Jewish Labour Member Martin Odoni Smeared and Accused of Anti-Semitism

This sordid little episode seems to bear out the observation of the Jewish victims of the fake anti-Semitism witch hunt: that the Israel lobby reserves particular spite and venom for its Jewish critics.

I’m saddened and disgusted, but not surprised, to report that Martin Odoni of the Critique Archives website, has been one of those accused of anti-Semitism by the self-appointed witchfinders in the Labour party. Martin’s another long term Jewish critic of Israel, and his crime was to support Mike over at Vox Political, when he was libelled, vilified and suspended. This has been ahead of the elections to Labour’s NEC, and Mike has commented that this seems very suspicious. It sounds like the Blairites and the Israel lobby are trying to stop left-wingers voting in these elections, just like they tried to stop left-wingers voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership elections by trying to find any old excuse to suspend and purge them from the Labour ranks. Mike’s not the only one to make this observation. There’s an article by Tony Greenstein that makes it very clear that the Thatcherite entryists in Labour are still searching for the flimsiest of pretexts to carry on this purge, though the article was written a little while ago and so does not mention the NEC elections.

Martin’s accused of anti-Semitism because he’s supposed to have violated the clause in the I.H.R.A.’s flawed and mendacious definition of anti-Semitism, that it is anti-Semitic to compare Jews to Nazis. Martin states that this is a very dangerous rule, as it makes criticism of Israel and its persecution of the Palestinians difficult. He states that even if there is no resemblance between Israel and Nazi Germany now, which he also considers a very dubious proposition, this is not to say there wouldn’t be in the future. He goes on to say that he is not suggesting that this would happen, but if Israel did go all the way, and set up death camps and gas chambers for the Palestinians, the I.H.R.A.’s definition of anti-Semitism would prevent that fact from being reported, as it would automatically be considered anti-Semitic.

Martin’s also being accused of anti-Semitism because of a graphic in which he shows the Israeli flag above that of the Nazis, with the caption ‘If criticising this makes me a racist and an anti-Semite,’ next to the Israeli flag, ‘then criticising this makes you racist and anti-Aryan’.

Martin has said on his own post about this latest travesty that he hopes it helps to discredit the witch hunt, because he himself is Jewish. Mike states in his article on it that he hopes it also helps to open up debate about Israel’s actions, and the assumption that it cannot perform such acts. Again, Tony Greenstein in his articles on Israel and its racism, has repeatedly pointed out that Fascist groups like Lehava, whose leader declared that mosques and churches in Israel should be burned down, are not touched by the Israeli authorities despite their violent, racist rhetoric and physical assaults on Palestinians.

As for Martin’s ethnicity helping to discredit this whole, shameful farrago, I’m afraid I’m much more pessimistic. Very many of those falsely accused of anti-Semitism are Jews, and very obviously nothing of the sort. The Israel lobby declares them to be ‘self-hating’. Martin states in his article that, rather than being very common, as this wretched witch hunt and its persecution of non- and anti-Zionist Jews would make you think, it’s actually extremely rare.

I’ve no doubt whatsoever he’s right. Not only are Jews his community, and so he speaks from knowledge and experience, but I must say I’ve only come across real, self-hating Jews in books, friend-of-friend stories, and on internet sites put up by a very few wretched individuals. And I’ve only heard one friend-of-a-friend story about meeting a self-hating Jew.

And the self-hating Jews I’ve read about are very extreme anti-Semites. There’s the case of one, very conflicted soul, who ended up as the leader of an American group of neo-Nazis. He committed suicide after someone leaked his ethnic/religious background to his fellow storm troopers. None of the Jewish people, who have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism remotely resembles this wretched fellow. They’ve all been decent, self-respecting people, whether secular or Torah-observant.

These farcical accusations against Jews should have been discredited the moment they smeared Jackie Walker. She’s a Jewish woman of colour, whose parents were members of the American Civil Rights movement, and her father was a Russian Jew. Her partner is Jewish, and her daughter attends a Jewish school. I’d say that makes her absolutely one of the least racist people, and the completely opposite of Nazism or Jewish self-hatred. But they smeared her nonetheless because she discussed Jewish involvement in the slave trade with three other people on Facebook. Note: she talked about Jewish involvement, which is a legitimate historical topic discussed by respected and respectable historians. She made it clear that those ultimately responsible for the enslavement of Africans were Christian Europeans. But because she left one word out the title, the Israel lobby libelled her and had her thrown out.

And the invective and abuse the Israel lobby metes out to Jews is particularly appalling. Walker suffered it when she was accused, including bigots stating that she wasn’t really Jewish because she was Black. Tony Greenstein was physically assaulted by an Israeli, and has had other Zionists tell him that they wished that his family had died in the Holocaust. Martin was accused by the fanatics in the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism of faking his Jewish ancestry. Er, no. Martin states that his ancestors with Lithuanian Jews, who came over in the first years of the last century to escape the Tsarist pogroms. Like very many other Jewish immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Israel lobby also like to vilify their Jewish opponents as ‘Kapos’. These were the members of the Jewish authority governing the Warsaw ghetto. They had the terrible responsibility of selecting which of their people to send to the gas chambers, otherwise the SS would move in and murder everyone. It’s a vile insult, which shows how low the Israel lobby is. And it also shows how hypocritical they are, because it compares Jews, if not to Nazis, then to Nazi collaborators.

Mike concludes his article with the following comments:

Like so many of the assumptions in the IHRA working definition, that is wide open to abuse. And Labour is in danger of supporting that abuse, at the hands of pro-Israel activists and a mass media that is complicit in publishing fake news about the party, instead of the facts.

Finally, there is the fact that Martin is, himself, ethnically Jewish. The Labour Party must, therefore, fall foul of the claim by their apparent masters in the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council – that it is for Jews to decide what is anti-Semitic, not Gentiles.

Or are we seeing double-standards? One rule for one group and a different rule for another? Is Martin ‘the wrong kind of Jew’ that the Board of Deputies and the JLC keep banging on about?

I know I’m only a Gentile, but…

That looks like racism and anti-Semitism to me.


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