Tony Greenstein’s Open Letter to Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard

Tony Greenstein is a Jewish Socialist and veteran foe of all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and Fascism. He is also a fierce critic of Israel for its persecution and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, which is itself another form of racism. It was because of this that he was one of the many fine people purged from the Labour party by the Blairites and the Israel lobby on spurious charges of anti-Semitism.

He was so angered last week by the Jewish press’ concerted attack on Jeremy Corbyn, because the Labour leader had not adopted the clauses in the I.H.R.A. definition of anti-Semitism, which seek to outlaw criticism of Israel, that he wrote an open letter expressing his disgust to Stephen Pollard. Pollard is the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, one of the papers that published these smears. He’s not Jewish, and the term ‘goysplainer’ seems particularly suited to him. As Professor Michael Rosen explained last week in his TalkRadio conversation with George Galloway, a ‘goysplainer’ is a gentile, who patronises Jews by telling them what they should believe as Jews. Some of the Jewish commenters on Mike’s blog have made it very clear they naturally resent him for his presumption in this case, along with other gentile cheerleaders for the Israel lobby.

In his open letter Greenstein also describes Pollard’s own disgraceful double standards in penning an article in the Groaniad declaring that the very anti-Semitic prime minister of Poland, Michal Kaminski, isn’t an anti-Semite as he’s ‘a good friend of Israel’. As Greenstein goes on to describe, Kaminski was one of those passing a law rewriting the Holocaust to forbid including Poles as Nazi collaborators. He has also declared that Poles were not responsible for a horrific massacre at Jedwabne, and that Jews should apologise to the Poles for accusing them of participating in this!

Here’s Greenstein’s letter:

Dear Stephen,

You described the joint front pages of 3 Zionist papers this week as ‘unprecedented’. I agree. It is difficult to recollect when even the Jewish Chronicle saw deceiving its readers as its prime purpose. An article that suggests ‘dirty Jew’ and ‘Zionist bitch’ will now be ‘fair game’ in the Labour Party does not deserve to be taken seriously.

For the past three years, during the whole contrived ‘anti-Semitism’ crisis you failed to point to any actual anti-Semitism. That was why Jews such as Jackie Walker, Cyril Chilsom and myself were the most prominent targets. The only people who made anti-Semitic comments, calling Jews ‘self-haters’, ‘traitors’ or ‘kapos’ were Zionists.

It is noticeable that not once have you or your co-conspirators raised the Conservative Party’s membership of the ECR Group in the European Parliament, despite it containing two anti-Semitic parties – Poland’s Law & Justice and the Latvian LNNK.

I was also surprised that your article was so fulsome in its praise of Margaret Hodge. Is this the same Hodge of whom you once said that her ‘foul hypocrisy just beggars belief’. That was just the headline! You also wrote: ‘It’s difficult to imagine a more blatant, shameful and utterly contemptible piece of two-faced hypocrisy than the behaviour of Margaret Hodge.’’ I couldn’t have put it better myself. You also wrote:

‘Her behaviour drags the entire political system into disrepute, and she would now be well advised to withdraw from public life….

Last April, she apologised for what she called her “shameful naivety” when, as leader of Islington Council, she dismissively brushed aside the victims of paedophiles who preyed on children in council care. One victim, Demetrious Panton, who was abused by the former head of an Islington children’s home in the late 1970s, was dismissed by Mrs Hodge in a letter to the BBC as “extremely disturbed”.

It was almost beyond parody when she was then appointed Children’s Minister by Tony Blair. … the sheer grubbiness of her brand of hypocrisy leaves a stench that makes others look almost admirable.’

Matthew Norman wrote: ‘With a past like hers, Margaret Hodge might show a bit more humility.’ It would appear that a dose of Zionism is the best political disinfectant for getting rid of the ‘stench that makes others look almost admirable.’

The blessed Margaret was not the only one who was giving off a stench. Your concern about ‘anti-Semitism’ was not in evidence when Polish MEP Michal Kaminski was invited to speak to Conservative Friends of Israel. Kaminski was MP for Jedwabne, a village in which, in 1941, up to 1600 Jews had been herded by fellow Poles into a barn which was then set alight. When the truth of what occurred was revealed by two Polish Jewish historians Poland’s President Aleksander Kwasniewski agreed to make an apology, for which he was criticised by Kaminski.

Your response was to write an article Poland’s Kaminski is not an antisemite: he’s a friend to Jews in which you described him as ‘one of the greatest friends to the Jews in a town where antisemitism and a visceral loathing of Israel are rife.’ After all ‘ Mr Kaminski is about as pro-Israel an MEP as exists.’ Not only did Kaminski oppose an apology but he argued that those few who survived the Holocaust, should apologise to the Poles! It seems that there are some anti-Semites that you have no objections to.

Jeremy Corbyn’s crime is not that he hates Jews but he doesn’t support the Israeli state. You wrote ‘instead of adopting the (IHRA) definition … Labour has excised the parts which relate to Israel and how criticism of Israel can be antisemitic.’

It is clear that your agenda is not anti-Semitism but Israel. If the Labour Party was anti-Semitic you would have no objection as long as it was pro-Zionist. Genuine anti-Semites in the Trump Administration, such as Steve Bannon, who objected to his children going to school with ‘whiny Jewish brats’ have never merited an ‘unprecedented’ joint front page article despite an election campaign which Dana Millbank described thus: Anti-Semitism is no longer an undertone of Trump’s campaign. It’s the melody. This did not prevent your fellow ‘anti-Semitism’ campaigner Jonathan Arkush from giving Trump a warm welcome.

Trump of course is pro-Israel whereas Corbyn is not, which is why Trump’s praise for the ‘fine people’ i.e. neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, who chanted ‘the Jews will not replace us’ seems to have made him the most popular President ever in Israel.

When you talked about the threat to Jewish life in this country what really concerned you was support for the world’s only Apartheid state. A state where hundreds of Jews can demonstrate in Afula against the sale of a house to an Arab.

If Jews in this country experienced what Palestinians in Israel undergo then your complaints of anti-Semitism would have some merit. Your gripes about non-existent anti-Semitism should be treated with contempt.

The time has come when Corbyn needs to get a backbone and tell you and your fellow creative writers where to go. The truth is, Stephen Pollard, you would not recognise anti-Semitism if it bit you on your ample backside.

Best wishes,

Tony Greenstein

Greenstein in his accompanying article also describes how comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany, which the I.H.R.A. definition of anti-Semitism also seeks to outlaw, are actually all-too fitting.

I. Calling Israel ‘a racist endeavour’. Only last week Israel passed the Jewish Nation State Law, which even liberal Zionists acknowledge is an Apartheid Law. It removed Arabic as an official language, supports Jewish –only settlements and deliberately omitted any reference to equality. Is calling this racist anti-Semitic?

II. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is also anti-Semitic. Why? When mobs demonstrate with banners proclaiming ‘kill them all’ whilst chanting ‘death to the Arabs’ is that not reminiscent of a certain European state in the 1930’s? Recently hundreds of Jews demonstrated in Afula protesting against the sale of a house to an Arab. Is that not similar to signs in German towns saying ‘Jews not welcome’?

III. Another of their concerns is ‘Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination’. But the idea that Jews form a separate nation with the right to self-determination is an anti-Semitic idea. It rests on the belief that Jews don’t belong in the states where they live. It follows therefore that Jews owe their loyalty to Israel, the self-proclaimed ‘Jewish state’ than to the country they live in. But the IHRA says this is also anti-Semitic!
The article makes it clear that the people promoting the idea that the Labour party is anti-Semitic aren’t interested in anti-Semitism itself, but are just using at as a weapon against Corbyn because they fear a genuine Socialist and a supporter of Palestinian rights entering No. 10.

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