Ukrainian Fascist Leader Andriy Parubiy Invited to Speak to US Senate

This is really disgusting. It shows that the US foreign policy establishment has learned nothing, and hasn’t got better. They’re still giving aid to genocidal Fascists in order to block supposed Russian influence around the world. Just like they did in the Cold War. And the result is always the same: the suffering and brutalisation of the peoples of those nations, in which they install these thugs.

In this piece from the Real News, host Ben Norton talks to Max Blumenthal of the Gray Zone, who has published a piece on his website about the invitation to speak at the US senate’s Foreign Affairs Council to Andriy Parubiy. Parubiy’s the head of the Ukrainian rada, the country’s parliament. He’s also an out-and-out Nazi, who has founded two neo-Nazi movements, the Patriot of Ukraine and the Social Nationalist movement. Which sounds very much, as it is intended, like the National Socialism – Nazism. He’s also very strongly connected to the Azov Battalion, which is now part of the Ukrainian armed forced. As I’ve explained in an earlier article, the Azov Battalion are White supremacists who wear the insignia of the Ukrainian SS auxiliaries during World War II. They are bitterly anti-Semitic and islamophobic, and have carried out attacks on LGBT people. Recently they have attacked and destroyed a number of Roma – Gypsy – villages.

Their racial ambitions don’t stop at the Ukraine, however. They want a Reconquista of Western Europe, in which they will exterminate or expel its Black and Asian inhabitants.

During the meeting, Parubiy met the Republican speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, other foreign policy officials, who were so delighted that they tweeted about what a good meeting it was. This wasn’t the first time Parubiy had met Ryan. Last year Norton himself wrote an article describing how Parubiy had met Ryan and John McCain. Blumenthal states that the Patriot of Ukraine is at the heart of the extremist violence wracking the country since it was destabilised by the US backed coup of 2014, the so-called Maidan or Orange Revolution. Parubiy and three other storm troopers were in Washington pleading for more aid to Ukraine, because the country is dependent on aid. They’re getting this on condition that they allow their country to be the site of more NATO bases against Russia, and that they will help America block the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline, which is intended to bring Russian gas to Germany, and is a key threat in the minds of the foreign policy establishment. This threatens American economic control of western Europe. And this fear is bi-partisan. The Foreign Policy Society is not a right-wing organisation, and includes both Democrats and Republicans. Blumenthal turned up and asked the obvious question of whether the US should be inviting the leader of such a violently racist organisation, which has carried out lethal pogroms against Roma, to speak. And as Blumenthal himself says, he did not get a clear answer.

A few decades ago Parubiy wrote a book, and appeared on its cover wearing something very much like Nazi brownshirt uniform. Blumenthal goes on to explain that Ukraine has been used for decades as a chess piece against Russia, ever since it was occupied by Germany during the Second World War. The east of the country is populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, who don’t want anything to do with the regime in Kiev. This is a technocratic government, set up by the Maidan Revolution as a US vassal, which is mired in corruption and to which the Nationalist far right is directly opposed. The signs were there as far back as 2014 that Fascism was on the rise. The Nationalist movement was exploding, and its icon was Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator during the Second World War. Bandera and Roman Shukeivich were both deeply connected to the pogrom against Lvov’s Jews in 1941. Parubiy has been instrumental in trying to revive Banderaism, and his 1997/1998 book, View From the Right, does show him in brownshirt quasi-Nazi dress, Ukrainian SS uniform, with a pistol at his hip. In the book, he blamed hippies and immigrants for undermining western civilisation. His Social National party pledged in 1994 to save the White race from the degradation of humanity. In the first decade of this century, Parubiy was at the hear of a campaign to build a monument to Bandera in Lvov, whose Jewish population Bandera had helped to wipe out. Parubiy’s Right Sector thugs have been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard under the Interior minister, Arsenovakov, who is a member of Parubiy’s People’s Party.

Blumenthal then talks about how the Azov Battalion are the shock troops against the separatist and Russian forces in the Donbass. He describes their White nationalist ideology, of which the main proponent now is Baletsky. Baletsky hates the current government in Kiev, led by Petro Poroshenko. Baletsky sought to begin the Reconquista by leading the Azov Battalion and other Nazi thugs into Kiev earlier this year, ostensibly to restore order. Other extreme right wing groups have led attacks across the country against Jews, Roma, gays, left-wingers, and Communists. Amnesty International issued a report saying no-one was safe in Ukraine from these Fascists. One of the groups that has carried out attacks on Roman encampments is called C14, after the notorious neo-Nazi mantra of creating a safe place for the White race and their children. And Radio Free Europe, the American propaganda network, released news that C14 was funded by the state. But Blumenthal was the only member of the press to raise the awkward question.

Blumenthal also asked the same question of Michael Carpenter, Obama’s foreign policy advisor on Russia. Carpenter replied by declaring that Parubiy was a conservative nationalist, who cares about his country and is a patriot. But he was not a Nazi. This was mostly Russian propaganda. Carpenter played an important role in Obama’s Defense Department and the state Department. He’s a ferociously anti-Russian pundit, working at the NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council in Washington. As for the allegations of Fascism being Russian propaganda, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, who is no kind of Putin stooge, called Parubiy’s organisations “openly neo-Fascist’. Democrat Representative Ro Khanna also successfully got Congress to pass a bill banning arms sales to the Azov Battalion. Blumenthal sees no evidence that Parubiy has reformed his views and it is incumbent on Carpent and the foreign policy establishment to condemn the violence in Ukraine against minority communities.

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