Steve Topple: The BBC Is No Longer Fit for Purpose

This is another interesting video I found on YouTube. It’s from RT’s Sputnik programme, hosted by George Galloway and his co-host, Gayatri. This is a clip from a longer interview with Steve Topple from The Canary, a website dedicated to supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Galloway and Topple talk about how the Canary’s increasing success and popularity is paralleled by an increasing number of the British public becoming disillusioned with the established media, and particularly the BBC. Galloway suggests that the last straw for many was possibly when the Beeb ignored the latest developments from Porton Down in the Skripal poisoning, including Boris Johnson, and it was left to Sky News, of all people, to report them. Which is something neither Galloway nor Topple thought they’d ever say or think. Topple states that if the BBC was a private broadcaster, then it could do whatever it liked. But its the public broadcaster, and so he doesn’t want to pay for its rubbish and nonsense.

Topple’s right about more people turning to alternative news sources, because they don’t trust the mainstream media. It isn’t just the Canary to which people are looking for their news. They’re getting it from a whole range of blogs and vlogs, like Mike over at Vox Political, Tom at Another Angry Voice, the Disability News Service, DPAC and many other groups and individuals. I don’t want the BBC to be privatised, but at the moment its status as the established, state broadcaster is part of the means by which it seeks to pass its very biased reporting as truthful. It’s the state broadcaster, and is required by its charter to be impartial. Thus, whatever it says on the news, is somehow to be regarded as authoritative.

Of course, it isn’t impartial by any means. It’s reporting of the Labour party, and particularly its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has been massively biased. Any number of people have complained, only to get pompous letters back in reply repeating the same platitudes that the Beeb is impartial, and how dare you suggest they aren’t.

But thanks to the internet, an increasing number of people are coming to realise how biased the mainstream media is, including the Beeb. It’s why governments and big corporations are trying to crack down on alternative news sources under the pretext of rooting out ‘fake news’. And why more people are taking their news from sites like the Canary and Mike’s, despite the media’s best attempts to vilify Corbyn.


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4 Responses to “Steve Topple: The BBC Is No Longer Fit for Purpose”

  1. joanna Says:

    They are already in court, for breaching Cliff Richard’s privacy. They are so adamant that they are within their rights and it is in the best interest of the public. Why? He wasn’t even charged with any offences, yet the BBC were filming the investigation in his home, a film which should Never have been broadcast. Privacy laws should be tightened, but as the BBC are pandering to the goverment, it no longer matters what the law is. They are testing to see what they can and do get away with, same as the government is by killing people and taking away their rights, and their lives!!!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Absolutely. I think someone at the Beeb had already decided that Richard had to be a paedophile, and they wanted to make up for the scandal about Jimmy Savile. But Richard has not been charged with any crime, and in this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty. Apparent from which, crimes against children are so abhorrent that the accusation should not be made lightly. Some of us can still remember the raging lynch mobs that went after people, including a paediatrician in Cardiff, after Rebecca Wade decided to start another witch hunt against them at the beginning of this century. It looks to me that there was some kind of media vendetta against him, and the BBC wanted to be in at the kill, so to speak.

  2. Michelle Says:

    The restricted narrative has been with us a very long time, governments of any sort tailor their version of events, people have always been pressured not to reveal the honest narrative. I don’t think the BBC is any worse now, its always been a status quo voice piece, however, the mass amplification of other voices, perspectives and analysis of the facts is highlighting what the MSM have always done to keep their contacts, careers and place in the feeding trough of telling people what they should believe about reality!

    • beastrabban Says:

      You’re right, but I think the Beeb’s bias has become far more noticeable now, and not just because of the way the internet has allowed other voices to be heard. The Beeb became notorious for its bias demonising the miners during the Miners’ Strike in the 1980s, and for its editing of footage from Orgreave which falsely showed the miners attacking the police. In reality it was the other way on. That was one of the most notable extremes of the Beeb’s rightwing bias in its news coverage before the rise of the internet. And I think we’re going back there in the very biased reporting of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. It’s now become so biased, that to many people it’s now glaringly obvious, and particularly so since you can find what he’s actually said and done very easily at the click of a mouse button. The Beeb’s news has always been right-wing, but there are periods when the bias has been a bit less noticeable, interspersed with episodes of more extreme bias against figures they consider outside the bounds of normal political discourse. Now its Corbyn and Momentum, back then it was Arthur Scargill and the miners.

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