Guido Fawkes: Drugged Up Raver!

The latest round of anti-Semitism smears and faux outrage against Jeremy Corbyn for attending a Passover Seder with the ‘wrong sort of Jews’ in Jewdas, came after Guido Fawkes leaked news of it on his website. Guido Fawkes is a right-wing, political gossip site, which has regularly run smears and falsehoods against the left. And, indeed, other Tories, when it suits him.

Guido Fawkes himself is Paul Staines, a Libertarian Tory with a with a very unpleasant political past. He used to be a member of British Briefing, editing their magazine. This was an organisation of industrialists and company directors, who compiled black lists of trade unionists and socialist activists. He was also a member of a fringe Libertarian group in the Tory party, who invited the commander of a South American Fascist death squad as Guest of Honour to their annual dinner. This is a man, who was responsible for unimaginable atrocities in his country, too horrific to be decently put in a website like this. Fawkes has no business smearing anyone as a Fascist, or anything remotely like it.

Now, it seems, Staines was also part of the illegal rave seen in the 1980s. Robin Ramsay has added a very interesting article by Nick Must, ‘South of the Border’, to the latest issue of Lobster, which describes how the future Guido Fawkes was off his head much of the time on MDMA, an hallucinogenic much favoured by drug gurus and ravers. See the snippet ‘Paul Staines and the Cheesy Quavers’. Go to the Lobster website, look at the present issue, 75, and click on the Must’s article to see it.

The illegal raves scene in the 1980s was run by the rich children of the Tory elite out of Tory Central office, at the same time that Maggie Thatcher was trying to crack down on it as a threat to law and order. I’ve also heard rumours that they also went off to hold dissolute parties at Ibiza, long before it was taken over by the proles. Someone, who had seen what they got up to out there, is supposed to have said it was like ‘the Fall of Rome’.

So much for Fawkes as the guardian of political morality. I’m just surprised he’s got a few brain cells left.

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4 Responses to “Guido Fawkes: Drugged Up Raver!”

  1. Ctesias62 Says:

    Beastie. Bit unfair to tar the entirety of “2nd summer of love” with the blubbery slug Guido! Did you know his sidekick was nicked + long term banged up for a bodged bank robbery or somesuch. My raving days 91/93 were quite cathartic, as to my brain cells, sorry what was I just saying. ?!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Yeah, I knew a lot of people, who were into the rave scene, who definitely weren’t Tories. But it’s still weird thinking about Staines getting loved up on E. Still, if anyone needed to feel love for all and sundry, it’s definitely him. As for his mate getting banged up for armed robbery, the Lobster article does indeed mention this. He’s a very shady character indeed, Guido, and definitely shouldn’t be smearing people as anti-Semites.

  2. Ctesias62 Says:

    See also Jul 2012 article on “guy debord’s cat” blog which covers much of this. Also details Staines’ links with the aforementioned David Hart + the contra scumbag. IIRC wasn’t contra dinner also under aegis of one Jeremy Hunt.?

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks again, Ctesias – I’ll definitely go off and have a look at this. I don’t know if Jeremy Hunt was involved in the contra dinner, but considering how many of the true-blue Thatcherites do have ties to the extreme right, it really wouldn’t surprise me. If he was, this would be yet more evidence that the Tories really are embarking on a deliberate campaign of eugenic cleansing against the poor and disabled.

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