The Young Turks Condemn Comments Celebrating Persecution of Palestinians

This is a video from the American left-wing news show, The Young Turks, in which main man Cenk Uygur comments on the appalling views of American Conservatives on the Israeli state’s persecution of the Palestinians. One of them remarked on American television about how wonderful and transparent Israeli democracy was. He thought it was the most democratic country in the world. He also praised Israeli walls. These were great too, unless you believed that Palestinians were people.

He was referring to the wall built by the Israelis, to keep the Palestinians the Israelis expelled from their ancestral homes out. The Israelis have been trying to expel all of the Palestinians from Israel and the occupied territories ever since the Nakba at the birth of Israel. They have also refused to readmit Palestinians, who fled the massacres committed by the Israel forces at the time, for purely racist reasons. They have said quite openly that they weren’t going to allow them to return as this would upset the ethnic composition of Israel as a Jewish state.

Uygur then comes to the comment of Ben Shapiro, a very young Republican political commentator, who for some reason they revere as some kind of great intellectual. Shapiro tweeted that Israelis like to build, while Palestinians prefer to bomb and live in sewage. Uygur makes the point that the reason the Palestinians live in squalor is because they don’t control their economy and the Israeli state is forcing these conditions upon them. He also point out that with this, the Republicans are demonising the Palestinians, just as the Nazis demonised the Jews. And it’s done for the same reason: to make their genocide easier.

He also acknowledges that Arabs and Palestinians also demonise Jews and Israelis, and he’s very firmly against that as well. They’re all human beings, and the only proper solution to this is a two-state solution. He also praises the ‘If Not Now’ movement, which demonstrated against the murder of the protesters yesterday. This is made up of young Jews and rabbinical college students.

But there was one person, who was pleased with the murder of the protesters: Anne Coulter. She tweeted that Israeli soldiers had killed 28 protesters (the total number is 59), before asking ‘Can we do that?’

She was referring to Trump’s plans to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out. Uygur argues passionately that if the Israelis get away with shooting the Palestinian protesters caged in Gaza, then it’ll encourage Trump to believe he can shoot Mexicans trying to enter the US. Because just as the Israeli state demonises the Palestinians as terrorists, so the Trump and the Republicans claim that Mexicans are rapists, drug abusers and members of criminal gangs like MS-13.

And if that happens, you can also bet it’ll have a knock-on effect over this said of the pond. We’ll have the islamopobes and anti-immigration lobby over here claiming that we need to have the right to shoot illegal immigrants for the same reason.

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6 Responses to “The Young Turks Condemn Comments Celebrating Persecution of Palestinians”

  1. joanna Says:

    I really like Cenk, for an athiest to say what he does, speaks to his frustration, outrage and sometimes admiration, I think it makes his messages that much more powerful.

    Why can’t powerful people learn from history, why is it Always the powerless who actually get it, and have ideas for a more peaceful world.

    As a child I was given the advice, Never talk about religion or politics because they both start wars. It would have been better had someone said, listen to every angle and know that there is right and wrong on both sides of an argument, but don’t pick the easier solution if there is one.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I had the same advice, Jo, about not talking about religion or politics in public, especially pubs, as that could start a fight. And what you said about examining both sides of an argument is also very good advice.

  2. joanna Says:

    My heart goes out to all those who have been killed and suffer in the many ways that they do!!!

  3. joanna Says:

    This might be a bit off topic Beastie, but why when the tories have proved how nasty they are, commenters on the Mirror or Guardian online keep blaming Jeremy Corbyn, he had nothing to do with the “windrush”scandal, and anyone who critizes the tories are verbally pilloried online! Hasn’t this Scum govrnment hurt enough people already? I depair now there is barely any compassion left!! I also depair being British!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Because the people commenting in the Mirror or Guardian online are convinced Tories, who can’t stand anyone criticising their beloved government. But don’t despair, Jo, there are plenty of decent, compassionate people around. It’s simply a case of empowering them.

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