn elections. Members of Congress, who have expressed quiet opposition to Israeli policies have become more vocal about the treatment of children, such as Betty MacCollum’s bill on the treatment of child prisoners and M.C. Price and Welsh’s Action on Hunra.


Getman concludes that many progressive leaders are helping to sharpen our thinking regarding Christian Zionism, for the God they portray looks to be militaristic, xenophobic, genocidal, and would not be sufficiently moral enough to conform to the Fourth Geneva Convention. So has God turned from love and grace to be a great ethnic cleanser? Martin Buber the great ethicist said in his declaration of opposition to ‘Hatred is bound to ruin us. Guilt and complicit are twins hard to separate. Those who pull the trigger and those who pay for the guns are inextricably bound. The Anglican theologian Naim Ateek states ‘We must oppose Christian Zionism by asserting one clear principle – any religion that does not promote justice, truth, peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation among people has lost its rudder and is undeserving of respect. Their religion and their teachings are destructive rather than a liberating force in the world. I would place Christian Zionists in this group’. And Getman states that, having seen their effect in Jerusalem and other places in the world, he would too.

German then goes on to answer a couple of questions. The first is about Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Christians and western NGOs. And the second is about what it says about Christians United for Israel that their executive director is Ehud Barak’s cousin, and isn’t a Christian. Getman laughs, and says in shows the evil that collects around political issues, rather than moral and ethical issues.

Returning to the first question, Getman says that he believes the NGOs are being stifled, they’re being silenced and arrested as a cooling effort to scare people. NGOs are a major target, and some of Getman’s people have been arrested on trumped-up charges that are so counterintuitive as to be ridiculous. They talked to their lawyer, an Israeli Jew, who said ‘We must speak out more about this atrocity because these folks are as innocent as the day is long but the Israeli government finds them an easy target and it can be used to stifle advocacy’. And when marketing plays an enormous role for operational agencies or for churches, this can have a huge impact.

Tony Greenstein on the Beeb’s Promotion of Zionist Thug Richard Millett

August 28, 2018

Tony Greenstein today posted a very interesting piece over on his blog about Richard Millett, the Zionist who was told by Jeremy Corbyn at a pro-Palestinian meeting at the Houses of Parliament 2013, to learn some history. Millett had turned up to disrupt the meeting, and it was to him and his fellow yobs that Corbyn addressed his comments about Zionists not understanding English irony, despite having lived here all their lives.

Millett consequently appeared on the Beeb’s Six O’clock News last Friday, 24th August 2018, as a victim of anti-Semitism, and was the inspiration for an article in The Times ranting about ‘Labour’s moral vacuum’.

In fact, as Greenstein’s article shows in great detail, Millett is certainly not any kind of innocent victim, but is ‘one of the best known Zionist thugs and bully-boys’. And far from condemning Fascism and anti-Semitism, he has plenty of form when it comes to fraternizing with real members of the British Far Right. There’s a piccie of him in the article in the company of Paul Besser, the former ‘Intelligence Officer’ of the islamophobic Fascist outfit, Britain First. Yes, that’s the Britain First that used to force their way into mosques during prayers to throw Bibles at the worshippers in an attempt to convert them.

Millett also joined Tommy Robinson’s Football Lads’ Alliance to demonstrate against the Al-Quds demonstration in June last year, 2017. The Football Lads’ Alliance, by the way, isn’t an organization of ordinary male footie fans, but is an alliance of various football hooligan ‘firms’.

In April last year, Millett and Jake Wallis-Simons, a hack for the Daily Heil, were thrown out of the House of Commons by the rozzers. The Daily Heil then went on to lie, claiming that they were evicted by armed police. They weren’t. It was the ordinary fuzz that removed them from the building. As for Wallis-Simons, Greenstein describes him as ‘a virulent Zionist’, who is close to the leader of the Far Right, ‘semi-Fascist’ Zionist group, Herut, Mandy Blumenthal.

Millett and his fellow Zionist thug, Jonathan Hoffman, have also been banned by Amnesty International for harassing people at their events. Which the Times, Mail and Beeb definitely didn’t tell their readers and viewers about.

As an example of how selective Millett is about who he considers anti-Semitic, Greenstein describes his behaviour eight years ago when Greenstein and others were demonstrating against an Israeli shop, Ahava, in Covent Garden. This sold products stolen from the occupied West Bank. Greenstein and his friends picketed the shop every other week and succeeded in having it thrown off its pitch. Millett and that other Zionist bully-boy, Jonathan Hoffman, supported the shop.

One day during the demonstration, a woman working in the shop came out and called the Jewish protesters ‘Christ killers’. When she was asked why she’d made this outrageous claim, she replied ‘Because you are Jewish.’ As Greenstein explains, citing the historian Norman Cohn and the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, the claim that the Jewish people were collectively responsible for Christ’s death has resulted in horrific pogroms for nearly 2,000 years. Hitler used it, and exploited the Oberammergau Passion Play in Bavaria, to whip up anti-Semitism and public supported for his persecution of the Jews.

Millett, however, despite his claims to be defending Jews against anti-Semitism, made absolutely no protest at the woman’s remark. Indeed, he actually defended her. He put up a piece on his blog accusing the protesters of bullying the woman. He first of all denied that she had made the anti-Semitic comment, and then, when it was shown very clearly that she did, tried to excuse it as ‘an off the cuff remark’. As Greenstein states, so was Corbyn’s when Millett and his fellow thugs tried to disrupt the meeting back in 2013. But Corbyn is now condemned as an anti-Semite, while Millett and his mates actually excused real anti-Semitic remarks.

Greenstein then goes on to mention how hypocritical it is for the Daily Mail to complain about anti-Semitism, when it supported Hitler in the 1930s and is utterly indifferent to real violence against Muslims, Gypsies and other ethnic minorities. This is the paper which published the noxious Katie Hopkins, who described migrants as ‘cockroaches’.

But he also goes on to describe how the Times was also pro-Hitler. He writes

What is less well known is that The Times, throughout the period from 1933-39 was not only an advocate of appeasement of the Hitler regime but that its editor Geoffrey Dawson adamantly refused to cover the growing persecution of Jews in Germany. Dawson was a member of the pro-Hitler Anglo-German Fellowship which was a Tory pressure group formed by influential personalities in British society, among them the banker and industrialist Ernest Tennant, a ‘personal friend of Joachim von Ribbentrop, then ambassador of the Third Reich in the United Kingdom.’ In 1946 Ribbentrop was hanged at Nuremburg having been found guilty of war crimes. Amongst other things The Times supported Himmler’s annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia as part of the appeasement of Hitler.

Will Wainewright, in his book Reporting on Hitler: Rothay Reynolds and the British Press in Nazi Germany described how Times reporter Norman Ebbutt struggled with his editor, Geoffrey Dawson, ‘who agreed with his chums in clubland that Britain had to be at peace with Hitler’. Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Churchill wrote in Prophet of Truth: Winston S. Churchill, 1922–1939 (London: Minerva, 1990), p. 850 how Dawson explained to Lord Lothian on 23 May 1937:

“I should like to get going with the Germans. I simply cannot understand why they should apparently be so much annoyed with The Times at this moment. I spend my nights in taking out anything which I think will hurt their susceptibilities and in dropping little things which are intended to soothe them.

He concludes

So when we hear The Times or the Mail today telling us how aghast they are the ‘anti-Semitism’ of Jeremy Corbyn, when we know that their attitude to the Roma, Muslims and refugees has not changed one iota, it is fair to draw the conclusion that what they are concerned with is not racism against Jews but opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel.

The article also has plenty of pics and videos of Millett and his yobbish behaviour, as well as a review of Wainewright’s book from the Times from February 2017.


Zionist Jewish MPs Responsible for Anti-Semitism Smears Demand Bodyguards for Labour Conference

August 28, 2018

Mike has posted a piece today commenting on an article in the Jewish Chronicle that Jewish MPs attending the Labour party conference will be given bodyguards to protect them. This follows their claims that they have suffered anti-Semitic abuse from people claiming to be supporters of Corbyn on social media. The Chronicle claims that this comes after Luciana Berger said she felt unwelcome in the party following the emergence of a video making seemingly xenophobic comments bout Zionists having no sense of English irony.

Mike illustrates his article with a photo of Berger with a malicious expression on her face, and asks if she’s received death threats because she lied about her leader? He makes the point that this is either an unintended consequence, or a by-product of their fake allegations of anti-Semitism that supports them. By making such false and easily disproved claims, they have increased the danger of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish MPs. Or created the fear of such attacks. Or at the very least they have made it possible for Jewish MPs to claim that they fear such attacks.

However, these MPs cannot be relied on to tell the truth. Ruth Smeeth claimed that she received thousands of anti-Semitic messages through social media in a single day, but was later found to be lying.

Mike does consider that the Jewish MPs should have bodyguards because the threat of violence can’t be dismissed out of hand after Jeremy Corbyn received a death threat, thanks to their smears.

Mike then goes to demolish the incident cited in the Chronicle’s article as anti-Semitic – Corbyn’s comments about Zionists not understanding English irony. This was specifically about a group of Zionists, who came to disrupt a talk by a Palestinian representative. He didn’t mention Jews. He continues that we can all now hope that they have a rudimentary understanding of irony and now appreciate how ironic it is, that by supporting fake claims of anti-Semitism they have now created fears of real anti-Semitic attacks.

Mike concludes

One can understand why anyone who know the facts of the matter would feel frustrated.

So, while it may be necessary for these MPs to have bodyguards, it is also necessary for them to accept their part in creating the need for them…

And to stop lying about their leader.

My guess is that Berger, Smeeth, Elman and the rest of Zionist Jewish MPs probably feel that this is a win for them. Zionism thrives on making Jews feel threatened in the hope that this will encourage them to leave their homelands and move to Israel. It’s why the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has been caught inflating the number of real anti-Semitic incidents in this country and the level of anti-Semitism amongst the general British population. It’s why the Community Security Trust, the unelected Zionist vigilante group, which purportedly gets its training from Mossad, didn’t publicly declare the amount of genuine anti-Semitism this year. They were too embarrassed. It had fallen, and that doesn’t suit the atmosphere of hysteria they want to generate.

And the point needs to made, again and again, that ‘Zionist’ does not equal ‘Jewish’. Zionists can be of any religious or ethnic group. Christian Zionism predates Jewish Zionism by at least half a century, and the biggest Zionist organization in America, in terms of membership is Ted Hagee’s Christians United for Israel. Zionism is a political movement, not a religious group or nationality.

The Israel lobby’s constant posturing as the victims in the anti-Semitism allegations annoys me. While I don’t doubt that Berger has received anti-Semitic abuse, so have very many of the people she and her fellow supporters of Israel have smeared. The fanatics of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism tried irritating Mike with comments sneering at gentiles when they started losing an argument with him in their attempts to smear him as an anti-Semite. I’ve no doubt that this is also the experience of other non-Jews, who’ve had the misfortune to meet these vile racists.

But it’s the Jewish opponents and critics of Israel, who seem to suffer the worst abuse. Many of them have been reviled as ‘kapos’ and other vile insults. This has happened to Martin Odoni, while Tony Greenstein was told by a Jewish American that he wished that his family had died in the Holocaust! All of this abuse would certainly be condemned as anti-Semitic if it came from a non-Jew.

And then there’s the double-standards about the media’s reporting of the abuse of Jews, who are either Holocaust survivors or the children of people, who fortunately came through the Shoah. It is only reported if the person suffering real or supposed anti-Semitic abuse is a Blairite or member of the Israel lobby.

But the Blairites and the lobby have themselves vilified and smeared Holocaust survivors and the children of Holocaust survivors. Tony Greenstein has posted several examples of where these people have been maligned and smeared as anti-Semites, when they are anything but.

But this is another awkward fact that doesn’t fit the big lie the Blairites, the Israel lobby, the Tories and the lamestream media want to tell: that it is only Corbyn’s supporters, who are abusive, potentially violent anti-Semites.

John Mearsheimer Predicts Dark Days Ahead for Israel

August 28, 2018

This is a short video from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs of the conference held in March last year, 2017, on the Israel lobby and its influence on American policy.

At just over 3 1/2 minutes long, the video consists of highlights from John Mearsheimer’s talk at the conference. There are instances where tiny breaks in continuity show how it is has been edited and put together from a much longer video, whose internet location is given on the video’s site on YouTube.

Mearsheimer begins by stating that America has a special relationship with Israel, that has no parallel in modern history and which is almost wholly due to the Lobby. America gives aid unconditionally to Israel, even when it does something that America opposes, such as constructing illegal settlements on the West Bank. Only someone who’s blind and deaf would not realise that America is committed to defending Israel’s behaviour at almost every turn. Public support for Israel in the US, however, has never been particularly strong. One way the Lobby deals with this is to have inside support in both the Democratic and Republican parties. But there has been a marked erosion in support for Israel in the Democratic party in recent years, which raises serious questions about whether the Lobby will be able to maintain bipartisan support in the years ahead.

Anyone who want to be a serious player in American foreign policy understands full well that if she or he criticizes Israel there will be a price to pay. The result is that there is no debate about Israel or the special relationship in Congress, the mainstream media or prominent think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations.

The key stain on Israel’s foreign relations is its brutal treatment of the Palestinians and the fact that it has become an apartheid state. Until recently Israel and its supporters were able to maintain the fiction that there would eventually be a legitimate Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. But it is now clear that there is virtually no chance that would happen. The bottom line is that the days when Israel was seen as the morally upright David taking on an evil Goliath are over. The damage to Israel’s reputation probably started in 1982 when it invaded Lebanon. But it has accelerated at a marked pace over the last decade.

Where the Lobby almost always wins is on matters relating to the Palestinians and financial support for Israel. The fact that the Obama administration could do virtually nothing to get Israel to move towards a two-state solution, yet still opted to provide Israel with $38 billion dollars in aid over the next decade is clear evidence that the Lobby remains very powerful.

Mearsheimer nevertheless believes that dark times are ahead for both Israel and the lobby. There’s no reason to think Israel is moving to a two-state solution. Greater Israel is here to stay, and that stay is, and will remain, an apartheid state. It will probably take another 20 or 30 years before we realise how this conflict will be resolved or not resolved. Regardless of the outcome, Mearsheimer is sad to say, that the decades ahead will be of abundant trouble for Israel and especially for the Palestinians. And the United States will not be spared either, because the Lobby will be working overtime to protect Israel and protect the special relationship, which is likely to harm both America’s intellectual life as well as its politics.

LBC Claims Tom Watson Attended Secret Meeting with Mandelson to Plot to Remove Corbyn

August 28, 2018

If this is true, it shows how massively hypocritical Tom Watson is. Mike put up a piece yesterday about the claim made by the radio station, LBC, that Tom Watson and ten other Labour ‘moderates’ – in reality Thatcherite extremists – attended a secret barbecue held by Peter Mandelson. There, Watson, Mandelson and the others plotted how they could remove Jeremy Corbyn as the party’s leader.

Watson himself has persistently tried to stab Corbyn in the back at every opportunity he could get, but bitterly complained about campaign calling for his resignation following one of his attacks on his leader.

Mike’s article also has a number of tweets from people reporting LBC’s claims, and making the point that this is the same Watson, who thinks it’s fine for him to plot to remove his boss, but gets upset and starts whining when others want to get rid of him.

As Mike says, the hypocrisy should be obvious.