Alex Jones Claims KKK Full of ‘Black Who Hate Other Blacks’

More madness from the ever fertile mind of real conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. In this short piece from Sam Seder’s Majority Report, Seder and his friends chuckle over Jones’ pronouncement that, ‘at the mid-level, the KKK is full of Blacks, who hate other Blacks’. Jones begins by lamenting how the globalists are using race to divide America. After making this absurd statement, he then goes to comment how the Democrat party repeatedly screws Black people over, ‘but they keep voting for them anyway’.

Apart from pointing out the impossibility of Blacks joining a White supremacist organisation, which does not allow Blacks to join, Seder and the others go on to joke about the glass ceiling that must exist in Klan. After all, Jones’ comment makes it seem as if Blacks just get stuck in mid-management after joining the Klan, and can’t rise higher.

Jones is, of course, talking massive rubbish. He’s also wrong about the Democrat Party. They were the more right-wing party of the two before 1968, when Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights legislation, and the acts for Medicare and Medicaid. At that point they moved left, and to gain votes, the Republicans then adopted the ‘Southern Strategy’ to gain the votes of disaffected, racist Whites.

But Jones isn’t alone in promoting this weird view of history in which the Democrats have always been right-wing racists. The Republicans are trying to promote this view generally, and I’ve seen it parroted on sites like Kathy Shaidle’s Five Feet of Fury. It’s another part of their attack on the Left that asserts that Nazism is a form of Socialism.

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3 Responses to “Alex Jones Claims KKK Full of ‘Black Who Hate Other Blacks’”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beastie, I think he is just trying to be contraversial so that people will talk about him. It is amazing how many sheep like people shouting at them and then treating them badly, you only have to look at Jim Jones and david kuresh or whatever his name is. We will always live in dangerous times.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think you’re right. I think Jones probably doesn’t care if some people think he’s a jerk, so long as they watch his programme. But I think he genuinely believes some of his nonsense. And some of what he says, such as denying various school shootings have ever happened in reality, is very dangerous and needs attacking and correcting.

  2. Joe Brown Says:

    He’s referign to the FBI program of COINTELPRO, but you turds only took a small snippet from what I said. And the SS only happened because that libatrd LBJ liberalized the race laws.

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