The Real Reason the Jewish Establishment Are Attacking Labour: They’re Tories

Mike yesterday put up a piece reporting the hysterical reaction of the Jewish press to the Labour party’s refusal to adopt all of the I.H.R.A.’s definition of anti-Semitism. The Jewish Chronical, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph produced a joint editorial yesterday, screaming that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn would pose ‘an existential threat to Jewish life in the UK’. This is frankly nothing more than scaremongering nonsense.

Tony Greenstein on his blog has pointed out time and again that real anti-Semitism in the UK is actually very low. The vast majority of severely normal Brits either have positive views of their Jewish fellows, or else consider them to be no better or worse than anyone else. Only 8 per cent of Brits are anti-Semites, or hold negative views of Jews. He considers real anti-Semitism in Britain to be almost negligible, and dying out. I wouldn’t go that far. The real anti-Semites are still present, and they are a genuine threat to Jews, as well as to other ethnic groups, feminists, Socialists, trade unionists and everyone else on the left. This week we’ve seen Jack Renshall, of the banned Nazi youth group National Action, convicted of terrorism. Renshall and his ‘national comrades’, to use a Nazi term for members of a Nazi group, are genuine anti-Semites, who really do believe all the vicious lies and myths about the Jews controlling everything and plotting to destroy the White race. Renshall was convicted of plotting to assassinate Rosie Copper, his local MP, as the local representative of ‘the Jewish state’. And there are chillingly videos on YouTube of Renshall and his storm troopers holding rallies in their cod-Nazi uniforms, screaming their bile against the Jews, and raising their hands in the Nazi salute.

Apart from these vile remnants, anti-Semitism is much less acceptable now than it was when I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s along with other forms of racism. And sections of the British Far Right were very aware of it. Matthew Collins, the former BNP and Combat 18 bruiser turned informer and anti-racist activist describes in his memoir, Hate, how one of his former friends in the Far Right stated that he couldn’t understand the hatred against the Jews. I did hear that one British Fascist group tried to capitalise on British society’s general rejection of anti-Semitism by launching their own anti-racist movement, Fascists Against Racism. If true, then their anti-racism didn’t stretch very far. They still hated Black and Asian immigration.

Aside from this, Britain already possesses very robust anti-racist legislation. The earliest dates from the 1930s when Fascism was on the rise in Britain under Mosley’s BUF and other groups, and was passed to combat their anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews. Further legislation was passed from the 1970s onwards in order to combat prejudice, discrimination and physical attacks on Blacks and Asians. And these groups, including Muslims, are the main targets of racist abuse and assault in Britain. Tony Greenstein again in one of his blogs pointed out that, at least at the time he was writing, there had been no attacks on synagogues. But there had been many attacks on mosques. Despite the higher level of racist incidents directed against Muslims and other non-Whites, most of the funding to protect vulnerable groups – about 70 per cent – goes to the Jewish Community Security Trust. Jews are far more trusted and protected than other ethnicities.

And the Jewish establishment are well aware of this. That’s why they’re smearing Corbyn as an anti-Semite. Mike raises the real issue why the Jewish newspapers are smearing Corbyn and the Labour part as anti-Semitic in the very title of his article on them: Jewish Newspapers Attack Corbyn – Or Are They Tory Newspapers? He makes the point that the groups smearing Corbyn aren’t interested in defending Jews. They’ve adopted the parts of the I.H.R.A.’s definition that does that. What they’ve rejected are the parts, which wish to outlaw any criticism of Israel and its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. For example, the clause, which condemns promoting the vile anti-Semitic conspiracy theories was used against Mike himself when he described Shai Masot’s conspiracy with various establishment Jewish organisations at the Israeli embassy to select who would be in the Tory cabinet. This is a real conspiracy, but according to the Israel lobby, you’re an anti-Semite spreading hate if you report or comment on it. See his article at:

David Rosenberg has also described the fraudulent nature of the Jewish establishment’s smears and posturing in several of his blog posts. And he’s made it very clear that organisations like the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism aren’t interested in defending Jews from real persecution. For example, at the time the CAA, and then the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council were holding their squalid demos attacking Labour, the Jewish residents of Dollis Hill had awoken one morning to find anti-Semitic graffiti and SS symbols scrawled on the pavement outside their homes and on a bus shelter. One family had a brick thrown through their window. These people needed the help and support of a genuine group combating anti-Semitism. But the CAA wasn’t interested. They’re too busy attacking Labour.

And Rosenberg makes it very clear that this is because they’re Tories. He writes

If the larger protests in Parliament Square led by the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council on 26th March, alleging “endemic” antisemitism in the Labour Party, could draw a thin veil over a patently pro-Tory agenda, by offering speaker slots to anti-Corbyn Labour representatives, there were no pretences yesterday. One invited speaker, a former Labour Party donor who quit the party last month, who spoke of the need to rebuild relations between the Jewish community and the Labour Party, was shouted down with cries of “Off! Off! Off!” and “Vote Tory!”

His article goes further, and describes how anti-Semitic incidents rise and fall along with hate crimes against other ethnic groups, like Blacks and Asians. How the Tories are unable to combat this racism because they themselves are racist, with Boris Johnson’s sneers at Blacks as ‘picaninnies’.
He goes on to describe how the anti-Semitism in the Labour party has been grossly exaggerated by the Tories to disguise the rise in racism against other ethnic groups, which has occurred with the Conservative’s complicity.

But that palpable sense of panic in Tory ranks has been pushed out of the news by an opportunist campaign that has latched on to a tiny number of real incidents involving Labour members and anti-Semitism that need to be addressed. That campaign has wildly and deliberately exaggerated their overall significance, thrown in ambiguous historical incidents as if they are of burning significance today; and completely obscured the bigger picture of rising racism against a range of communities that has occurred on the Tories’ watch and with Tory complicity.

Rosenberg then recommends that the Labour party should carry on and not be distracted by these allegations. It should not be lectured by the Tories, who at the moment are collaborating with real anti-Semitic and Far Right parties in Europe. And in Britain the Traditional Britain Group, led by the two Tory activists, maintains fluid boundaries with anti-Semites, eugenicists, and Holocaust deniers. Labour should keep its eyes on the prize, and concentrate on willing elections, not get sidetracked with this issue.


He also gives a fuller description of the parties the Tories are cosying up to in Poland, Denmark, Latvia and Bulgaria, who celebrate SS auxiliaries that murdered Jews during the Second World War, and which have a bitter hatred of Muslims and Roma, as well as Jews in an earlier article. This also quotes a social media post by one Tory activist that makes it very clear that the smears against Labour are nothing but a fraud:

One Tory activist, David Thomas, a former Conservative parish councillor was honest enough to tweet “It’s an actual stroke of genius we’ve been able to pull this off, perfect timing heading into the elections too” (My emphasis). He has since deleted the tweet.


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