RT Talks to Irish Senator Banning Israeli Goods from Occupied Palestine

Okay, I just found a short clip on YouTube of RT’s Going Underground, in which anchor Afshin Rattansi talks to Senator David Norris. Norris is a member of the Irish parliament, and sits as an independent. He fought against the Irish laws against homosexuality to become Eire’s first openly gay politico. In that clip, Rattansi talks to him about a recent bill he steered through the senate to outlaw Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories, pointing out that the Israeli occupation of the area has been condemned as illegal by both Eire and the EU.

I haven’t seen the clip yet, and so am not putting it up here until I have had a time to go through what it says. But if the bill has become law, then it might explain part of the desperation of the Israel lobby in this country to smear decent people like Mike as anti-Semites. The BDS campaign against Israeli businesses based in the Occupied Territories has bitten deep. About a third of Israeli businesses there have apparently packed up and left because of it. Many of the campaign’s supporters are Jews, of the type who are no doubt considered to be the ‘wrong type’ by the official Jewish establishment. Trump’s administration has tried to criminalise the BDS movement as ‘anti-Semitism’, even though it is certainly not directed against Jews per se, just the Israeli occupation.

If Eire is banning goods produced in the Occupied Territories, it means the Israel lobby’s ability to stifle criticism of Israel and its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is losing its grip. And they’re going to be terrified of how far this process will go. Hence you can expect the Israel lobby over here, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, and the Jewish Labour Movement in the Labour Party, are going to be desperate to silence it, and are going to redouble their persecution of decent, anti-racists like Mike, Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and all the others they’ve smeared.

But the tide is slowly turning. And it’s high time the libellers and smearers were exposed and expelled.

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