Presswise: Charity for People Abused by the Press

Looking through issue 40 of Lobster, for Winter 2000/2001, I came across this notice for a charity to help people, who have been abused by press.

Presswise is a chaarity which primarily exists to represent the interests of those abused by the press. their web site now contains details of the Robert Henderson/Blair Scandal. The details can be found by going from the Presswise Home Page ( to either ‘Mediation’ and then ‘complaining to regulators’, or via ‘Briefings’ and ‘data protection’.

I don’t know if they’re still going, but I thought I’d put up this notice about them in case they were, and they had advice which could help anyone else, who has been libelled by the press like Mike.

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3 Responses to “Presswise: Charity for People Abused by the Press”

  1. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast I know this is totally of topic but the country is going crazy!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Hi Jo! I’m not surprised these workshops have been put on. ‘White privilege’ is now the subject of a big debate over the other side of the Pond. I don’t think there’s anything particularly new there, though. When my mother was teaching back in the 1980s there were groups coming round schools in Bristol, and no doubt other parts of the country, running activities to stop children becoming racist. This was after the 1981/2 riots. My problem with some of these groups is that some of the individuals in them automatically assume that if you’re White, you must be racist, and don’t check their own prejudices.

      • Florence Says:

        Its true, and have had many conversations with BAME friends, (or friends as I say) over the years. I think I gave up on one who thought I was racist despite being married to a nonwhite person at the time, without any supporting evidence except for the “all whites are racist” trope. I was also called antisemitic for being engaged to a Jewish bloke back in uni. I’ll let you work that one out! But it is a serious issue, and many – of all races – carry stereotypes and conditioning they may not he aware of. I have encountered anti white racism too, for example. The best I can offer is to say – humanity is a work in progress.

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