DVDs on Auschwitz and the Holocaust

One of the catalogues we get through the post is from a company, Simply Home Entertainment, which sells DVDs and CDs at reduced prices. On page 59 for ‘Military and World War Two’, are a couple of videos, one on Auschwitz and the other on the Holocaust generally.

The first video is simply entitled ‘Auschwitz’.

The blurb for the DVD reads

The BBC’s ‘definitive history of the largest mass murder in history’, using interviews, archive footage, CGI recreations. 4hrs 45 minutes.
It was £19.99, but they’re offering it at £7.99.

The DVD on the Holocaust is called ‘The Unseen Holocaust: Special Extended Edition’.

The blurb for this runs

Historian Jeremy Hicks presents this documentary on the little known Jewish persecution that occurred before the events at Auschwitz and Treblinka. With rare footage of the massacre at Babi Yar. 1hr 28 minutes.

The video was £12.99 but they’re offering it at £9.99.

The company has a website at http://www.simplyhe.com, from which you can order them.

I can’t say I’m interested in getting them, as the whose subject of the Holocaust is too grim and disturbing for me. But it is such solid, established fact that, as an American judge ruled, it’s existence cannot reasonably be denied. However, this is exactly what the Nazis have been trying and are still trying to do, ever since the end of the War. Which is why it is so important to keep the memory of this atrocity alive, as well as all the other genocides that have marred human history.

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One Response to “DVDs on Auschwitz and the Holocaust”

  1. beastrabban Says:

    I’m posting this on behalf of Jo, one of the great commenters on this blog, who’s been having trouble posting them herself. She wrote

    I have the Auschwitz series and “The Nazis A warning from history” I also have “The Dark Charisma of Adolph Hitler” which was surprisingly narrated by Laurence Rees, not Samuel West. He was in his mid fifties when he narrated it but his voice sounded much younger, which for some reason didn’t sit well with some people. I found it easier to understand with his youthful voice, but I don’t understand why?

    Even though I have them I find myself unable to watch them any more, but I feel compelled to keep them. It’s the same with Schindler’s List, I can’t watch that again either.

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