Netanyahu’s Racist Apartheid Legislation and the Republican’s Desire to Repeal the Civil Rights Act

Yesterday, Mike put a piece reporting and criticising Netanyahu’s attempts to introduce blatantly racist legislation, which would allow communities to discriminate against individuals on the basis of their race perfectly legally. It would also remove Arabic as an official language, and, in certain circumstances, allow Jewish religious law to replace secular legislation. This vile piece of legislation has the misnomer of the ‘Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People Bill’. Mike writes

This Writer’s attention was brought to the issue by a long-term friend who posted, on Facebook [boldings mine]: “This is a bill to make Israel clearly and definitively a racist and religious state. It permits neighbourhoods to block people of specific nationalities or religions from moving in, removes Arabic as an official language, and directs judges to look for precedents from Jewish legal rulings in instances where Israeli law offers no guidance.

This legislation is aimed at securing votes from the Israeli far right, and Netanyahu has been trying to get it through the Knesset for the past five years. He wants to get it passed now, because there’s an election looming next year in 2019.

Of course, not all Israelis are fans of the bill by any means, and there have been demonstrations against it in Tel Aviv. Amir Fuchs, of the Israel Democracy Institute, has been highly critical of the bill, and is quoted in Mike’s article.


This legislation not only affects ethnic minorities in Israel, but could also serve as encouragement to the extreme right in the West and their attempts to repeal racial equalities legislation.

The Alt-Right, for example, are huge fans of Israel. Richard Spencer, its leader, described himself on Israeli TV as a ‘White Zionist’. They see Israel as the kind of racially exclusive ethno-state that they would like to remake America into, but for Whites.

There are also elements in the Republican party that would dearly love to undo the Civil Rights Act, and give employers, schools and landlords once again the legal freedom to deny jobs, education and homes to people of colour. The far right American Republican/ Canadian Tory/ British Tory blog, Five Feet of Fury, was arguing for this a few years ago. The blog’s author, Kathy Shaidle, was arguing for it under the guise of reintroducing personal liberty, using George Wallace as an example. Wallace was an opponent of desegregation in the 1960s. Shaidle argued that Wallace wasn’t racist, and claimed that he was a member of the NAACP – the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People – and that he had desegregated his own department store. But he opposed the civil rights legislation on the ground that it denied others the freedom to do what they liked with their own businesses.

This is irrelevant. Segregation was a monstrous injustice, and did result in massive poverty and deprivation amongst Blacks simply because of their colour. There is no way it, or similar legislation, should be reintroduced in America or any other country, including Israel.

Such legislation has also affected members of our family. One of our uncles is Irish, a skilled mason, who has worked on some of the greatest buildings in the Bristol and Somerset area, including Brunel’s history Temple Meads Station. But he himself suffered racial discrimination in Britain, before the passage of racial equality acts over here.

Back then, it really was a case of ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish’. He was in charge of a gang of other workmen on a job far from their homes, and he had to find overnight accommodation for them. He managed to find somewhere which would take them, but it wouldn’t take him because he was Irish. Fortunately, it was able to find his own accommodation elsewhere.

This is the society that the Tory right, the Republicans in America and the Kippers over here would like to reintroduce. Natanyahu’s bill to introduce it in Israel will encourage and inspire them. And it can’t be allowed, for the sake of justice, democracy and equality everywhere.


One Response to “Netanyahu’s Racist Apartheid Legislation and the Republican’s Desire to Repeal the Civil Rights Act”

  1. vondreassen Says:

    Fascism never died – just crept back under it’s stone – ready to rise against the unwary..

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